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Richard Pierpoint's Later Life

As we walk past the original location of his St. Catharines homestead along Dick's Creek, Caroline McCormick, Santee Smith, and Rosemary Sadlier discuss Richard Pierpoint's life after the War of 1812 and his eventual move to Garafraxa Township, near Fergus.

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'Richard Pierpoint – Settler' by Meredith Blackmore, 2012. Courtesy Wellington County Museum Archives.




Photo courtesy the Harriet Tubman Institute -




A plaque commemorating Richard Pierpoint can be seen on the grounds of John Black Public School, 141 Lamond Street, in Fergus, Ontario. It was originally erected in front of the school, which sits in the middle of what was Pierpoint's property in the Glen Lamond area of West Garafraxa Township (Meyler and Meyler 1999).

As portrayed by Rudy Webb in the Historica Canada Heritage Minute (




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