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Jane is a multitalented visual artist and musician. Her shop is a magical mix of art, mingled with small display boxes of nests complete with eggs she salvaged from the sidewalk and rustic presentations of beautiful insects that met their maker, and before Mother Nature could take them away, Jane did!

She draws and paints and frames her own pictures, refurbishing old frames that have character and compliment her beautiful work.

When she's not moved to paint a picture she paints crystal wine glasses. There are many patterns to choose from; grapes, daisies or elegant gold patterns. If you have a business or a wedding shower, she takes custom orders. You will be amazed at her prices.

Also a woodworker she makes crafts that have uses for all over your home.

She's incredibly talented with a sewing needle and her purses made from antique lace will take your breath away they are so exquisite; perfect for a bride or a very special heirloom gift.

You could spend an hour in her little shop that is chock full of collectible brick-a-brac nestled among her art work. You might find yourself spending all your time just looking through her assortment of amazing handmade cards. You will surly find a fistfull that remind you of this friend or that.

Jane finds material and gems from the past that she can't bear to see thrown away and forgotten. If you or I looked at an old skirt Aunt Kay bought in Brazil in the 1950s, we'd think Value Village, whereas Jane sees a funky backpack that she trims with amazing buttons that are salvaged from someone's old jacket. Orphaned bits and pieces that others don't want any more turn into one of a kind special finds.

A visit to Jane's Hidden Treasures before Christmas would complete your shopping list in one stop. And we have not even mentioned that her prices are very reasonable. You will be pleasantly surprized that your basket full of gifts do not add up to what you would think they should!

Jane started creating collages in 2008. She takes black and white images from old books to create her interpretation of the world. One piece uses pictures of people from a book about New York City. A stunning old fashioned piece called "Who Are We" looks at the people of the past and how they sculpted the future. Jane wanted to connect the people of the past with the work they did.

"The message is to remember who we are. We are people and we need to look out for people," said Hoed.

"It's about not getting caught up in yourself but to pay attention to the rest of the world." Street, Amanda. Vineland Artist's Vision of World Seen in New Exhibit. Oct 09, 2009.

Hours of Operation

Please call ahead for hours of operation or to make an appointment.

Further Information

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Ownership & Management

Jane Hoed


Jane's Hidden Treasures 3861 Victoria Avenue
Vineland, Ontario
L0R 2C0


Jane's Hidden Treasures
3861 Victoria Avenue
Vineland, Ontario
L0R 2C0
Tel (905) 562-0471
Email otherwisemusic@sympatico.ca