FN 2-11 Seven Dancers Stories from the Longhouse

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'The Seven Dancers' is the Cayuga interpretation of the origin of the constellation known widely by its Greek name, Pleiades. It is shown here in an infrared-spectrum image taken by the NASA Spitzer Telescope. Many North American First Nations cultures have analogous stories about the star cluster, but variously interpret the stars as Dancers, Holy Men, Caribou, Sharing Foxes, People or Brothers in a Boat, Crying Children, Coyote's Daughters, Raccoon's Children, Hearts of the First People, Wise Men, Seeds, Puppies or Lost Children, depending on tribal heritage. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

This is the story of how seven young men dance into the sky to form the constellation known as The Pleiades.

You'll hear the English version, but you can find the Cayuga language version on your mobile device.

This original recording is read by members of the Cayuga Nation, adapted from traditional oral legends that once were told by the Haudnausaunee people.

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