The Loop of Laura's Life (self-guided auto tour)





Laura through her life - Top left: as a young woman, immortalized on the chocolate boxes of the mid - to late- 20th century; Bottom left: as a 38 year old mother of five at the time of her heroic walk; Top right: A heroic midlife Laura as portrayed by sculptor Mildred Peel on her Drummond Hill Cemetery gravesite, and Bottom right: as an elderly woman, on the plaque adorning the Laura Secrod Monument at Queenston Heights (based on the only known photograph of Laura Secord taken in 1865, at 90 years of age).

A tour of six key destinations central to Laura Secord's life story, from her earliest days with husband James in Queenston, along the approximate route of her famous walk, to the various monuments celebrating her memory.

Destinations include:

  • Laura Secord Homestead
  • DeCew House
  • Laura Secord House, Chippawa
  • Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Chippawa
  • Laura Secord Gravesite
  • Laura Secord Monument, Queenston Heights
  • Start your tour with any of three audio vignettes about Laura Secord, her life, and her times...


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  • Map - The Loop of Laura's Life (self-guided auto tour)

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