Morgan's Point Conservation Area

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Fallen leaves in the open area at Morgans Point. There is also a picnic table in the distance. (Photos: Samantha Stea)

Boardwalk path leading through the forest at Morgans Point. The boardwalk is intended to leave less human impact on the forest floor. (Photos: Samantha Stea)

Looking down across the shore line of Lake Erie. You can see multiple rocky outcrops starting to submerge as the tide comes in. (Photos: Samantha Stea)

Sandy Dune trails at Morgans Point. This is the area of transition between beach and forest. It is only a few meters wide. (Photos: Samantha Stea)

General Information

Morgan's Point Conservation Area is located on the shore of Lake Erie in the town of Wainfleet, Ontario. It is the perfect location for a family outing as it contains a playground for children as well as picnic areas. Visitors can enjoy the excitement of Morgan's Point by fishing, hiking, nature walking, canoeing and in the winter months may cross country ski or snow shoe. Its location on Lake Erie also makes it possible for visitors to go swimming and to enjoy the scenery of the lake. There is a mix of forested areas, sandy dunes and rocky shoals, each supporting unique wildlife. The rocky areas often contain many fossils clearly visible to visitors.

Morgan's Point is a beautiful area to view migrating birds as they stop along the shoreline as well as the migrating Monarch Butterfly. Visitors can enjoy trails that are either sandy patches, grass, wooded or board walk. There are bathroom facilities located near the entrance of the site. Visitors are able to enjoy the scenery at Morgan's Point while taking part in the many activities available at this location.

Hours of Operation

Open Year Round
Daily from 8am-8pm

Recreational Activities

- Hiking

- Fishing

- Canoeing

- Swimming

- Nature Appreciation

- Wildlife viewing

- Cross country skiing

- Snow shoeing


From Toronto:

1. Head south on Bay Street toward Albert Street

2. Turn right to stay on Bay Street

3. Turn right onto Lake Shore Boulevard West

4. Slight right towards Gardiner Expressway West

5. Take the Gardiner Expressway West ramp

6. Merge onto the Gardiner Expressway West

7. Continue onto Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW)

8. Merge into Queen Elizabeth Way/On-403 West

9. Keep left to continue on Queen Elizabeth Way, following signs for Niagara/East Hamilton/Fort Erie

10. Take Exit 57 for Victoria Avenue/County Road 24

11. Merge into Marina Boulevard

12. Turn left () onto Victoria Avenue

13. Continue onto Vineland Townline Road/Regional Road 24

14. Continue onto ON-3 East

15. Turn left to stay on ON-3 East

16. Turn right (south) onto Golf Course Road/Regional Road 30

17. Slight right onto Lakeshore Road

18. Turn left onto Morgan's Point Road

Destination will be on the right.

From Niagara:

1. Head north on Stanley Avenue towards Spring Street

2. Turn left (west) onto ON-420 West

3. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW)/Fort Erie and merge onto QEW

4. Take exit 21 for Regional Road 47 West/Lyon's Creek Road West toward Welland

5. Merge onto Lyon's Creek Road

6. Turn left onto Montrose Road/Regional Road 98

7. Slight right onto Schisler Road/Regional Road 27

8. turn left (south) onto ON-140 South

9. Turn right (east) onto Main Street East/Niagara 3

10. Continue onto ON-3 West

11. Turn left onto Golf Course Road/Regional Road 30

12. Slight right onto Lakeshore Road

13. Turn left onto Morgan's Point Road

Destination will be on the right.


The area of Morgan's Point was originally known as Point Industry. In 1840 the name was changed to Morgan's Point in recognition of one of the areas earliest settlers, David Morgan. During the American Revolution, Morgan took his son across Lake Erie in an indian canoe with few possessions landing in the area now known as Morgan's Point. David Morgan and his son worked hard their first year in the area to plant crops and build a log cabin. Today, the original log cabin dated to approximately 1790 is located in The Wainfleet Historical Museum complex.


In addition to the migrating birds and Monarch Butterfly, Morgan's Point Conservation Area is also a habitat used for the recovery of the Fowlers Toad population. To aid in this endeavour, an artificial pond was created.

Morgan's Point is also home to old growth forests containing species such as Black Walnut and Sugar Maples. The area also contains many remnants from when the area was covered in an Oak Savannah prairie.

Further Information

Ownership & Management

Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority


  • Washrooms
  • Playground
  • Trails
  • Picnic tables

Admission Fee

no admission fee




Phone: 905-788-3135


11420 Morgan's Point Road
Municipality Wainfleet

GPS Co-ordinates

Latitude: 42.8592
Longitude: -79.3455



Darcy Baker
Director of Land Management
Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority
250 Thorold Road West, 3rd floor
Welland, Ontario
L3C 3W2
Tel 905-788-3135

Trail length: 1- 3 hours

Surface features: Shore line, Sandy Dunes, Forest, Rocks, Lake Erie, Trails