Louth Conservation Area

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General Information

The Louth Conservation Area is located along the Sixteen Mile Creek in the Town of Lincoln. In comparison to many other conservation areas in Niagara, the entirely-forested Louth Conservation Area is often a quiet location with very few visitors, if any, at any given time in the day. The 62 hectares of land that form this Conservation Area preserves sections of the Niagara Escarpment and provides access to the Bruce Trail and the Louth Side Trail. Beautiful scenery can be seen from this trail including two waterfalls, of which the larger lower Louth Falls is particularly worth visiting. The upper falls plunges 3.66 metres while the lower falls plummets from a height 7.92 metres. This area is for passive recreational day use only with no amenities available. Shoes with good tread, (running shoes are fine), are strongly recommended, as the terrain is a bit difficult and can be rocky.

Hours of Operation

8:00 am - Dusk


Conservation Area parking lot/access is on north side of Staff Avenue, north off of Eighth Avenue or east off of Seventeenth Street, Town of Lincoln.

Ownership & Management

Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority


Phone: (905) 788-3135


Louth Conservation Area
Jordan, Ontario
Municipality Town of Lincoln

GPS Co-ordinates

Latitude: 43.12142235790
Longitude: -79.35122805860
UTM easting: 634125
UTM northing: 4775618



Diane L. Bois
Administrative Assistant, Operations
Niagara Penninsula Conservation Authority
250 Thorold Road West, 3rd Floor
Welland, Ontario
L3C 3W2
Tel (905) 788-3135
Fax (905) 788-1121
Email dbois@conservation-niagara.on.ca
Website Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority: www.conservation-niagara.on.ca/conservation_areas/louth/louth.html