Natural Habitats & Features

 Wright Brothers Park

Wright Brothers Park consists of large spaces of lush green grass and trees, which provide a great place for holding picnics as well as engaging in many outdoor activities with friends and family. The park is located on a small cliff and provides a stu+

 Wainfleet Wetlands Conservation Area


Wainfleet Wetlands Conservation Area is a naturalized site of a former clay and limestone quarry. Today, the site is home to large quarry ponds, woodlots and meadows full of local wildlife. This site is an especially p+

 Woolverton Conservation Area

The Woolverton Conservation Area is a natural area located in the Town of Grimsby. A hardwood forest is conserved on this 18 hectare property. It is an excellent location for birding. It is pretty rugged and so not as busy as other Bruce Trail areas, s+

 Wainfleet Bog

General Information

The Wainfleet Bog Conservation Area covers 801 hectares (1980 acres) and was purchased by the Niagara Parks Conservation Authority in 1996. Located in Port Colborne, this conservation area is part of the largest, least distur+

 Woodend Conservation Area

General Information

In 1779 Peter Lampman , a United Empire Loyalist, fled New York state with his family and received a 650 hectare grant of land that later became Woodend.

Canadian poet Archibald Lampman was Peter's grandson, and+

 Upper Beamer Falls

General Information

The Beamer Memorial Conservation Area in Grimsby offers some spectacular waterfalls for you to enjoy creating perfect photo opportunities. One of these is the 45 feet Upper Falls It is also the perfect place to go hawk watc+

 Willoughby Marsh Conservation Area

General Information

The Willoughby Marsh is located on the outskirts of the city of Niagara Falls and is 232 hectares of protected land. This is a provincially significant wetland containing swamp and marsh communities. This conservation area is+

 Upper Balls Falls

General Information

Located in the Balls Falls Conservation Area, Upper Balls Falls should not be missed. Part of the Twenty Mile Creek, Upper Balls Falls is clas+

 Water Commision Park / Waterworks Reservoir

A reservoir complex known as the Waterworks Reservoir is found just south of DeCew Road, west of Merritville Highway. Surrounded by picturesque Water Commission Park, Waterworks Reservoir was initially established as part of the St. Catharines Waterwor+

 Twenty Valley

The floodplain terraces are subject to seasonal flooding, supporting the ANSI's only examples of Red Ash Forest and a large rich Sycamore- White Ash- White Elm Forest ( a forest restricted to the Carolinian life zone). The Carolinian flora is common in+

 Virgil Dams Conservation Area

The Virgil Dams and Conservation Area is a 50 hectare (123 acre) parcel of land which is home to the Four Mile Creek flood plain and Virgil Reservoir. This area is ideal for a leisurely stroll or a picnic with the family. Surrounded by farm fields, the Vi+

 Twelve Mile Creek Headwaters (Sulphur Spring Drive)

The little valley traversed by Sulphur Spring Road in Pelham marks the beginning of one of the most environmentally significant tributaries of the Twelve Mile Creek. It's the first publicly-accessible portion of the headwaters of Twelve Mile Creek wate+

 Victoria Terrace Park

Victoria Terrace Park is the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful sunsets over Lake Ontario. This park provides access to Lake Ontario shoreline, a pier, and a baseball diamond: a great place to enjoy a pick up game. If you are lucky you may catch a gl+

 Trails - Paradise Grove

Description coming soon...


 Stevensville Conservation Area!

GENERAL INFORMATION Stevensville Conservation Area is an ideal location for a family outing.There is free parking as well as a covered picnic area near the beginning of the trails for visitor use. There are many marked trails within the conservation area +

 The Marsh

The marsh supports large cattail marshes, extensive open water, aquatics, a meadow marsh and the ANSI's only example of mudflats. The mudflats are an uncommon community type supporting very rare annual plants. The surrounding valley slopes include more+

 St. Johns Conservation Area

General Information

One of the most striking characteristics of St. Johns Conservation Area is the predominace of a natural hardwood forest stand. This area is part of a relatively sm+

 Swayze Falls

General Information

Swayze Falls is located in Short Hills Provincial Park near St+

 Short Hills Provincial Park - Wiley Road Entrance

The map below contains the coordinates for the Wiley Road entrance of Short Hills Provincial Park.

For further information on this destination, see the +

 Station Road Naturalization Site


Station Road Naturalization Site was built with the Wainfleet community in mind. This former landfill site has been transformed into a park-like escape where native plants and flowers are thriving. Off the beaten path in the +

 Short Hills Provincial Park - Roland Road Entrance

The map below contains the coordinates for the Roland Road entrance of Short Hills Provincial Park.

For further information on this destination, see the +

 St. David's Buried Gorge

General Information

The St. David's buried gorge existed 22,800 years ago. It was once a part of an ancient drainage system which extended the entire width of the NiagaraPeninsula. The St. David's Buried Gorge was approximately 1200 long, 305 meter+

 Short Hills Provincial Park

Short Hills Provincial Park is the largest park in the Niagara Region. It's part of an environmentally significant area known as the Fonthill Kame Moraine. A kame is an irregular hill of sand, gravel and silt which accumulates in a depression on a retr+

 Smeaton's Ravine

General Information

The Smeaton's Ravine, called a "Secret Fairyland" in a 1935 newspaper article by Albert H. Tiplin, is located on the Canadian shoreline opposite the +

 Short Hills Provincal Park - Pawpaw

General Information

Short Hills is 735-hectare, and is a day-use park. There are six-side trails along the Bruce Trail. This amazing park has both dense forests and open meadows, and also has meandering creeks and gentle hills that are perfect f+

 Rockway Falls

General Information

Located near Balls Falls, this gem is one of the Niagara Greenbelt's best-kept secrets. Formed through glacial erosion, and with a height of 18.3 meters, these falls are a must see attraction for waterfall lover+

 School of Horticulture and Botanical Gardens

General Information

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 Port Dalhousie Pier


Port Dalhousie, is the waterfront and historic town the visitor will be experiencing during this destination. This town located on the shore of Lake Ontario, is one of the Niagara Peninsula's best-kept secret. The harbour fro+

 Paradise Grove Oak Savannah Restoration

Paradise Grove Oak Savannah Restoration Area is located at the north end of the Niagara Parkway, just south of John Street in Niagara-on-the-Lake. This area is in the process of being restored to its natural state through the introduction of native plant +

 Roy Terrace Garden

Roy Terrace Garden is in a secluded area where you will have the opportunity to view the beautiful scenic back roads of Niagara which have a great deal of mature trees. By visiting the Roy Terrace Garden you will also have the opportunity of viewing the f+

 Paradise Grove and The Commons

Paradise Grove: Oak Savannah is located within The Commons which is just minutes from downtown Niagara-on-the-Lake and offers a beautiful walk through a stand of Oak trees as well as a large manicured field for recreational activities. Once used as a mili+

 Rotary Park

Rotary Park is a 13 hectare parcel of land overlooking 12 Mile Creek and opposite DeCew Falls Generating Stations I and f=""+

 Niagara Glen Terraces

The Niagara Glen (Scottish term for steep narrow valley) provides a beautiful location for picnic on the Wintergreen flats and trail hiking. Walking through the trails is like a walk through time as the rock layers and fossils date back as far as four hun+

 Rockway Conservation Area

General Information

The Rockway Conservation Area is located along the Fifteen Mile Creek in Rockway, which is just between the Town of Lincoln and the City of St. Catharines. The 126 hectare Conservation Area features the Bruce Trail and the Ro+

 Niagara Escarpment (Biosphere Reserve)

General Information

The Niagara Escarpment played a pivotal role in shaping the southern landscape of the peninsula. It stretches a total of 725 kilometers from Watertown located in northern New York all the way to the tip of the Bruce Peninsula+

 Queenston Heights Park


The peaceful Queenston Heights Park is located high atop the Niagara Escarpment, greeting visitors with exquisite gardens and vegetation. This park, filled with rich history, is a sanctuary for outdoor lovers and nature enth+

 Martindale Marsh

General Information The Martindale Marsh is a unique area belonging to the Twelve Mile Creek watershed system. It is located in northern St. Catharines between the Henley Bridge and the Port Dalhousie Harbour. The overall land has a surface area of more t+

 Queen's Royal Park

Kick off your shoes, feel the grass between your toes and relax in the shade under beautiful trees along the Niagara River at Queen"s Royal Park. Located just two blocks from Niagara-on-the-Lake"s main commercial strip, Queen"s Royal Park is the perfect l+

 Lower Beamer Falls

The Beamer Memorial Conservation Area in Grimsby offers some spectacular waterfalls +

 Queen Victoria Park - Accessible

Queen Victoria Park is a large park located in the City of Niagara Falls. The park is considered the central tourist attraction of Niagara Falls, providing the best view of the American and Canadian Horseshoe Falls. The main structures in the park include+

 Lower Balls Falls

General Information

Located within the Twenty Valley Watershed, Lower Balls Falls is one of the most breathtaking waterfalls within the area. Explore the many trails that+

 Queen Victoria Park

Queen Victoria Park is right in the center the Niagara Parks, which gives the garden easy access to the public. Queen Victoria Park is bounded by the escarpment, the Niagara Gorge, and the Niagara River and has a wide collection of valuable native and int+

 Louth Falls

General Information Located along the 16 Mile Creek in Jordan, Louth Falls are among the most striking in the Niagara Greenbelt. They are 25 meters in height and are formed by the Irondequoit limestone of the Niagara escarpment, nestled in the beautiful +

 Port Davidson Conservation Area

Port Davidson Conservation Area is a fantastic place to go for visitors who enjoy fishing or bird-watching. This small, quaint Conservation Area is made up of less than 0.2 hectares of land. It is located south of Smithville, in the Township of West Linco+

 Jordan Escarpment Valley / Twenty Valley

This area features a well-developed incised escarpment valley with terrace valleys and broad floodplain features continuous with an extensive drowned meander valley on the Lake Ontario Plain. There is rare Carolinian flora present. The Lake Ontario Plain +

 Port Dalhousie Beach Sunsets

Port Dalhousie Beach, home to a historic harbourfront village, is located in St. Catharines Ontario, and is known not only for its picturesque sunsets but also as one of the best kept secrets in the Niagara Peninsula. This area offers gorgeous views of th+

 Henley Island

Henley Island is located in Port Dalhousie, on Martindale Pond, which provides the visitor the opportunity to either relax on the side of the lake or bring their own canoe and enjoy the peaceful surroundings as you paddle around the lake, drawing in the n+

 Oakes Garden Theatre

Oakes Garden Theatre is designed around shrub gardens that have vivid green features, which are accented by many different flower arrangements and beautiful water features. Oakes Garden Theatre is the perfect place to stop and enjoy an afternoon walk in t+

 Glenridge Quarry Naturalization Site

The Glenridge Quarry Naturalization Site is a great example of an area that is in harmony with both of its uses: conservation and recreation. Its large area and variety of trails is the perfect setting for a quick stroll, or an afternoon of fun and learni+

 Niagara Shores Park

Niagara Shores Park is a shoreline property that is sandwiched between Lakeshore Road in Niagara-on-the-Lake and Lake Ontario, just east of the mouth for the Four Mile Creek. This lakeshore area is heavily used for day use recreation. It's a great plac+

 Fonthill Sandhill Valley

South of the Niagara Escarpment is the Fonthill Sandhill Valley, a non-escarpment feature that extends through the Fonthill Kame and into the Short Hills. The feature is made of a series of ridges and valleys that are up to 30 m deep. The Fonthill Sand+

 Nelles Lake Park

Nelles Lake Park is located as the end of Margaret Drive. This park is home to a peaceful Lake Ontario shoreline. There are facilities to accommodate beach volleyball.


 Fonthill Kame-Delta

The Fonthill Kame-Delta is unique because it serves as the highest point of land in the Niagara region. While it has never yet received designation by any official agencies, it is easily identifiable by several transmission and microwave relay towers (+

 Sunset Beach (formerly Municipal Beach) (St. Catharines) Sunsets

Municipal Beach is located on the Southern shore of Lake Ontario in St. Catharines and offers amazing sunset viewing opportunities. It is described as a hidden treasure as most people don"t know about it and go to other more well known beaches such as Por+

 Faucet Falls

As well as its main Upper and Lower Falls, DeCew has a lesser known falls that is worth a visit. Faucet Falls is a small plunge falls which unlike other falls in the area is a+

 Municipal Beach

General Information

Municipal Beach is located on the Southern shore of Lake Ontario in North St. Catharines. Municipal Beach is operated by the City of St. Catharines and offers residents full access to the beach, playground and picnic area. Th+

 Elm Street Naturalization Site

The Niagara Region has done a wonderful job of restoring this former landfill into a natural recreational site that compliments the Port Colborne community. This site boasts many trails through grassy knolls, woodlands and around several ponds. The Leash-+

 Mud Lake Conservation Area

Mud Lake Conservation Area offers visitors unique bird watching, fishing and hunting opportunities. There are 3 duck blinds located on the Eastern shore of the lake that provide a hidden and covered area for visitor use. These blinds are accessible by +

 Dufferin Islands

Dufferin Islands are located just south of Niagara Falls on the Niagara Parkway. The potential of this area was obvious and as a result it was used for a saw and grist mill in the late 1700s. Subsequently a unique feature was discovered within the area, t+

 Mountainview Conservation Area


 Devil's Punch Bowl

General information The Devil"s Punch Bowl is located off Highway #20 in Stoney Creek is also referred to as the Horseshoe Falls. The land is owned by the Hamilton Conservation Authority. It is a rainbow waterfall approximately 40 +

 Mountainview Conservation Area

General Information

Mountainview Conservation Area is a 25 hectare (61 acre) rugged outcrop of protected land on the Lake Iroquois Bench or Beamsville Bench, with a stretch of the Bruce Trail passing through it. There is a good view of the land +

 DeCew Falls - Geology

General Information

Hiking westward from Morningstar Mill, you will gradually descend the Niagara Escarpment and enter into Short Hills Provincial Park. This is an interesting area whe+

 Morrison Park


Morrison Park is located in the quaint Town of Grimsby. It provides access to Lake Ontario and has beautiful beachfront shoreline for swimming. It is a great place to enjoy the lake and on a cle+

 DeCew Falls (Waterfalls)

General Information The western stretch of DeCew Road in St Catharines is the perfect place for waterfall lovers to go and explore. It is home to two main waterfalls - Upper DeCew falls, a large 22 metre plunge waterfall, and Lower DeCew Falls, a smalle+

 Morgan's Point Conservation Area

Morgan"s Point Conservation Area is located on the shore of Lake Erie in the town of Wainfleet, Ontario. It is the perfect location for a family outing as it contains a playground for children as well as picnic areas. Visitors can enjoy the excitement of +

 Montebello Park

A green oasis of 2.5 hectares (6.5 acres), in the heart of downtown St. Catharines, Montebello Park offers tree-lined lawns for playing or relaxing. The shaded childrens playground rings with laughter and there is always someone walking their dog nearby. +

 Mel Swart Lake Gibson Conservation Park

At the 27 acre naturalized Mel Swart-Lake Gibson Conservation Park, visitors may enjoy scenic views of Lake Gibson and take a stroll on the boardwalk that runs overtop the lake"s shoreline. Lake Gibson is an artificial lake that covers what were once mead+

 Marlene Stewart Streit Park

This park is named after the famous golfer Marlene Stewart Streit, a Canadian golf legend who grew up in Fonthill just up the hill from here. As a youngster she became a golf caddy at Lookout Point Golf Course at the top of the Fonthill Kame. She was soon+

 Malcolmson Eco-Park

Malcolmson Eco-Park represents the last remaining parcel of undeveloped parkland in North St. Catharines. The park is described as a 14 hectare (36 acre) eco-park opperating with an interdisciplinary community based approach that claims to "give nature a +

 Louth Conservation Area!

Louth Conservation Area is one of the most well kept secrets of the Niagara Region. It is located in Lincoln County along the 16 Mile Creek off of Staff Avenue, just north of the Staff Estate Winery. The area is geologically important as it contains ma+

 Louth Conservation Area

The Louth Conservation Area is located along the Sixteen Mile Creek in the Town of Lincoln. In comparison to many other conservation areas in Niagara, the entirely-forested Louth Conservation Area is often a quiet location with very few visitors, if any, +

 Lathrop Nature Preserve

The Lathrop Nature Preserve is located in Pelham and is part of the the Fonthill Sandhill Valley. In 1998 the richly wooded property was generously donated to the Nature Conservancy of Canada by Dr. D. Whiting and Margaret Lathrop+

 Lakewood Gardens

Lakewood Gardens is located along Olive Street in the Town of Grimsby. It is home to a hard court for basketball and a Tennis Court. Lakewood Gardens is the perfect place for a leisurly stroll, or a game of tennis.+

 Lakeside Park

Lakeside Park is located in the heart of scenic Port Dalhousie, on a beautiful Lake Ontario beach. A popular spot for young and old, visitors can enjoy the beach, picnic areas, pavilion, playground, boardwalk and pier year-round. Seasonally there is a sna+

 Jordan Hollow Park

Jordan Hollow Park is a good rest stop or staging area for those using the Twenty Valley Trail. With picnic tables and an open field, visitors are welcome to bring games or picnic items to this stopover on King Street/Regional Road 81.

If you +

 Jordan Harbour Conservation Area

Jordan Harbour Conservation Area is a beautiful area for visitors to go canoeing or kayaking and experience the tranquility of the calm harbour water. Located within the Twenty Valley watershed in the small town known as Jordan, Jordan Harbour is a pro+

 Jaycee Gardens Park

Jaycee park is one of St.Catharine's largest parks, and contains ma beautiful landscaped flowers, grass and trees. This park is a great place for families and individuals alike to go and relax. There are long footpaths where people can enjoy long walks+

 HH Knoll Lakeview Park

HH Knoll Lakeview Park is a 9 acre park located in the City of Port Colborne. Established in 1922, it overlooks Sugarloaf Harbour and Gravelly Bay on Lake Erie. The park features a 2.5 m wide paved pathway as well as an outdoor stage, a rose garden, a pla+

 Heartland Forest Nature Experience

Heartland Forest Nature Experience is a 93 acre privately owned park in the City of Niagara Falls. Designed to be fully accessible as well as aesthetically pleasing, the park offers visitors unique experiences including access to two fully accessible trai+

 Harold S. Bradshaw Memorial Park

Harold S. Bradshaw Memorial Park is a 50 acre nature park located in the Town of Pelham. The park was donated to the town in 1982 at the passing of Mr. Bradshaw, along with $50,000 of his savings for its maintenance. Originally a family farm, the park now+

 Happy Rolph's Bird Sanctuary

A 15.06-acre municipal park on the shores of Lake Ontario, Happy Rolph's Bird Sanctuary boasts one of Canadas most exotic collections of flowering rhododendrons.

There is also a petting farm, which includes chickens, pigs, horses, rabbits, +

 Grimsby Park and Grimsby Beach

The early Methodists missed the fellowship of church attendance, so each summer for a week or ten days, a mammoth camp meeting would be held so that everyone could absorb enough religious fervour to last through the long winter. The camp meeting was an im+

 Floral Show House

This beautiful show house is just a short walk from the main attraction of Niagara Falls and provides a wide variety of orchids, succulents, and other tropical plant species that are on display throughout the year. The Floral Show House is an excellent pl+

 Floral Clock - Gardens

The Floral Clock is a well-maintained area that is designed with over 20,000 colourful plants, which are arranged in unique and integrate patterns changed twice a year. There is a variety of flowerbeds that are surrounding the clock which adds to the a+

 Floral Clock

The Floral Clock with up to 20,000 carpet plants and colourful annuals (the design changed twice a year), is one of the largest in the world! The face is 12.2 metres (40 feet) in diameter. The hands are made of stainless steel tubing. The hour hand is +

 E.C. Brown Conservation Area

E.C. Brown Conservation Area is a great place to go for people who are interested in wetlands and the many different species that live within them. Located along the Welland River in the Town of Pelham, this Conservation Area was once used as agricultural+

 Coronation Park and Grimsby Lions Community Pool

The Forty Mile Creek runs along the edge of this tree filled park, a cool shady haven in the middle of town. There are benches along the walkway and in the evening the reproduction period lamps light the paths with soft glow for a quiet summer reverie.+

 Comfort Maple

General Information

The Comfort Maple is a wonderful place to visit. It is very quiet and often there is nobody else there. It is found in the countryside of North Pelham, tucked away down a bumpy dirt road. It's a perfect location for pi+

 Chippawa Creek Conservation Area

Chippawa Creek Conservation Area is a 10 hectare park located in the Township of Wainfleet. Accessible to people of all ability levels, the park boasts a large man-made reservoir and a number of trails, one of which is easily accessible to people with dis+

 Cherie Road Park

Cherie Road park is located off the waterfront trail, in close proximity to a few other parks. It consists of beautiful pathways, where visitors can enjoy long and peaceful walks, while being surrounded by natural landscapes. The park consists of a but+

 Charles Daley Park Sunsets

Charles Daley Park, a beautiful 22.5 acre waterfront park situated in Jordan, Ontario, is renowned for its picturesque sunsets. Locals and visitors alike flock down to the sandy shores to watch the sun setting into the horizon over Lake Ontario. The surro+

 Charles Daley Park

General Information

The waters of Charles Daley Park beckon swimmers to its sandy shores. Locals and visitors alike flock to watch the sun setting in to Lake Ontario, have a picnic, meet with family and friends, relax on the beach and enjoy the +

 Centennial Gardens

Officially opened in 1967 in celebration of Canada's 100th birthday, the garden is part of theMerritt Trail +

 Canal Valley - Merritt Trail

This location consists of a huge trail known as Merritt trail where visitors can walk or bike through natural landscape and observe many trees and plants. At the end of the trail is an area with big rocks, where visitors can enjoy meals and have a nice+

 Butterfly Conservatory

The Butterfly Conservatory is home to over 2,000 tropical butterflies in a verdant and lush botanical garden environment. Visitors will experience the colours of both the butterflies and the beautifully landscaped conservatory, which includes paths that g+

 Burgoyne Woods Park - Tobogganing

Burgoyne Woods Park is one of the most popular areas for winter tobogganing in the St. Catharines area. Located in the neighbourhood of Old Glenridge in south St. Ca+

 Burgoyne Woods Park

In the neighbourhood of Old Glenridge in south St. Catharines sits a 122 acre municipal park complete with open fields, wooded paths, picnic areas, a dog park, a pavilion and a swimming pool and concession stand open seasonally.

The park featu+

 Bogart - Malcolmson Park

Bogart Street Park and Malcolmson Park/ Forest are located right next to each other. Bogart park is located next to a community center and is an ideal location for children. The park consists of a soccer field, baseball pitch, basketball nets, play area a+

 Beamer Memorial Conservation Area Sunsets

Beamer Memorial Conservation Area, located on the Niagara Escarpment in Grimsby, Ontario is renowned not only as the best vantage point in the Niagara Peninsula to observe the annual hawk migration, but also for offering one of the most breath-taking a+

 Beamer Memorial Conservation Area

Renowned as the best vantage point in Ontario to observe the annual spring hawk migration, Beamer Memorial Conservation Area lookouts afford some of the most breathtaking and panoramic views of the Niagara Escarpment and Lake Ontario. In the spring wat+

 Bal Harbour Park

General Information

Bal Harbour is a community park located along the Waterfront Trail in the peaceful town of Grimsby. This park provides access to the beachfront on Lake Ontario for swimming. If you are looking for a relaxing place to enjoy th+