Stage 3 - Fighting for Freedom Tour (Black History)

 BH 3-70 End of Fighting for Freedom Tour

Thank you for being with us. We hope you"ve enjoyed learning about Black history in Laura Secord"s time and beyond. There are many more stories that have yet to be told. This is where we end Stage 3 of the Laura Secord Legacy Trail. Stage 4 begins right h+

 BH 3-51 Harriet Tubman School and Statue

Harriet Tubman School was opened in 2015. In front of the school is an exceptional bronze sculpture of the famed abolitionist and civil rights leader. "Sculpting Harriet Tubman - The Creative Process" provides an overview of the creation of this enduring +

 BH 3-38-39 Harriet Tubman Bust and BME Church

The British Methodist Episcopal Church, also known as Salem Chapel was founded in 1820 in the heart of old St. Catharines, by African-American freedom seekers.alem Chapel was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1999, and is marked outside by +

 BH 3-30 Richard Pierpoints Later Life

As we walk past the original location of his St. Catharines homestead along Dick"s Creek, Rosemary Sadlier, Santee Smith, and Caroline McCormick tell us about Richard Pierpoint"s life after the War of 1812, and his eventual move to Garafraxa Township, nea+

 BH 3-29 Dicks Creek

Dick"s Creek is named after Richard "Captain Dick" Pierpoint, an important black Loyalist settler and former slave who fought with the British against the American Continental Army in the early 1780s. Once a major waterway which defined St. Catharines, no+

 BH 3-27 Richard Pierpoint Plaque

The Richard Pierpoint plaque is a landmark along the Laura Secord Legacy Trail. Pierpoint was an important figure in the War of 1812, instrumental in the creation of the "Colored Corps", a regiment that played a major role in battles like the Battle of Q+

 BH 3-22 Black Settlement in St Catharines

St. Catharines was the final terminus on the Underground Railroad for hundreds of slaves in the 1800s. The Underground Railroad and Niagara"s Freedom Trail was a network of people who hid and guided black slaves as they fled the United States and headed n+

 BH 3-18 Reverend Anthony Burns Plaque and Gravesite at Victoria Lawn Cemetery

You"ll see a plaque here, dedicated to Anthony Burns, who was buried here in 1862. He was a central figure in the furor surrounding the controversial 1850 Fugitive Slave Act.+

 Richard Pierpoint - A Niagara Hero

Richard Pierpoint - A Niagara Hero. Rosemary Sadlier describes the arrival of Richard Pierpoint in Niagara, and his settlement in St. Catharines. Media Clip SC38 with music.+

 BH 3-17 You are now passing Victoria Lawn Cemetery

As you walk along Queenston Street you"ll find yourself walking past a vast cemetery. This is Victoria Lawn Cemetery, established in 1856 as the St. Catharines Cemetery and renamed after Queen Victoria in the early 1900s.There are now more than 79,000 sou+

 BH 3-00 Fighting for Freedom Tour Introduction

Welcome to Stage three of the Laura Secord Legacy Trail..On this stage of the trail, we"ll be exploring aspects of this region"s rich Black history, and stories that merit a far wider appreciation.+