Henley Island

View from the road when entering Henley Island. Photos: [Michelle Gregson, 2013)].

This is the view from where you can enter the water to go kayaking or boating. Photos: [Michelle Gregson, 2013)].



General Information

Henley Island is located in Port Dalhousie, on Martindale Pond, which provides the visitor the opportunity to either relax on the side of the lake or bring their own canoe and enjoy the peaceful surroundings as you paddle around the lake, drawing in the natural environment it provides. The island is located on the Twelve Mile Creek, and is recognized for holding the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta, a large rowing event. This particular point of interest is not a destination compared to the others throughout of this itinerary; it provides the opportunity for the visitors to discover a location that many on their travels would never find. It is located just on the outskirts of Port Dalhousie, right behind and within a well-developed subdivision.

Hours of Operation

Henley Island is open for visitors 24/7, however when a rowing event is occuring, the hours of operation changes and is displayed on their website (see second link under further information).

Parking is free at this destination, and the park is always open for visitors to view the spectacular views.


From Toronto:

QEW towards Niagara Falls

Exit at 7th Street

Head North to Lakeshore Rd. W.

Turn right onto Lakehore

Lakeshore to Henley Island Dr.

Follow signs onto Henley Island

From Niagara:

QEW towards Toronto

Exit at Martindale Rd.
North on Martindale to Main St.
Turn right onto Main St.
Main St. to Henley Island Dr.


From its humble beginnings over 130 years ago, a world-class event has evolved. The Royal Canadian Henley Reggatta (RCHR) is hailed as the top amateur rowing event in North America. Each year we welcome international competitors and visitors from across Canada, the US, Europe, Australia and Latin America. Throughout the year, Henley Island is where the main rowing events takes place.


Henley Island is a situated outside of Port Dalhousie in a main subdivision. However, when you enter Henley Island, you explore a natural body of water that Port Dalhousie offers. The natural beauty allows you to take a journey to this remote area to have a picinic, walk the dog, canoe or kayak, and watch rowing events. This particular destination is more about relaxation and taking an hour or two from your daily lives or tours to take a break and enjoy one another or explore on your own.

Further Information




72 Henley Island Dr.
St. Catharines, Ontario

GPS Co-ordinates

Latitude: 43.191230
Longitude: -79.275627


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