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General Information

Roy Terrace Garden is in a secluded area where you will have the opportunity to view the beautiful scenic back roads of Niagara which have a great deal of mature trees. By visiting the Roy Terrace Garden you will also have the opportunity of viewing the falls from across the road as well as viewing the main attraction of the beautiful display of the Cana Lilly garden.

This garden is the home to the memorial plaque of the Roy Terrace Birthplace of the Falls. Its American counterpart Eldridge Terrace marks the shores of Lake Iroquois when Niagara Falls was born. At that time the water draining from Erie only fell about 11 meters over the lip of the Escarpment. As the water fell it eroded the limestone and glacial material to carve out what we now know as the Niagara Gorge and Niagara River, with the Falls eventually receding to their present day location.

Named for the geologist Dr. Roy Spencer the Terrace is marked today by a monument erected by the Niagara Parks Commission at the entrance to Queenston Heights. From Roy Terrace a stairway gradually climbs towards Brock's Monument. This spot sits on the Greater Niagara Circle Route recreational trail. To the south the trailheads down the Niagara Parkway towards the Falls while to the north it proceeds to wind down the Escarpment into the village of Queenston. This spot is mere meters from the Southern Terminus of the Bruce Trail.

Hours of Operation

This attraction is open everyday, year round.


From Toronto:

(Estimated time: 1 hour 37 minutes, 128 km)

Take the Queen Elizabeth Way and merge onto the ON-403 west

Take a slight left following Niagara/East Hamilton/Fort Erie

Slight left onto ON-405 (signs for Queenston Lewiston U.S.A

Take the Stanley Avenue exit and turn left

Turn right onto Portage Road

Follow to Niagara Parkway

Destination will be on the left

From Fort Erie:

(Estimated time: 37 minutes, 41.7 km)

Take ramp onto Queen Elizabeth Way

Take exit onto ON-420 towards Niagara Falls U.S.A

Turn left onto Stanely Avenue (Signs for Regional Road 102/Stanley Avenue)

Turn right onto Stanely Avenue

Slight right onto Portage Road

At roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Niagara Parkway

Destination will be on the left

From Niagara Falls:

(Estimated time: 15 minutes, 11.2 km)

Head east on Ferry St towards Buchanan Avenue

Continue onto Victoria Avenue

Turn left onto Niagara Parkway/River Road

At roundabout continue straight onto Niagara Parkway

Destination will be on the left

Destination is located in the front of the ornamental entrance gates to Queenston Heights Park.


"Roy Terrace and Eldridge Terrace, the niche visible on the U.S. side of the same height, mark the level of glacial Lake Iroquois (Lake Ontario). When the Wisconsin glacier receded about 12 thousand years ago, the Falls of Niagara were born here, water falling 11 meters (35 feet) over the escarpment from a small Lake Erie into Lake Iroquois."

Further Information

This attraction is also difficult to find parking and washroom facilities. You are able to park on the curb of the road, but if you do not feel comfortable with this you park at the Floral Clock and walk 1.9 km down the road to this attraction. Also, you have the option of taking to WeGo bus to reach this destination.

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This area is not fully accessible to wheelchairs. You will be able to view the main attraction of the Roy Terrace Garden, however, you will be unable to go through the gates and explore around the garden.


Phone: 905-356-2241


14340 Niagara Parkway
L0S 1L0 Municipality Queenston Heights

Latitude: 43.160834
Longitude: -79.055053



Roy Terrace Garden
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