Balfour Street Victorian Villas

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General Information

In the Village of North Pelham on Balfour Street, there are some notable Victorian Villas dating back to the 19th Century, one of which is known as the Horton House.


"Balfour Street was named after Walter and Jean Balfour who lived here in the 1920s, but it was also known as the Pelham Stone Road. Just around the corner on Canboro Road to the east, is an apartment building which was once a church. Shortly after it was built, the two Methodist churches in Fenwick were united, and this church was sold." A Historical Tour of Fenwick. Pelham Historical Society. 2003.

Ownership & Management

Private Residences, not open to the public


Balfour Street
Pelham, Ontario


Mary Lamb
Pelham Historical Society
PO Box 903
Fonthill, Ontario
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