Water Commision Park / Waterworks Reservoir

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General Information

A reservoir complex known as the Waterworks Reservoir is found just south of DeCew Road, west of Merritville Highway. Surrounded by picturesque Water Commission Park, Waterworks Reservoir was initially established as part of the St. Catharines Waterworks in the 1870s to supply drinking water to the growing population of St. Catharines to the north. To create the Waterworks, Beaverdams Creek was dammed in two locations just above DeCew Falls in the late 1870s, and the new municipal water supply was piped down the escarpment to St. Catharines.

See DeCew Water Treatment Plant for more information.


Thorold, Ontario
L2R 6P7

GPS Co-ordinates

Latitude: 43.108885
Longitude: -79.2588581

Just south of St. Catharines / Thorold municipal boundary