NH 1-08 Teasels - Part 1

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Fuller's Teasel, Dipsacus fullonum - Photo: Didier Descouens

Fuller's Teasel in early flower stage

Fuller's Teasel - dried seed head


We're going to tell you a story about a particularly useful plant - the teasel.

Teasels were introduced to this environment – and they represent economic history, natural history, and the domestic role of pioneering women. Certain species, like teasels, were once considered useful and valuable, but then became noxious invaders – or at the very least, unwelcome guests.. a bit like the Americans in the War of 1812!

So teasels, in a strange way, represent the ingenuity of the new arrivals to this land, as well as their utilitarian attitude towards nature – quick to make use of something and then just as quick to discard it when its useful days are over.

Look for teasels at you walk along the trail… and if you want to see some pictures, check the visuals on your phone.

So we'll tell you more about teasels as you walk along the trail.

(Audio from Teasels video clip, below)

Teasels in fields along the Dee Road allowance, in the shadow of the Niagara Escarpment. Photo David T Brown.

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