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Overview of old section, backs of the stones facing east. Photo [Jessica Sutton]

Overview of veterans section, left of Carillon Tower.

Music plays every hour, on the hour.


As you walk along Queenston Street you'll find yourself walking past a vast cemetery. This is Victoria Lawn Cemetery, established in 1856 as the St. Catharines Cemetery and renamed after Queen Victoria in the early 1900s.

There are now more than 79,000 souls interred in its 170 acres, Which is more than half of the current living population of St. Catharines.

The grounds are truly beautiful, with multiple gardens, mausoleums and stunning architecture – including the Carillion Tower which you will see as you walk past the gates.

General Information

In 1856, the town of St. Catharines established The St. Catharines Cemetery, located just east of downtown near the Welland Canal. In the early 1900's the cemetery was renamed Victoria Lawn in commemoration of Queen Victoria of England. There are approximately 78,000 people interred at the cemetery, along with multiple gardens, mausoleums and stunning architectural pieces. The Carillon Tower is a centerpiece to the extension of the cemetery (located across the street from the main gate). The tower plays music on the hour, and throughout the Christmas season you can hear classic Christmas carols chiming from the electronic bell system.

Visitors can experience a self-guided walking tour that takes them throughout the cemetery passed such important names in Niagara history as:

- Dr. Theophilus Mack: Physician, founder of Springbank Hotel, General and Marine Hospital on Cherry Street and a training school for nurses.

- William Hamilton Merritt: Captain of Dragoons during War of 1812 and taken prisoner at battle of Lundy's Lane. Began building the Welland Canal after his release.

- Rev. Anthony Burns: Escaped a plantation in Virgina, captured in Boston in 1854 and eventually gained freedom in Canada.

- Dr. Gwendolyn Mulock: First practicing female doctor in St. Catharines.Served as medical consultant for Toronto Children's Aid Society and director of women's health at University of Toronto.

and some interesting looking plots:

- Shickluna Lot

- Thomas Burns

- Woodruff

- Minnie Madeline Neelon

- Hon. James Rae Benson

All photos in gallery by: Jessica Sutton