Comfort Maple

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General Information

The Comfort Maple is a wonderful place to visit. It is very quiet and often there is nobody else there. It is found in the countryside of North Pelham, tucked away down a bumpy dirt road. It's a perfect location for picnics or just to sit and read, and lovely in the fall, when the leaves all change from green to a vibrant yellow, orange or red. It draws many people each year, especially at this time, from photographers to nature lovers to dog walkers. The thick layer of fallen leaves in the fall also makes for fun for children. The Comfort Maple is an enormous and strangely shaped sugar maple tree which is believed to be at least 500 years old, the oldest sugar maple in Canada (Acer saccharum). This beautiful tree stands at nearly 100 feet tall with a trunk circumference of 20 feet and it's branches stretch far out to the sky. Many of its branches are supported by guy wires to ensure their stability, and there are even some bricks and concrete in the tree that were used to seal old wounds seared into the trunk and to protect it from disease and insects. The tree is really an awe inspiring sight and something you need to see with your own eyes. A great photo opportunity, visitors can also learn more about our natural heritage as well as the environmental heritage of the tree itself. One can't visit this site without learning to appreciate the beauty of nature and this huge tree.