Screaming Tunnel (alternate)

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The north entrance to the Screaming Tunnel, standing on Warner Road [Kristie Bothwell].

The Screaming Tunnel, looking inside away from Warner Rd. entrance with someone at the south end.

Inside of the Screaming Tunnel.


General Information

A local legend says if you light a match and hold it in the Screaming Tunnel at midnight, the match will be blown out by the ghost of a girl. There are a few variations in the story of the Screaming Tunnel, however, they all suggest that a young women died here while running and screaming from her farm house which was located directly on one side of the tunnel. One of the stories, says that it was a young woman running from a burning house and the flames engulfed her while in the tunnel. Another variation says that the girl was running from a rapist and he burned her to hide the corpse. Another story says a father had lost a custody battle to the mother of his children in their divorce and he chased her into the tunnel and killed her.

Nonetheless, the tunnel is a creepy location and it is said that you can hear the sound of a girl screaming. The north end of the tunnel is located on Warner Road in the rural area outside Niagara Falls, between Niagara-on-the-Lake and St. Catharines and it was built in the early 1900s. At the south end of the tunnel there is a small hill and a path that leads to where the girl's farm house was.

An interesting fact about the Screaming Tunnel is that it was one of the locations used for the movie "The Dead Zone", directed by David Cronenberg (1982). The location was used as the place where Christopher Walken's character sought temporary refuge.


From QEW North (Toronto/Hamilton):

1. Head south on Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) (towards Niagara)

2. Exit on Glendale Ave/Regional Road 89

3. Left onto Taylor Road/Regional Road 70

4. Left onto Warner Road

From QEW South (Fort Erie):1. Head north on Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW)

2. Exit 32 for Thorold Stone Road/Regional Road 57 (towards Thorold)

3. Left onto Thorold Stone Road

4. Right onto Garner Road

5. Left onto Warner Road

Further Information


There are no facilities at this location. You can park your car or bike near the tunnel on the side of the road as long as it does not disrupt the nearby, local residents.


Warner Road
Niagara Falls, Ontario

GPS Co-ordinates

Latitude: 43.14562033579958
Longitude: -79.1450269817699
UTM easting: 650840
UTM northing: 4778656