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Children's play area in the neighbour Bogart Park. Photos: [Umar Syed].

A natural area inside Malcolmson forest. Photos: [Umar Syed].



General Information

Bogart Street Park and Malcolmson Park/ Forest are located right next to each other. Bogart park is located next to a community center and is an ideal location for children. The park consists of a soccer field, baseball pitch, basketball nets, play area and swings for children to enjoy. It is a great spot for families to bring their children and let them enjoy outdoor recreational activities.

Malcolmson park is connected to Bogart park by a small pathway, which leads to a large trail that divides the two parks. Visitors can enjoy long, nature inspired walks on this trail. To the left hand side are numerous entrances to Malcolmson park, which is a huge forest on the edge of Port Wellar Harbour. Visitors can walk through the forest to encounter many different animal and insect species. The forest can serve as a location for overnight camping and has many pathways that lead to unknown parts of the forest.

The combination of these two parks allows children and adults of a family to have experiences that both age groups can enjoy.

Hours of Operation

Open 24 hours and 7 days a week


From Toronto:

Take the Gardiner Expressway West Ramp and merge onto QEW Highway towards Niagara.

Take the Ontario street exit and turn left onto Ontario street.
Merge onto Lakeshore Road and continue.

Destination will be on the left hand side.

From Niagara:

Take the QEW Highway towards Hamilton/Toronto.

Take the exit towards Niagara street and merge onto Dieppe Road.

Turn right onto Grantham Avenue and then turn left onto Linwell Road.

Turn right onto Niagara Street.

Turn right onto Lakeshore Road and continue.

Destination shall be on the left hand side.


The city of St. Catharines formally purchased the site in August of 1989. The City named the parkland after St. Catharines native Mary Malcolmson who is known for finding the first Canadian girl guide troop in 1910. The community around the park turned fown a 1989 park development proposal and instead proposed that the park become a natural ecological park that would protect the various species of animals and insects living in the area.

In 1992 the city of St. Catharines endorsed 'Friends of Malcolmson Eco-park' as the official stewards of the park. They are a non-profit group of volunteers that have dedicated themselves to preserve and enhance the park's resources. Malcolmson park is an extremely important natural area for migrating bird spcies and is home to many rare Carolinian species.


ECO Naturally Green Ltd is a company that is associated with natural, safe lawn and garden care products. The city of St. Catharines has formed a partnership with this company to provide natural and healthy plants and playing fields all across the city. One fo these locations is Bogart street park. In Bogart park only natural and non-pesticide fertilizers are used, in order to inhibit weeds and promote healthy plants on the playing soccer field.

Malcolmson park is a natural forest that is present in its original state. The park provides a unique opportunity for visitors to connect with nature as they walk and cycle on the trails within the park. Over the last 15 years, the volunteers of the park have removed tons of garbage, planted thousands of native wildflowers and trees, designed a trail network, enhanced park wetland areas and provided environmental educational opportunities to local shools. Earth Day celebration is an annual tradition for the City of St. Catharines where more than a 100 volunteers and selected politicians attend to mark the occasion.

Ownership & Management

Friend of Malcolmson Eco Park

Admission Fee



Not wheelchair accessible


Phone: 905-688-5601. Ext - 3140


325 Lakeshore Road
St. Catharines, Ontario
L2M 1C8

GPS Co-ordinates

Latitude: 43.223004
Longitude: -79.217863
UTM easting: 644828.17
UTM northing: 4786256.58



Mike Anderson
Tel 905-688-5601. Ext - 3140


Walking time:1-3 hours

Jogging time:1-3 hours

Cycling time:1 hour

Difficulty level: 1

Surface Features

Rocky, Dirt trail, Stones.