Charles Daley Park

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General Information

The waters of Charles Daley Park beckon swimmers to its sandy shores. Locals and visitors alike flock to watch the sun setting in to Lake Ontario, have a picnic, meet with family and friends, relax on the beach and enjoy the lake. This beautiful natural 22.5 acre waterfront park is open all year and functions as a passive park for picnicking, group gatherings, beachcombing, special events and even tobogganing if old man winter cooperates with enough snow.

The park boasts two separate beach sections located next to inlets of the Fifteen and Sixteen Mile Creeks providing a picturesque area to canoe and fish. In partnership with the Town of Lincoln, Friends of Charles Daley Park and the Niagara Restoration Council, native trees have been planted with the help of volunteers, along the hillsides of the park, leaving room for little tobogganers.

Friends of Charles Daley Park was formed in 2004 and they do annual cleanups and fundraisers to benefit the park. For their first project they had a vision of a wheelchair accessible boardwalk running along the lawn overlooking the lake. Happily it has become a reality with the help of the families that sponsored the boards that make up the walk.

The Rotary Shell was built in 2008 to replace the original structure that had serviced the park for many years. Lake Ontario is a beautiful back drop for the Shell, with hillside seating for concerts and special events.

The Town of Lincoln schedules a Concert Series at the Rotary Shell each summer. If your organization or group is interested in performing please contact Janice Makepeace at the Town of Lincoln.