Local Heritage

 Village of St. David's

Several of Laura Secord's relatives lived in St. David's. On her historic walk Laura stopped at the home of Hannah Secord. Her niece Elizabeth is said to have continued with her for an approximate length of three hours, turning back at Shipman's Co+

 The Village of Homer

Laura Secord passed through the Village of Homer on her historic walk from Queenston to St. Catharines. At the time of her walk Homer was still a small town with only a few shops and houses.


 Laura Secord Place (street, Niagara on the Lake)

This subdivision boasts street names of historically significant people of Niagara. Laura Secord Place is named after the War of 1812 heroine.


 Laura Secord Building

The Laura Secord Building commemorates the Upper Canada Heroine"s role in the pivotal Battle of Beaver Dams in June of 1813. As part of the Bicentennial celebrations of the War of 1812, the Federal Government decided to rename buildings after prominent fi+

 Screaming Tunnel (alternate)

A local legend says if you light a match and hold it in the Screaming Tunnel at midnight, the match will be blown out by the ghost of a girl. There are a few variations in the story of the Screaming Tunnel, however, they all suggest that a young women die+