Heywood Generating Station

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Aerial view of Heywood Generating Station, Port Dalhousie (immediately north of Lockport Road bridge over Port Dalhousie Harbour) (Hatch Engineering)




General Information

In 1987-88, the Heywood Hydroelectric Generating Station was built by St. Catharines Hydro Generation, a wholly owned affiliate of the local utility company, St. Catharines Hydro. It is located just east of the Harbourfront Walkway, adjacent to Snug Harbour Marina, in Port Dalhousie.

The Heywood Generating Station generates approximately 6.5 megawatts of electricity using water flowing from the Twelve Mile Creek and Martindale Pond. Most of the water has already passed through the DeCew Power Station on the edge of the Niagara Escarpment.

Though it is a small-scale, two-turbine facility, this hydro plant produces enough energy to power about two thousand homes. The station is named after the project's champion and inspiration, Mr. Stan Heywood. The plant began commercial operations in the spring of 1989. It was built beside an existing water control structure formerly owned by Ontario Hydro and is under the jurisdiction of the City of St. Catharines. It's one of several small-scale hydro plants which exploit the renewable energy of the Twelve Mile Creek watershed.

The cascading water from the hydro plant's weir creates excellent conditions for fishing, attracting enthusiasts who drop their lines into the harbour along the Port Dalhousie Harbourfront Walkway.

This hydro plant produces about 40 million kilowatt hours per year, supplying power to about 2,000 homes.

Further Information

Heywood Generating Station. St. Catharines Hydro Generation Inc.http://www.schydro.com/Pages2/aboutUsHeywood.html

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Ownership & Management

St. Catharines Hydro Generation Inc.


Phone: 905-323-3452
Website: http://www.schydro.com/Pages2/aboutUsHeywood.html

GPS Co-ordinates

Latitude: 43.19906
Longitude: -79.264555



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