Friends of Laura Secord

 VF 00 Voices of Freedom Tour Introduction

Welcome to the Voices of Freedom tour, in historic Niagara on the Lake.This exploration of our local Black History begins at the Niagara Historical Society Museum at 43 Castlereigh Street in Niagara on the Lake.+

 Dinh, Nam Anh - Local Landscape Report: St Paul Crescent Street & Bridge, St. Catharines

St Paul Crescent street and bridge are bound by St Paul Street, Mc Guire street, and Westchester Avenue in the city of St. Catharines. The area plays an important role as the main gateway location funneling traffic into downtown from highway 406 and St. P+

 Laura Secord and the Prince of Wales

Laura Secord and the Prince of Wales +

  Dick's Creek

The valley of Dick's Creek forms part of the 19 hectare Canal Valley park system between Glendale Avenue, Westchester Crescent, Highway 406, and the Twelve Mile Creek. Here, the creek contains slow-moving water for most of its length, and has been know+

 Laura Secord Chocolates

Laura Secord Chocolates was named for Laura Secord, as a memorial to her courage. The company began producing chocolate and sweets in 1913, then expanded to ice-cream and other products.+

 Laura Secord Mural

The Thorold Murals and the Laura Secord mural in particular display valuable pieces of Niagara's history. Murals, like other forms of public artwork, are a way that the general public is able to learn about and connect with their heritage. The mura+

 Neutral Indian Village (Barbican Heights)

In pre-colonial history the Neutral Indians populated the majority of the Niagara Peninsula. The community of Barbican Heights was the regional capital. It is thought that this group either moved to a different area of the Peninsula, perhaps St. David'+

 Grist Mill (a.k.a.Peter Secord Grist Mill)

Peter Secord, who lived in St. David's, was Laura Secord's uncle by marriage. She would have had the opportunity to visit his home often since her brother and his family and a number of other Secords lived in the same village.


 Riverbrink Art Museum

The Riverbrink Art Museum features 19th Century art, especially from around the Niagara Peninsula. The museum is located a short distance from the Laura Secord Legacy Trail, just outside of Centennial Gardens, St. Catharines. The museum frequently +

 Water Commission Park / Waterworks Reservoir

The Waterworks Reservoir is located along the Laura Secord Legacy Trail. Laura passed through this area on her historic walk from Queenston to Decew House. On this part of the trek she was being escorted by the Indian guide(s) who were to bring her to Dec+

 Willowbank (National Historic Site)

The Willowbank mansion was constructed during the time that Laura Secord was living in Queenston. Alexander Hamilton, for whom the mansion was built, was an influencial political and administrative figure in Queenston affairs. His father Robert Hamilton i+

 NB 1-20 Port Weller East Pier

During migration, this treed finger of land jutting out into Lake Ontario is a migrant trap. King Eider, Parasitic and Pomarine Jaegers and Northern Gannet are seen with some regularity. Many warblers have also been recorded here. A walk of 1.9 km north f+

 St. Mark's Anglican Church (NOTL)

Laura Secord attended St. Mark"s Anglican Church while she was living in Niagara-on-the-Lake.+

 BG 58 The Seattle Centre

The Seattle Centre+

 NPCA 10 End of route

Thanks for taking part in the NPCA Demonstration Tour. Make your way along the gravel pathway towards the Balls Falls Centre for Conservation and the end of the tour. Spend some time exploring the exhibits in the Centre, and enjoy the rest of your day!+

 NFPP Instructions for Accessing the Poetry Walking Tour of Niagara Falls

Welcome to the Niagara Falls Poetry Project"s Poetry Walking Tour of Niagara Falls. This page provides instructions on how to download the app, find the tour, and get started on your exploration of Niagara Falls using poetry, multimedia, and historic info+

 Fort George - Beyond the Gates

Explore the history of Niagara-on-the-Lake beyond Fort George with this immersive, interactive tour, which takes you from the earliest days of British settlement to the final days of the First World War. Totalling less than three kilometres, this tour can+

 OVERVIEW - First Nations Perspectives Tours

In these tours, you"ll hear about the cultural heritage, natural history, and political realities of the Niagara region and beyond, as told from the perspective of its first inhabitants - the First Nations peoples.+

 Hendrix in London Master POI Inventory

This is an evolving map of all of the POIs associated with Jimi Hendrix during his time in London. There is no required tour route. Instead, you are encouraged to "wander and wonder" about Hendrix"s life as you explore London. +

 Laura Secord: Legend Meets Fact

What might Laura Secord say to us if she could reflect upon her life Join veteran Shaw actor Jennifer Phipps as she brings Laura to life, gets inside her head - and shares a piece of her mind.+

 Battle of Beaverdams Site (actual)

Battle of Beaverdams Park, located on Sullivan Avenue in Thorold is not the site where the actual Battle of Beaverdams took place. The park was created in 1967, bringing more recognition to the event but also removing some of the significance of the actua+

  Decew's Field and Laura's discovery of the Native Encampment

DeCew's Field is one of the final stages of Laura's long journey from Queenston. Laura Secord met with First Nation's people on DeCew's Field, who escorted her to FitzGibbon's headquarters at DeCew House, so that she could warn him of the planned A+

 Hanoi's Ancient Monument Tour - Overview

Join in a journey through Ha Noi, the capital with over a thousand year of constant culturall development.+

 Lake Moodie Hydroelectric Reservoir

The Lake Moodie hydroelectric reservoir is a flooded inland lake in the Twelve Mile Creek watershed that stores water for hydroelectric generation at DeCew Falls Generating Stations I and II.The reservoir is located on the Laura Secord Legacy Trail+

 The Loop of Laura's Life (self-guided auto tour)

A tour of key destinations central to Laura Secord"s life story, from her earliest days with husband James in Queenston, along the approximate route of her famous walk, to the various monuments celebrating her memory.+

 Mohawk Trail

Laura Secord, on her historic walk to warn British troops of an impending American attack, walked along the Mohawk Trail for part of her journey. The Laura Secord Legacy Trail now marks her approximate route.


 Morningstar Mill Living Museum Park (Mountain Mills Museum)

Morningstar Mill is a fully restored nineteenth-century gristmill, and the only operating water powered mill in the Niagara Peninsula. It has been restored to working order by a dedicated nonprofit group called the Friends of the Morningstar Mill. It i+

 Herstmonceux Castle During World War II - Hearts of Oak Society

When the war began in 1939, the Hearts of Oak Society was evacuated from London to Herstmonceux. This society was functional in assisting the Ministry of Pensions with their work, which required these members to be a safe distance from London in case of a+

 Niagara Escarpment (Biosphere Reserve)

Laura Secord walked along the ridge of the Escarpment for a most of her historic walk. The escarpment was an important feature during the War of 1812; opposing forces vied for the most strategic positions from which to protect and increase their te+

 Firemens Park - End of Stage 1 of the Laura Secord Legacy Trail

The north car park of Firemen"s Park is the end of Stage 1 of the Laura Secord Legacy Trail. Stage 2 of the trail begins just south of the railway tracks on the west side of Dorchester Road, alongside the railway control box.+

 Che, Kanghua - Local Landscape Report: Rodman Hall Art Centre

Located on Rodman Hall Drive, Rodman Hall Art Center was built as a private residence between 1854-1863 by Thomas Rodman Merritt, the youngest son of the canal builder William Hamilton Merritt. In 1960, the city of St. Catharines bought the house for use +

 Battle of Lundys Lane Walking Tour - Overview

Follow this tour to experience the American advance and the British defense on the Lundy"s Lane Battlefield. Stops at key locations will help you understand the events that occurred here on July 25, 1814. Begin your 2.6 km walking tour at the Sylvia Place+

 Shipman's Corners

Laura Secord passed through Shipman's Corner on her historic walk from Queenston to Decew House, St. Catharines. She was travelling with her niece Elizabeth Secord who had joined her at St. David's but Elizabeth was exhausted at this point and deci+

 Turney Homestead

Historic Map of Power Glen and the surrounding area. The Turney Homestead was located near present-day Pelham Road just west of Twelve Mile Creek, near the upper right corner of this map.
Map created by Loris Gasparotto, Brock Universit+

 NH 1-00 Introduction to the Natural History Hike

Welcome to the Natural History hike, along the Laura Secord Legacy Trail. Along the way you will hear from Caroline McCormick, Larry McDermott, Gabriella Currie Ziegler, Santee Smith and others, as they introduce you to the natural beauty and wonder of th+

 Village of St. David's

Several of Laura Secord's relatives lived in St. David's. On her historic walk Laura stopped at the home of Hannah Secord. Her niece Elizabeth is said to have continued with her for an approximate length of three hours, turning back at Shipman's Co+

 Woodend Conservation Area

Woodend Conservation Area is located along the Bruce Trail and the Laura Secord Legacy Trail. The trail follows the approximate route taken by Laura Secord, a heroine of the War of 1812, famed for her walk from Queenston to Decew House, St. Cathari+

 Good Eats Tour - Bus stop at Westchester and St. Paul

This bus stop is your starting point for the Good Eats Tour!+

 OW 2-00 Introduction - Out of the Wilderness Stage 2 - Women in Laura Secord's World

In Stage Two, between Firemen"s Park and Niagara College, we"ll introduce you to some other special women who also lived in Laura"s time – and who, like Laura, stepped out of their traditional roles, showing bravery, courage, and determination….but th+

 Thorold Heritage Tour

Welcome to the Thorold Heritage Tour, where we take you through a small city in the Niagara Region, and discuss just a few key buildings throughout the newly renovated downtown core. There are many quaint restaurants, coffee shops and stores along the rou+

 NH 5-00 Land and Water Tour Introduction

The Land and Water hike explores the natural history, geology, and human influences on the watershed along Stage 5 of the Laura Secord Legacy Trail.+

 NB 1-19 Jones Beach

​This small beach area is a great place to observe swans, waterfowl and gulls. A Sabines Gull was discovered here on 24 September 1987. Willet, Whimbrel and numerous shorebirds favour this beach.+

 Berlin Counter-Culture of the 1960s

This tour is related to the counter-culture movements of the 1960s in Berlin, specifically the LGBT variety, including the different important locations that relate to the development of LGBT identity, culture and acceptance within Berlin after the Second+

 Joseph Willcocks and the Canadian Volunteers

Sometimes referred to as "Canada"s Benedict Arnold," Joseph Willcocks was a major source of discontent in Upper Canada in the lead-up to the War of 1812, and by 1813, he had declared for the United States and led a company of Upper Canadians - his volunte+

 FN 1-00 Walking Ancient Pathways Tour - Introduction

Barbara Worthy provides an introduction to First Nations stories in the context of the broader narrative about settlement of the Niagara Peninsula and the founding of Canada.+

 Skills of a Warrior

Rick Hill describes the skills of an Iroquois Warrior, and the important role they played in battles with the Americans during the War of 1812, including the pivotal Battle of Queenston Heights. Media clip SC23.+

 GN 4-00 Guide to Stage 4 of the Laura Secord Legacy Trail

This digital trail guide will automatically provide your mobile device with automatic turn-by-turn audio directions, live digital maps, and wayfinding cues for Stage 4 of the Laura Secord Legacy Trail (Rodman Hall to Rotary Park). Use in conjunction with +

 FN 5-00 Divided Loyalties Tour First Nations Perspectives Stage 5

Welcome to Stage five of the Laura Secord Legacy Trail. Stage Five runs from here at Rotary Park to Decew House, for a distance of about 4 and a half kilometres, or approximately one and a quarter hours, for the average walker.On this section of the trail+

 OW 3-50 End of Monumental Women Tour

This is where we end Stage 3 of the Laura Secord Legacy Trail. We hope you have enjoyed hearing the stories of some of the monumental women who lived and worked in this area, and who changed its history - and indeed, in some cases, the history of the enti+

 Warzone Niagara: Background

Following the War of Independence, the United States and Great Britain settled into an uneasy peace. For the next 30 years the Americans were occupied with building their nation. But with the Napoleonic War raging in Europe, Great Britain blockaded France+

 Battle of Chippawa

The Battle of Chippawa is considered to be one of the bloodiest battles in the War of 1812. As the Niagara Campaign was coming to a close, tensions between the Aboriginal communities and their British allies were running high. To make things worse, an ear+

 Carolinian Forest in Niagara

Carolinian Forests in NiagaraThe Carolinian forest is a life zone found in eastern North America mainly characterized by a predominance of deciduous, or broad-leaf trees. The term "Carolinian forest" is used primarily in Canada. This region is the nor+

 DeCew Falls Generating Station No. 2 - 1943

DeCew Falls Generating Plant I, adjacent to this station, is the oldest continually running hydroelectric power station in Canada.

A second phase of the plant, DeCew Falls Generating Plant II, was initiated in 1943 to aid in the war effort. It w+

 Grimsby Forty Mile Creek Tour 0 - Overview

The Forty Mile Creek runs from the top of the Escarpment all the way through Grimsby until it reaches Lake Ontario, and serves as both a historical and modern landmark in the town with parks and trails following its length. +

 Stroll Episode 6 - Water

Water shows a diagram of the irrigation system developed with Walker Botanical Garden in the late 1980s which drew water from a shore well beside Twelve Mile Creek, superimposed over aerial footage of the creek. The voices are the designer of the garden a+

 Top 5 Vineyards to Visit for Icewine in Niagara-on-the-lake — Tour Overview

The ideal climate conditions encourage the reliable production of the unique Icewine and make it the perfect destination for wine tours.Through this tour, you will feature some of the characteristics of winery site to help create a sense of place through +

 Iroquois Trail

Most of Laura Secord's travels from Queenston to DeCew House were on former or existing aborigin+

 Mackenzie Printery and Newspaper Museum

William Lyon Mackenzie railed against the Conservative elite of Upper Canada in the heart of Upper Canada's influential Niagara, much to the distaste of many in the area such as Loyalist James Seco+

 Plaque: Major John Richardson 1796-1852

Plaque commemorating Major John Frederick Richardson, 1796-1852, a native of Queenston, Ontario.
Photo courtesy Alan L Brown (August, 2004) - www.ontarioplaques.c+

 Herstmonceux Castle During World War II - Wartime Huts

On Sunday, September 3rd, 1939, Britain declared war on Germany and the Hearts of Oak migrated to Herstmonceux Castle to prepare for the arrival of its staff. By noon on Monday, September 4th, a large portion of the emergency staff employed by the Society+

 Peter Thomas Mill Dam

The Laura Secord Legacy Trail follows an access road that once led to the former Thomas Mills. Laura Secord likely followed this road because it led to a bridge over Twelve Mile Creek. The bridge had been washed out at the time of Laura"s walk so, using L+

 Queenston Methodist Chapel

The Queenston Methodist Chapel, once a functioning church in Queenston, was donated to the Niagara Parks Commission in 1978 after the congregation joined the St. David's United Church. The church building was moved to the site of the Laura Secord H+

 Short Hills Provincial Park

The Laura Secord Legacy Trail passes through part of Short Hills Park. Laura Secord, on her historic walk from Queenston to Decew House, crossed the Twelve Mile Creek and followed a small path through the north-eastern part of the park towards Dece+

 Death, Disaster, and Disgrace in Victorian London - Introduction at Courthouse

Welcome to the Middlesex County Court House, the first destination of the Death, Disaster, and Disgrace in Victorian London Walking Tour. +

 The Village of Homer

Laura Secord passed through the Village of Homer on her historic walk from Queenston to St. Catharines. At the time of her walk Homer was still a small town with only a few shops and houses.


 Turn right and walk west on Peer Street

Turn right and walk west on Peer Street+

 PW 1-00 Introduction to Pioneering Women of Niagara

Welcome! Thank you for joining us on this tour – Pioneering Women of Niagara, presented by the Friends of Laura Secord, with the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation.+

 VFW 00 Voices of Freedom Tour WANDER AND WONDER PROTOCOL - Niagara on the Lake

Welcome to the Voices of Freedom "Wander and Wonder" tour in historic Niagara on the Lake.This exploration of our local Black History is unstructured; visit any or all of the points of interest in any order. Enjoy!+

 OW 2-01 Out of the Wilderness Stage 2 - Women in Laura Secord's World

Welcome to Stage two of the Laura Secord Legacy Trail. Stage two runs between the north parking lot of Fireman"s Park and Niagara College, for a distance of about 6 and a half kilometres, or approximately one and a quarter hours, for the average walker.+

 NFPP 0 - Niagara Falls Poetry Tour Overview

This is a walking tour featuring some of the poetry written about Niagara Falls and the events that have happened here. The tour starts at Dufferin Islands, which has a parking lot, and continues for just over 3 km (1.6 miles) along the Niagara River, pas+

 Niagara Falls Digital Heritage


 Morningstar Mill

Thanks to the Friends of Morningstar Mill, there is now a fully restored 1872 grist mill beside beautiful DeCew Falls, a 22 metre (75 foot), waterfall. It is the only operating water powered mill in the Niagara Peninsula, and was one of the first milling +

 NB 1-18 Malcolmson Eco-Park North Entrance

Named in honour of Mary Malcolmson, Malcolmson Eco-Park is a small urban oasis of Carolinian woodland and tall grass prairie. Established in 1993 and tended by a dedicated group of volunteers, it provides a prime rest stop for hungry warblers and other mi+

 The Coloured Corps

The Coloured Corps, sometimes known as "Runchey"s Coloured Corps" for its first commander, this militia unit was one of many which formed in Upper Canada in the wake of the American declaration of war on June 18, 1812. However, unlike its all of its count+


The night club SchwuZ is one of the last stops on the tour, and alongside the AHA is a more modern establishment than the others described. +

 FN 4-00 Tour Overview - Legacy of the Landscape

Welcome to Stage Four of the Laura Secord Legacy Trail. Stage four runs from here at Rodman Hall, to Rotary Park, for a distance of about 4 and a half kilometres, or approximately one and a quarter hours, for the average walker. On Stage 4, we will contin+

 FN 2-00 Tour Overview - Stories from the Longhouse - First Nations Perspectives, Stage 2

Welcome to Stage Two of the Laura Secord Legacy Trail, between Firemen"s Park and Niagara College. On Stage Two you"ll hear "Stories from the Longhouse - First Nations Legends and Myths".+

 Wine and Art Tour - Ravine Vineyard Estate

Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery is five generations in the making , maintaining a functioning hundred plus year old farm. Ravine is located on a thirty four acre lot, filled with a beautiful rolling vineyard. This vineyard has a focus for small batch wines +

 NPCA 01 Switchback and Cataract Trailhead

Your tour begins just beyond the map signboard. Keep right on the Switchback Trail and follow it as it zigzags through the woods and down the hill. Stay on the trail and make your way towards the Pedestrian Bridge across Twenty Mile Creek.+

 JH x72 Trident Studios 17 St Annes Court W1F 8DG

A famous studio but only a passing reference in the Jimi Hendrix story. In 1971, Track Records mastered the "Angel"/"Night Bird Flying" single here. Still a studio but mainly involved in TV and radio work these days.+

  Twelve Mile Creek Tour Overview Page

The Twelve Mile Creek Tour is a walking tour in St. Catharines that explores historical aspects, recreational aspects, and ecological aspects of five points of interest along the watershed: Twelve Mile Creek itself, the Participark Trail, Rodman Hall Art +

 Zachar, Victoria - Local Landscape Report: McFarland House

The McFarland house is a historical landmark located on the Niagara Parkway in Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario.+

 DeCew Falls

The DeCew Falls are a scenic feature just minutes away from the historically significant DeCew House, found on theMorningstar Millsite on the Nia+

 DeCew Falls Generating Station No. 1 - 1898

Built in 1898, DeCew Falls 1 is the oldest continually running hydroelectric power generating station in Canada. This plant uses the geographical features of the Niagara Escarpment to produce electricity.

In 1896, five Hamilton entrepreneurs, all+

 DeCew Town

The vanished hamlet of DeCew Town was located along the edge of the Niagara Escarpment between DeCew House and DeCew Falls.

Settler John DeCew built several mills on 200 acres of land he purchased in 1792 on the escarpment above 12 Mile Creek. Af+

 The London Brewery Hop - Tour Overview

This tour focuses on the growing brewery scene in London, Ontario. Beginning in 1840 with Carling brewery, London has seen steady growth in its brewing. Going from a 1 brewery town, to surviving the prohibition, to now producing over 40% of all the beer c+

 Death, Disgrace and Disaster in Victorian London - The Hanging of Cornelius Burley

Cornelius Burley was the first…and the second man hanged at the London courthouse. The mysterious series of events leading up to and following his execution make his hanging one of the most unique in London"s history. On August 19, 1830 over 3000 people+

 Stroll Episode 5 - Trees - Dawn Redwood

Stroll Episode – Trees: Dawn Redwood Elizabeth Chitty 2016part of Site Lines, curated by Stuart Reid, Rodman Hall Art Centre, St. Catharines ON CANADAStroll is a series of geo-triggered episodes for Android phone and earbuds on the Interpretours platfor+

 A Romantic Walk Through Time - Tour Overview

Welcome to a wonderful romantic walk through time. The objective of this tour is to bring people, especially couples, together in a beautiful town while telling them the stories of those who live here. The city of Niagara-On-The-Lake features beautiful ar+

 Heartland Forest Nature Experience

Heartland Forest, a fully accessible privately owned park, has joined with the Friends of Laura Secord to host a Laura Secord Legacy Walk. On the anniversary of her historic walk the 2.5 km of trails within the park are presented as a miniature ver+

 Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Chippawa

Laura Secord attended Holy Trinity Anglican Church while she was living in Chippawa. She is also believed to have met Prince Albert Edward of Wales, later King Ed+

 Laura Secord Homestead

The Laura Secord Homestead stands as a monument to the heroic actions that Laura performed. It was fully restored in 1971 an+

 FN 4-01 Stage Four of the LSLT starts right here at the entrance to the Walker Botanical Garden

Stage Four of the LSLT starts right here at the entrance to the Walker Botanical Garden.+

 Retracing Laura's Trek (self-guided auto tour)

Starting at the Laura Secord Homestead in historic Queenston, this auto-based tour takes you to those destinations along the way which figured prominently in her famous 1813 trek, culminating at DeCew House.+

 BH 3-70 End of Fighting for Freedom Tour

Thank you for being with us. We hope you"ve enjoyed learning about Black history in Laura Secord"s time and beyond. There are many more stories that have yet to be told. This is where we end Stage 3 of the Laura Secord Legacy Trail. Stage 4 begins right h+

 Laura Secord Place (street, Niagara on the Lake)

This subdivision boasts street names of historically significant people of Niagara. Laura Secord Place is named after the War of 1812 heroine.


 Herstmonceux Castle During World War II - Staff Fire Brigade

As the political climate intensified in Europe during the late 1930s, an Act of Parliament was passed to authorize the needed formation of a voluntary fire service. The presence of war personnel on the Castle grounds meant that an AFS was present at Herst+

 VF 01 Discovering Black History at the Niagara Historical Society Museum

The black community of Niagara played a crucial role in the development of the town and township. The Museum has strived to tell their story alongside of the other stories of our history. At the museum, you"ll see many biographies and connections between +

 Apex Riders Motorcycle Tour - Welland River

The Welland River is actually man made. It flows from Hamilton Ontario, through a hydro power channel in Niagara Falls, and finishes all the way in Queenston. The river was originally called Chippawa Creek, and some locals still call it by that name today+

 NFPP 24 - Suspension Bridge Foundations

Across the gorge the remains of the foundations of the Fallsview Suspension Bridge can be seen. This was destroyed in a storm in 1889, rebuilt, and then replaced by the Upper Steel Arch Bridge in 1898. This bridge, aka the Honeymoon Bridge and the Fallsvi+

 OW 2-02 Women in Laura Secord's World - Life of a Pioneer Woman

If you were a woman in Laura Secord"s time, your life revolved around your home, your family and your husband.But it was the environment that shaped your life.+

 Action at Butler's Farm

A typical small-scale but incredibly violent skirmish of the Niagara theatre, the Action at Butler"s farm was not a planned engagement, but rather a haphazard brawl between indigenous British allies and American forces in July of 1813 as the British sough+

 FN 1-01 Start of tour - Turtle Island

As you walk down Queenston Street you"ll hear Rick Hill, of the Turtle Clan, as he shares with you the traditional First Nations understanding of this land.+

 Bravery Along the Niagara River - 3 - Rambler's Rest

Located across from the American Falls, the historic Rambler"s Rest Pavilion was built in 1907, it is one of the oldest resting pavilions still standing along the Niagara Parkway. Here spectators gathered to view the miraculous stunts performed in the Nia+

 NB 1-17 Port Weller West Pier

This area of the Welland Canal has been a hotbed for rarities. Note that the north end of this part of the west pier houses the restricted area of the Canadian Coast Guard, and is off-limits to birders.+

 Carolinian Forest in Niagara - Short Hills Park

Carolinian Forests in NiagaraThe Carolinian forest is a life zone found in eastern North America mainly characterized by a predominance of deciduous, or broad-leaf trees. The term "Carolinian forest" is used primarily in Canada. This region is the nor+

 Bisson, Renee - Pretty Pictures

Description Set within the breathtaking Twenty Valley, Ball’s Falls Conservation Area offers spectacular scenery and natural beauty. Your visit will begin at the Ball’s Falls Centre for Conservation. Designed and built to have a limited impact o+

 JH x71 The Ship 116 Wardour Street W1F 0TT

There are many watering holes close to the Marquee locations which are still frequented by media and arty types. This is the first of two with a documented Hendrix connection. Mick Farren (author, journalist, poet, and counter-culture legend): "The Shi+

 Vergadis, Michael - Local Landscape Report: Goose Island - Interlake Tissue Mill

This landscape report analyzes Goose Island and the Interlake Tissue Mill. The following maps out the sites rich cultural heritage and introduces readers to the underlying ecology and environment of the landscape. +

 Kimber, Mckenzie - Local Landscape Report: Decew Escarpment - St. Catharines, ON

The Decew Escarpment, often identified as a portion of the Niagara Escarpment, is a beautiful conservation area within St. Catharines. The escarpment includes Decew Falls, the plateau of the Power Glen, and the surrounding forest area. The focus of this r+

 DeCew House

DeCew House was the destination for Laura Secord when she set out on her celebrated trek from Queenston over the rough terrain of the Niagara Escarpment in June of 1813 to warn the British military of an impending American attack. The foundation of DeCew +

 High Quality Trails in the Niagara Region - Overview

The rich natural resources of the Niagara region offer tourists and locals alike a variety of opportunities to get in touch with nature. In addition to the famous Niagara Falls, the trails through the forests and along the lakeshore should not be overlook+

 Clifton Hill Attractions Tour Overview

The Clifton Hill Attraction Tour allows you to visit and explore 10 of the main attractions based within the Clifton Hill area. The area a great place to visit during the day as most if not all businesses around the tour attractions are open. However, don+

 Playground Tour of Niagara - Tour Overview Page

This tour explores the concept of "play" through local playgrounds and the heritage that surrounds them. Your time at each location will be enriched by discovering the historical and ecological elements of each site. Get ready for a unique experience of "+

 Laura Secord Building

The Laura Secord Building commemorates the Upper Canada Heroine"s role in the pivotal Battle of Beaver Dams in June of 1813. As part of the Bicentennial celebrations of the War of 1812, the Federal Government decided to rename buildings after prominent fi+

 Plaque: Laura Secord Home

This typical mid-19th Century Upper Canada cottage-style home was Laura Secord's. Laura Secord moved here in 1841, after the death of her husband James, and lived here until the time of her death. The home still stands with a memorial plaque placed out+

 Laura Secord Grand Tour (self-guided auto tour)

Starting at the Laura Secord Homestead in historic Queenston, this tour takes you to many of the most significant places in Laura Secord"s life, as well as those destinations along the way which figured prominently in her famous 1813 trek, and landmarks a+

 Herstmonceux Castle Ivy Ruins to Restoration - South Moat

The Castle Moat was greatly expanded and flooded during restoration work undertaken in the early 1930s by Sir Paul Latham. The Castle"s original moat, narrower in width and dry for centuries, was widened and flooded, and a small lake formed on the southea+

 Laura Secord House, Chippawa

Laura Ingersoll Secord, heroine of the War of 1812, lived for twenty-seven years in this charming red brick house located at 3800 Bridgewater Street, Chippawa, Niagara Falls.


 Mewburn Park (first Laura Secord Legacy Trail sign)

Mewburn Park is the first location where the Laura Secord Legacy Trail was formally recognized by a Niagara municipality - the City of Niagara Falls - and the first location where a Laura Secord Lega+

 Apex Riders Motorcycle Tour - Beckett Bridge

Thanks to the Welland River, the land gained more settlement such as docks and villages from the route of commerce. Right now, you"re passing one of them called Beckett"s Bridge. The others include O"Reilly"s Bridge which is coming up, Canadasville, Port +

 Prelude to Battle

You are standing on Main Street, part of the historic Portage Road. Believed to have been an Indigenous trail, it was used to portage around the Falls and Rapids of the Niagara River. As the main north/south road in the area, it was used by both armies du+

 NFPP 23 - Grand View Marketplace

The Grand View Marketplace is where you can get souvenirs and refreshments, access the Niagara Zip Line, buy tickets for the Hornblower Niagara Cruise, and get magnificent views of Niagara Falls to the south, and of the Rainbow Bridge and the beginning of+

 OW 2-03 Women in Laura Secord's World - Julia Defield and Catherine Pool

Meet Julia Defield. She captured an American"s sword. Julia, her friend Jane Kirby, and her child survived the battle with the sword"s owner- and Julia even managed to hide the sword.And then there was Catherine Pool. She was a nice Canadian girl...but sh+

 Navy Hall

​Navy Hall, the site of Upper Canada"s first parliament, was first built in 1765 as a complex including a dock, shipyard, supply depot, and administrative residences; the site was selected for its superior shelter from the regular storms which battered +

 Berlin University of Arts

The Berlin University of the Arts, the first on the walking tour and one of the main points of interests, is the largest art school in Europe, and one of the largest in the world.+

 NB 1-16 Sunset Beach (Municipal Beach)

Sunset Beach (formerly Municipal Beach) is a favourite haunt for windsurfers and birders.+

 NPCA 00 Demo Tour - Centre for Conservation

This demo tour begins at the Balls Falls Centre for Conservation, and introduces you to the Balls Falls Conservation Area. Set within the breathtaking Twenty Valley, Ball’s Falls Conservation Area offers spectacular scenery and natural beauty. +

 JH x70 Marquee 90 Wardour Street W1F 0UB

The Marquee Club originally stood on Oxford Street but, on 13 March 1964, moved to 90 Wardour Street in the heart of Soho's artistic community. Here it stayed until the mid-eighties.

It has since been resurrected (and died again) in both Islingt+

 Vegh, Bianca - Local Landscape Report: Beaver Cotton Mills - Independent Rubber - The Keg Restaurant

The Beaver Cotton Mills, currently known as The Keg is one of the most prominent historical buildings in St. Catharines. The success of this mill prompted numerous factories to erect in the area. Sadly, a fire occurred and later refurbished into the Indep+

 Battle of Beaverdams National Historic Site

After overhearing American soldiers discussing an attack on the British outpost at Decew House, Laura Secord made her way through enemy lines to warn Lieutenant Fitzgibbon and his troops. Her warning helped to prepare the First Nation warriors a+

 Stroll Episode 3 - Amphitheatre


 Architectural Heritage in Downtown St. Catharines Tour Overview

This tour will highlight some of the architecturally significant sites in downtown St. Catharines and will allow you to discover the history and culture behind the development of the downtown area through decades and even centuries of growth. +

 Firemen's Park

Firemen"s Park is a beautiful 143 acre green space donated to the community by the Stamford Centre Volunteer Firemen"s Association. It follows along the Niagara Escarpment, near where Laura Secord passed by on her trek to warn the British of the impending+

 Laura Secord 1775-1868 (Heritage Canada plaque, Queenston)

This plaque recognizes Laura Secord as "a person of national historic significance"; a Canadian heroine. It is located in front of the Laura Secord Homestead.


 Herstmonceux Castle Ivy Ruins to Restoration - Gate House

The exterior of the castle, which had fallen into considerable ruin over the years, required a tremendous amount of work to retain its once grand appearance. Lowther began his renovations with the castle"s most prominent exterior feature; the Gate House.+

 Free Outdoor Swimming in Niagara 4 - Queens Royal Park

Hidden away at the very edge of Historic Niagara-on-the-Lake is a park complete with gardens, a gazebo straight out of a wedding catalogue, and a rocky shoreline along Lake Ontario. Come for a swim, and stay to see the best sunset view in the Niagara Regi+

 GN 1-00 Guide to Stage 1 of the Laura Secord Legacy Trail

This digital trail guide will automatically provide your mobile device with automatic turn-by-turn audio directions, live digital maps, and wayfinding cues for Stage 1 of the Laura Secord Legacy Trail (Queenston to Firemen"s Park). Used in conjunction wit+

 Apex Riders Motorcycle Tour - Welland

Welland has a few nicknames such as "the Rose City," "the Centre of Niagara" and "the place where rails and water meet." However the official nickname "The Rose City" was chosen in 1921, when the Rotary Club for the city invited children to write an essay+

 Death, Disaster, and Disgrace in Victorian London: Henry Sovereign, Mass Murderer

Henry Sovereign committed what is considered the first – and the worst – mass murder in Ontario. The night of January 22, 1832, he murdered his wife Polly and seven of their children in a drunken rage at their house in Windham. Though he maintained hi+

 American Retreat to Chippawa

Since the conclusion of the War of 1812 there has been much debate about who won the Battle of Lundy's Lane, July 25, 1814. +

 NFPP 22 - How to describe Niagara?

Descriptions of Niagara abound+

 Fort George Powder Magazine

The sole structure to survive the American bombardment of Fort George in 1813, the powder magazine was, and remains, an integral part of the fort. +

 OW 2-04 Women in Laura Secord's World - Mary Henry

Mary Henry made sure that the soldiers on the battlefield had water to drink, had dressings for their wounds, and had someone to hold them as they died.Mary Henry was like an angel, they said. +

 Screaming Tunnel (alternate)

A local legend says if you light a match and hold it in the Screaming Tunnel at midnight, the match will be blown out by the ghost of a girl. There are a few variations in the story of the Screaming Tunnel, however, they all suggest that a young women die+

 The London Zoo

[Replace this text with your description of this Point of Interest].+

 NB 1-15 Port Dalhousie East Pier

At the end of Lighthouse Road is the Dalhousie Yacht Club, where there is free parking. Scan the boat slips and breakwall, and walk out the east pier past the lighthouse to scan for birdlife out in the lake. In winter the winds might make for icy footing +

 NH 5-04 The Escarpment across the Twelve

Here at the Rotary Park north view point you can look across the valley of Twelve Mile Creek.This ridge of land – the Niagara Escarpment - was a natural geologic and navigational beacon for First Nations. Laura Secord would have used it like that too.Sa+

 VF 03 Parliament Oak School and the 1793 Act Against Slavery

Parliament Oak School is located upon a site where one of the first sessions of the Parliament of Upper Canada sat beneath a spreading oak tree in August of 1793. That legislature, under John Graves Simcoe, was responsible for the 1793 Act Against Slavery+

 Indian Council House

Rick Hill describes the Indian Council House, established near Fort George in 1797. Audio clip SC15+

 Binbrook Conservation Area

Binbrook is home to the Lake Niapenco reservoir, the largest inland lake in the Niagara Watershed.+

 Merritt Family Historical Tour

The Merritt Family Historical Tour offers a unique perspective on how several of Niagara"s diverse historical and heritage sites are interrelated because of their connections to the family of William Hamilton Merritt, 19th century entrepreneur and founder+

 JH x69 Track Records 70 Wardour Street W1D 4QG

When Track Records left Old Compton Street they moved just around the comer, into what was a brand new building at the time, and remained here from 1970 to their final demise in 1975. Now fronted, at street level, by 10th Planet Digital Media. A fancy pri+

 Van Leeuwen, Sydney - Local Landscape Report: McKinnon Industries and GM industrial landscapes

McKinnon Industries further known now as the old General Motors Plant 1. This is a large property that creates a very industrial feel as you drive or walk by with its large brick buildings and tall smokestacks. This property is located on the corner of O+

 Kensington Market Tour

The Kensington Market"s Local Businesses Tour explores the vibrant and multicultural marketplace that is Kensington market. Comprised of small and locally owned businesses, this tour is designed for participants looking to spend an entire day learning a+

 Stroll Episode 2 - Paulownia tomentosa

Stroll, Elizabeth Chitty 2016 part of Site Lines, curated by Stuart Reid, Rodman Hall Art Centre, St. Catharines ON CANADAStroll is a series of geo-triggered episodes for Android phone and earbuds on the Interpretours platform while walking in Walker Bota+

 Laura Ingersoll Secord 1775-1868 Plaque (Queenston)

This plaque commemorates the actions of Laura Secord. It is located at the Laura Secord Homestead, the house where Laura Secord nursed her husband back to health after his injuries and overheard the American soldiers discussing an attack on the Bri+

 French Colonial Empire in Paris POI 1

Our tour begins at the bridge known as Pont Saint-Michel where in 1961 it went down in French and Paris history as the site of a massacre. It was during the war of independence of Argeria that this terror occurred and is emblematic of the dark side of emp+

 Apex Riders Motorcycle Tour - Wellandport

Located on the bank of the Welland River, Wellandport was originally called "The Narrows" because of the narrow strip of land that separates the river from Beaver Creek. Wellandport was an established long long ago, the earliest reports being in 1795. +

 VF 04 Harriet Tubman Monument - Parliament Oak Public School

Among the most important abolitionists and most courageous conductors of the Underground Railroad was Harriet Tubman. Born into slavery in Maryland, Tubman escaped and subsequently made about thirteen missions to rescue approximately seventy enslaved peop+

 Death, Distaster and Disgrace in Victorian London: Capsizing of the SS Victoria

On May 24th, 1881 the SS Victoria, a small double-decker ship, capsized on the Thames River. This was the greatest loss of London life in a single day, killing more than 200 individuals and shocking the city to its core. +

 Woodend Silurian Adventure Trail

The Silurian Adventure Trail is named after the geological era during which the rocks of the Niagara Escarpment were formed. The trail is just over 1.5 km in length. It passes through a deciduous woodlot, and follows the edge of the escarpment before retu+

 NFPP 21 - Rambler's Rest

Rambler"s Rest, a stone pavilion built in 1907, is still used for small weddings.+

 Filice, Jenna - Local Landscape Report: Tom Thompson Shack - Kleinburg, ON

A historical landscape that sits on land that dates back to the 16th century. Today it is famous for the national art exhibit of Canadian work and the 100-acre lot that is surrounded by a forested structure. +

 Camp Kościuszko

Established to train an army for a country which did not yet exist, Camp Kościuszko saw over 22,000 soldiers pass through Niagara-on-the-Lake in the latter years of the First World War.+

 OW 2-05 Women in Laura Secord's World - Betsy Doyle

In November, 1812, the British began firing on Fort Niagara. And as the soldiers around her were being killed or wounded, Betsy began loading the hotshot to the cannons. She fought alongside the soldiers of the First Regiment of the United States Artiller+

 NB 1-14 Port Dalhousie West Pier

You can leave your vehicle in the Port Dalhousie restaurant and Lakeside Park beach parking area .A walk out to the end of the west pier to scope the lake could be rewarding; however, the footing may be treacherous in winter.+

 Schwules Museum

The Schwules Museum is Berlin"s center for the study of LGBT history- the first museum in the world to have a focus on this topic[1], and even today it is easily the most detailed, expansive and renowned in the world. +

 FN 1-04 First Nations Inhabitants of Willowbank

Front view of Willowbank in 1913 (Watercolour by Owen Staples, 1866-1949)+

 NH 5-05 Waters of Twelve Mile Creek

Video version (Requires a data connection. Best viewed on wifi; may consume significant wireless data if played in the field) +

 Monroe House - Monroe Plaza

Home of the Monroe family, prominent early agriculturalists in the 19th-century Niagara community. This historic house was relocated in 1991, and the Monroe Plaza which stands at the corner today bears tribute to the family"s name. +

 JH x68 Track Records and New Action Limited 58 Old Compton Street W1D 4QD

Track Records moved from their earliest base in Chesterfield Gardens to Old Compton Street, in the heart of Soho. When the Anim offices (entry 65) in Gerrard Street were closed down suddenly, Mike Jeffrey moved his operations to America, and the Jimi H+

 Shu, Meirui - Local Landscape Report: Green Ribbon Trail

Green Ribbon Trail is located at the north side of St. Catharines, also, it is located on Old Martindale Road between Martindale Road and Third Street. According the information provided by St. Catharines websites, the 529m-long trail and surrounding area+

 Kids Attraction in Hespeler Overview Page

This thematic tour takes visitors through a wide range of fun, engaging and interactive kids attractions located within Hespeler. You will be able to visit five unique locations all offering something to be experienced and enjoyed. +

 Stroll Episode 1 - Enter

Stroll, Elizabeth Chitty 2016 part of Site Lines, curated by Stuart Reid, Rodman Hall Art Centre, St. Catharines ON CANADA Stroll is a series of geo-triggered episodes for Android phone and earbuds on the Interpretours platform while walking in Walk+

 The Founding of Queenston (plaque)

Laura Secord lived in Queenston during the time of her historic walk to warn the British of a coming American attack.


 Maltby, James - Local Landscape Report: Shickluna Shipyards, St. Catharines

Shickluna Shipyards, today is now notable for the enigmatic pink building located along 12 Mile Creek below the Burgoyne Bridge, used by the fire department in training drills. Shickluna Shipyards were a major employer and arguably the best shipbuilder op+

 PW 1-05 Janet Carnochan and the Niagara Historical Society and Museum

The Niagara Historical Society and Museum was founded in 1895, by Janet Carnochan, a teacher and passionate historian dedicated to preserving and honouring Niagara"s unique history.+

 Power Glen - Reynoldsville - Crown Mills

Power Glen was one of the early industrial settlements of Niagara, located near Lake Moodie, St. Catharines. One of the early settlers was the Turney family, the same Turneys to whose home Laura was brought after her historic walk.+

 Apex Riders Motorcycle Tour - O Reilly Bridge

O"Reilly"s Bridge used to be an exceedingly rare example of a pin connected Camelback Truss Bridge. +

 VF 05 Parliament Oak Stone Marker

Hidden away on the Parliament Oak school grounds, near the intersection of King and Centre Streets and partially obscured by an overhanging yew, stands a bevelled hand-cut stone marker bearing the following (historically erroneous) inscription:"On this sp+

 NFPP 20 - Contemplating the American Falls, and a Cow

A relaxing bench opposite the American falls.+

 Point Mississauga Lighthouse & Fort Mississauga

This site, Point Mississauga, was originally home to the first lighthouse built on the Great Lakes. Constructed in 1804 under the orders of the Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada and operated by the Henry family, this structure served from its constructi+

 OW 2-06 Women in Laura Secord's World - Elizabeth Campbell and Eliza Taylor - Conclusion

Elizabeth Campbell watched as her handsome Niagara home, two acres of land, fruit trees, and stables all burned to ashes. She lost one child, a newborn.As Niagara burned, Eliza Taylor hid her four children in the root cellar.+

 The Colonial Offices

You are now standing in front of the Foreign and Commonwealth Offices at Whitehall which once housed the Colonial Offices. The buildings that used to deal with Foreign and Colonial affairs on Downing street in the 1850s had become inadequate in dealing wi+

 NB 1-13 Henley Rowing Club

Birding is quite good here in the southern wooded and grassy areas of the island, and along the shoreline when rowing activities are not in full swing. +

 JH x67 Flamingo Club 33-37 Wardour Street W1D 6PU

Now part of the O'Neill's pub chain, it is good to report that this is still a live music venue. Also a very good spot to rest those weary legs and enjoy bangers and mash and a pint of bitter. Don't tarry too long though; you may find yourself still h+

 Pioneering Women Tours

Pioneering Women of Niagara: Overview of Tours+

 Wine and Art Tour - FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre

Opening its doors in 2015, the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre is a great addition in the downtown core. Designed by Diamond Schmitt Architects, the building provides a unique modern counterpoint to our industrialized downtown core. +

 Battle of Beaverdams Park (Downtown Thorold)

The Battle of Beaverdams Park commemorates both Laura Secord and the many soldiers who fought in the Battle of Beaverdams in 1813. The Laura Secord plaque gives Laura the credit for bringing important information to Lie+

 Brock Monument

Celebrating the life, accomplishments, and heroic death of Major-General Sir Isaac Brock, Brock's Monument stands proudly within Queenston Heights Park+

 First European Settlers in Scarborough Tour

This tour will give you a better understanding of the first European settlers in Scarborough, Ontario and the various ways that these settlers had impacts on the history and development of Scarborough. +

 Stroll Episode 0 - Introduction

Stroll (Elizabeth Chitty, 2016) is a series of geo-triggered episodes for Android phone and earbuds on the Interpretours platform while walking in Walker Botanical Garden, Rodman Hall Art Centre, St. Catharines ON. Your Stroll experience will begin here+

 Cruel Childhood Tour POI #6 The Topography of Terror

Located at Niederkirchnerstraße 8, 10963 Berlin, The Topography of Terror opened to the public as a museum on May 7, 2010. Prior to its unveiling as a site of remembrance of the horrors of the Nazi Regime, the location of the Topography of Terror served+

 Laura Secord Gravesite


 Interpretive plaque - Main St. West side

Interpretive plaque - Main St. West side +

 Twelve Trail

The Twelve Trail follows the Twelve Mile Creek, which Laura Secord crossed twice and followed for a good deal of her trek from Queenston to Decew House. The Laura Secord Legacy Trail now follows her approximate route.+

 Oostendarp, Dustin - Local Landscape Report: Fort Mississauga, NOTL

Fort Mississauga is located on the grounds of the Niagara on the Lake Golf Club at the junction of the Niagara River and Lake Ontario. The area was first inhabited by the Mississaugas, a native tribe who used the area as a head camp.+

 Apex Riders Motorcycle Tour B Overview Page

Discover the best Motorcycle stops and sights in this customizable tour around Welland, Ontario! +

 Woodend Hardwood Trail


 NFPP 19 - The Sublime Niagara Falls

A bench to quietly reflect on Niagara Falls+

 The Imperial Institute

You are now standing where the imperial institute once stood, all that remains today of the old imperial institute is the Queen`s tower. Following the Colonial and Indian exhibition of 1886, a permanent center in London had to be established to demonstrat+

 NB 1-12b Richardson's Creek Footbridge

The footbridge over Richardson"s Creek on the Green Ribbon Trail provides a good vantage point for spotting birds in the surrounding marshland. +

 FN 4-04 Water Blessing Santee Smith

As you travel along the shoreline of the Twelve Mile Creek, Santee Smith, a Mohawk from the Six Nations of the Grand River, will share her knowledge of the land, water and its medicines. +

 Merritt Historical Tour: Fort George

Fort George had been constructed in 1802 and now stands in the historic Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. The fort had been built, just after Fort Niagara had been surrendered to the Americans across the Niagara River. It had been constructed in order to secur+

 JH x66 Dezo Hoffmanns Studio 29 Wardour Street W1D 6PS

It is unusual to find any location involving a shop or restaurant to be in the same ownership but this, the very first, branch of Pizza Express opened in 1965 and despite several makeovers in that time it is still very definitely a Pizza Express and still+

 Rosati, Anthony - Local Landscape Report: Firemen's Park

Firemen"s Park is a staple of the city of Niagara Falls and is home to many interesting features and events. The 135-acre landscape is located on the corner of Dorchester Road and Mountain Road in Niagara Falls and is run by the Stamford Center Volunteer +

 Plaque: Battle of Beaverdams

This plaque was placed to commemorate those who fought in the Battle of Beaverdams. Part of the reason the battle occurred and was a victory for the British was because of Laura Secord's message about a planned surprise attack by the approaching+

 Guide around Lake Simcoe 7 - Brechin Artifacts

A small shop that contains thousands of stone statues that range from small to large. There is also a small pathway that leads behind the shop where visitors can look around and potentially even buy some statues to support the owner.+

 Apex Riders Motorcycle Tour A Overview Page

Discover the best Motorcycle stops and sights in this customizable tour around Welland, Ontario! +

 Szeliga, Kasia - Local Landscape Report: Hamilton Harbour - Hamilton, ON

Hamilton Harbour lies on the western tip of Lake Ontario, naturally separated by a sand bar. The bay is enclosed by both the city of Burlington and the city of Hamilton. The 7.5-kilometre-long triangle of Hamilton Harbour is full of various attributes mak+

 Turn left and walk west on Lundys Lane

Turn left and walk west on Lundys Lane+

 PW 1-07 Parliament Oak School and Harriet Tubman memorial

As you walk past Parliament Oak School on your right, you will see an encased metal memorial dedicated to Harriet Tubman, and the inscribed mural and plaque depicting Upper Canada"s first Parliament.+

 NFPP 07 - Heredia Plaque

José María Heredia visited Niagara Falls in 1824 as an exile from his native Cuba. While here, he was inspired to write the poem Niagara, which he later revised in 1832, The 1825 version, transcribed below, was believed to have been translated by Willia+

 Death, Disaster, and Disgrace in Victorian London - The Hanging of Benjamin Simmons

Benjamin Simmons was hanged on November 27th 1885 for the murder of his partner, Mary Ann Stokes, earlier that year. +

 Football Hooliganism: Riots, Protests, and Unrest in 20th Century London

This tour looks at the relationship between football and violence, including a prominent drinking culture, police involvement and intervention, racial tensions, and the rivalries and imperialistic energies that emanate from tournaments such as the FIFA Wo+

 NB 1-12a Green Ribbon Trail entrance

Follow the Green Ribbon Trail from the trailhead at the car park towards the footbridge over Richardson"s Creek. +

 FN 1-07 First Nations Inhabitants

As you continue walking west along Dee Road, Rick Hill will provide you with an audio overview of the First Nations Inhabitants of this region.+

 NH 1-07 Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Reserve

Gabriella Currie-Ziegler describes the biodiversity and geological history of the Niagara Escarpment.+

 FN 5-08 Bear left on the trail Early Inhabitants

When the fence ends, continue straight then bear left on the trail and climb up on the slight rise to the old DeCew Power Plant access path. Follow the earthen trail (dirt path) south, beside Twelve Mile Creek. The creek is much narrower here, upstream fr+

 JH x65 Yameta Anim Offices 39 Gerrard Street W1D 5QD

The scene of many deals involving The Animals and Jimi Hendrix including the first contract tying the Jimi Hendrix Experience to Anim for a seven year period. The first floor office was the nerve centre of Mike Jeffery"s (and later, when he arrived from A+

 Merritt Historical Tour: Welland Canal Workers Monument

This monument in Welland, that rests along side of the Welland Canal is a tribute to all the people who had migrated to the Niagara Region in order to build the Welland Canal. The monument had been built in 2001 by the regions as well as through many gene+

 First Nations Peace Monument

The First Nations Peace Monument is intended to help generate deeper understanding of the rich history and heritage of First Nations peoples, illuminate their contributions to the founding and evolving identity of Canada, and acknowledge and help mend the+

 Guide around Lake Simcoe 6 - Lagoon Harbour

This is the third optional pit stop for guide participants. It contains a walkout into Lake Simcoe and a beach where participants can take a break from their long drive. +

 Brock Obelisk (Queenston)

The Obelisk was erected by His Royal Highness Albert Edward the Prince of Wales (future King Edward VII) on the 18th September, 1860 as a commemoration of the location of General Sir Isaac Brock's death during the Battle of Queenston Heights.


 Spotify Test Page

Test of Spotify link on mobile devices and desktops: spotify:track:7Lgfu6R90G0LbrKlAU9w5e+

 HTML Title Test

Test of main title below banner header in NFLS Then and Now pages+

 Apex Riders Motorcycle Tour 4 - Lake Gibson

Lake Gibson is a man made lake near created as a reservoir for hydroelectric power generation. The scenery around the roads is perfect for a relaxing drive along the water.+

 Magical Mystery Ice Cream Tour--Overview

Welcome to the Magical Mystery Ice Cream Tour, an exploration of the culture and heritage of ice cream in Niagara Region.+

 St-Aubin, Charelle - Local Landscape Report: Battlefield House Museum & Park National Historic Site - Stoney Creek, ON

The Battlefield House Museum and Park is a National Historic site situated in Stoney Creek on 77 King St W, Ontario. The lush green 32-acre park located on a corner of two busy main streets, King Street West, and Centennial Parkway South, features several+

 NFPP 18 - Annie Taylor, Queen of the Mist

"She"s Coming!" by Joan MurrayA crowd flowed onto the Suspension Bridge. Another onto Prospect Point. A third onto the Three Sisters Islands — all along the railings in the gorge. Across the river, a thousand more poured down to Table Rock. And up the s+

 Death, Disaster, and Disgrace in Victorian London - Francis Evans Cornish

Francis Evans Cornish was a man of great wealth and fame, known to many today for his legacy as the 1st Mayor of Winnipeg. To his contemporaries, though, Frank Cornish was nothing but a violent, drunken " coward." +

 Trafalgar Square

[Replace this text with your description of this Point of Interest].+

 NB 1-12 Green Ribbon Trail and Marsh

The Green Ribbon Trail is a memorial dedicated to all missing children, inspired by the tragic story of Kristen French, a young murder victim from St. Catharines.+

 NH 1-08 Teasels - Part 1

​We"re going to tell you a story about a plant – a particularly useful plant: the Teasel. Teasels were introduced to this environment – and they represent economic history, natural history, and the domestic role of pioneering women. +

 FN 4-06 Thanksgiving Address

Even if you don"t understand the Mohawk language, listen to the cadence and implicit spirituality of this touching Mohawk prayer, spoken by Frank Miller.+

 PW 1-08 Eliza Taylor and The Wilderness

Barbary Worthy tells the story of ElizaTaylor, who sought shelter from the Americans in the house at 407 King Street and hid her children in the root cellar.+

 Merritt Historical Tour: Montebello Park

Today this park serves as the recreational center for St. Catharines. Known to the locals as the place to be this park is the host to major events in the area such as; The Grape and Wine Festival, Rib Fest, Cultural festivals, concerts, bazaars, art shows+

 JH x 64 Happening 44 44 Gerrard Street W1D 5QD

In 1967, 44 Gerrard Street changed from strip club to hip joint Happening 44, reportedly patronised by Jimi. It was operated, albeit briefly, by Jack Braceland, one of the earliest light show artists in the UK, who"d worked on some of the early shows of P+

 Oliveros, Lara - Local Landscape Report: Yates Street Heritage District

The Yates Street Heritage District is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in St. Catharines. It sits along the banks of Twelve Mile Creek and is located on Yates Street between St. Paul Street West and College Street. It also encompasses some parts of Trafal+

 First Nations, Metis and Inuit Garden

First Nations, Metis and Inuit Gardens. Media Clip SCXX.+

 Elgin House Hotel - Clarks Hotel - Tourist Information Centre

The Elgin Hotel, a small 18-room hotel on the southwest corner of Bridge Street and River Road, was constructed about 1856. In later years, the Elgin House Hotel was known informally as Clark"s Hotel, named after the proprietor who had enlarged the buildi+

 Hayslip, Natalie - Local Landscape Report: Fort George National Historic Site


 Apex Motorcycle Tour - Quinn's Custom Motorcycles

At Quinn Custom Motorcycles, they create customized motorcycles for every kind of riding enthusiast. They also provide full Harley Davidson maintenance and repair.+

 Simpson, Morgan - Local Landscape Report: Grand Trunk Railway and Canadian National Railway Shops - Stratford, ON

A Grand Trunk Railway and Canadian National Railway (CNR) Shop is located downtown Stratford, Ontario and has arose historic significance to the city. +

 NFPP 17 - Gzowski Plaque

A plaque dedicated to the memory and achievements of Sir Casimir Gzowski, first chairman of the Niagara Parks Commission, acting Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario (1896-97), and an engineer who built, amongst other things, the International Bridge across the+

 Death, Disaster, and Disgrace in Victorian London: Marion “Peg-leg” Brown

On June 24, 1898, Constable Michael Toohey was murdered near the Grand Trunk Railway Station while in pursuit of a "one-legged tramp" who had just assaulted a railroad employee. An international manhunt, controversial trial, and an infamous legacy would r+

 Manchester United London Office

[Replace this text with your description of this Point of Interest].+

 NB 1-11b Merritt Trail birding walk turnaround at Welland Vale

After birding along the Merritt Trail on the edge of Twelve Mile Creek, turn around and retrace your steps back to Martindale Road.+

 OW 3-40 Lillian Phelps - Alexandra Hall

Lillian Phelps was a well-known women"s rights activist and speaker who was born in St. Catharines in 1859. She was was instrumental in the founding of Alexandra Hall, a residence to safeguard the physical safety and moral well-being of young women who ca+

 Annibale, Anna - Local Landscape Report: Village of Queenston, NOTL

The village of Queenston is a small and peaceful community that is mainly residential, rich in cultural and natural heritage. Queenston’s historical structures are connected with national, important events that took place within the village in relation +

 JH x63 Bruce Flemings Studio 12 Great Newport Street WC2H 7JD

Noted photo shoot location but, arguably, more important as the place where Jimi sat on the bar stool with a 12-string acoustic guitar and performed an impromptu "Hear My Train A"Comin"" for the cameras during the shooting of Experience (aka See My Music +

 Niagara Industrial Tour Overview

A brief guide to visiting some of the key industrial landmarks along the Southern Niagara Region. +

 Nicol, Ryan - Local Landscape Report: Glenridge Quarry

Today, Glenridge Quarry Naturalization Site exists as a planned naturalized space situated on the border of Thorold and St. Catharines, on St. David"s Road. Before 2002, it operated as a municipal landfill. Prior to 1976, the space existed as a limestone +

 OW 1-00: Lauras Life - Introduction

Join veteran Shaw actor Jennifer Phipps as she brings Laura to life, gets inside her head - and shares a piece of her mind. Often pensive, occasionally crotchety, sometimes witty, and always philosophical,Laura reflects on a lifetime filled with unsought +

 Guide around Lake Simcoe 2 - Lake Simcoe Marine Limited (Innisfil)

Address977 Isabella St, Belle Ewart, L0L 1C0ON, CanadaContact InformationPhone: (705) 456-3131Website: of OperationWeekends from 7:00 to 17:00.Weekdays from 8:00 to 17+

 Albanese, Sarah - Local Landscape Report: First Welland Canal, Port Dalhousie

This page has been dedicated to the study of the first Welland Canal in Port Dalhousie. This maps out the location and general information of the site as well as reviews, ecological and physical features of the landscape and its significance to the world +

 PW 1-10 Julia Defield and Catharine Pool

Julia Defield is renowned for her heroism in saving British military commander Captain James Fitzgibbon from marauding American soldiers who had invaded her home on the Portage Road (now Main Street) near Lundy"s Lane. Catherine Pool was a courageous wom+

 Great Western Hotel - Ellis House - Windsor Hotel

The Windsor Hotel was located on the south side of lower Bridge Street, about midway between Zimmerman and Cataract. It was one of many hotels in that area during the early part of the century. The site of the Windsor Hotel is now an open lot with two bil+

 Americans Attack

From this corner of the Cemetery the Americans advanced against the British line on July 25th, 1814; this began the Battle of Lundy’s Lane.+

 Apex Riders Motorcycle Tour 3


 Schultz, Julia - Local Landscape Report: Martindale Pond - St. Catharines, ON

Martindale pond is a man-made Pond located in Port Dalhousie, a district of St. Catharines. It hosts the Henley Rowing course, as well as a diverse cast of wildlife. The Pond"s trails and parks are open to the public and beautiful to explore.+

 OW 1-01: The trail begins here

Today you are joining us on the tour we call" "Out of the Wilderness - The Women in Laura Secord"s World". The trail runs between the Secord Homestead in Queenston, and Fireman"s Park, on the crest of the Niagara Escarpment. Along the trail, you will hea+

 NFPP 16 - It Was Sam Patch Who Started It

A bench looking over the American Falls and Goat Island, a good spot to discuss those who went over the Falls in a barrel+

 Death, Disaster and Disgrace in Victorian London: Dr. Thomas Neill Cream

Dr. Thomas Neill Cream, the Lambeth Poisoner+

 Metropolitan Police Services

[Replace this text with your description of this Point of Interest].+

 NB 1-11a Merritt Trail entrance - Martindale at Erion

The entrance to the Merritt Trail is on the east side of the intersection of Martindale Road and Erion Road, at the east end of the crosswalk.+

 FN 1-10 Iroquois Trail

York Road follows the route of the ancient Iroquois Trail, one of the most important First Nations trail in all of Niagara. +

 FN 5-11 The Bridge at Lauras Crossing

To commemorate the bicentennial of Laura"s trek, and to provide the public with a means of crossing the creek without getting their feet wet, the Friends of Laura Secord worked to get a pedestrian bridge designed and built in this auspicious location. +

 JH x62 Middle Earth 43 King Street Covent Garden

A former music hall, originally called the Electric Garden, Middle Earth was renamed in homage to Tolkien's Lord Of The Rings. All the action took place in the basement, a long succession of connecting rooms hosting acoustic sets, poetry, films, and bo+

 Morales, Sydney - Local Landscape Report: Burgoyne Bridge

The Burgoyne bridge is located on Niagara Regional Road, St. Catharines. It is built over Highway 406 and Twelve-Mile Creek, that connects St. Catharines downtown and St. Paul Street together. The bridge was first built in 1915 that was originally known a+

 Historical Art Spaces Tour Overview

This tour takes users on a trip to buildings in the Niagara Region that have historical significance and have been repurposed into art and theatre spaces. +


[Replace this with your introductory text]


 Blondin - Artistry on a Rope - Tour Overview

On this two-point, 540 metre mini-tour from Victoria Avenue to the base of Clifton Hill, join Niagara Falls historian Sherman Zavitz as he tells the fascinating story of the first and most famous of the Niagara Falls tightrope walkers at the very location+

 VF 11 Negro Burial Ground, Niagara on the Lake

The Negro Burial Ground was once the site of the Niagara Baptist Church formed in 1830. Some bodies in this predominantly African-Canadian congregation rest in the former church"s graveyard, including Susan Oakley, daughter of the Church"s founder Rev. Jo+

 Stunning Hikes in The Niagara Region - Niagara Glen/Gorge General

Our final destination is the hidden gem of Niagara falls the Niagara Glen trail. Located in the park behind the Niagara Glen Nature Centre this particular trail is a little hard to find but is well worth the trouble.This trail has various twists and turns+

 Buchner House

Christopher Buchner built his home here in 1799. The building was extant during the Battle of Lundy"s Lane and some of the picket fence was used to build the funeral pyre at the end of the Battle. +

 Rugelis, Oskars - Local Landscape Report: Woodend Conservation Area - Niagara on the Lake, ON

In this local landscape report I will be exploring the woodened conservation area and its features and characteristics in depth to understand human impact over the years its had on this environment. +

 NFPP 15 - Rivalry Between Farini and Blondin

A bench looking over the American Falls+

 Death, Disaster, and Disgrace in Victorian London: Collapse of City Hall

A disregard for local bylaws and building codes had deadly consequences on January 3, 1898. +

 Aldi German Supermarket

[Replace this text with your description of this Point of Interest].+

 NB 1-11 Huntington Square for Twelve Mile Creek birding walk

The Huntington Square Mall parking lot at Erion Road and Martindale Road, St. Catharines, provides a convenient staging point for birding along Twelve Mile Creek on the Merritt Trail.+

 FN 1-11 Walking Ancient Pathways Rick Hill

Much of modern Ontario was built on trails first blazed by the original peoples of this land. Rick Hill reflects on the importance of these routes during the colonization of the region by European settlers. +

 OW 3-38 Laura Secord Building at 32 Church St

The Laura Secord Building commemorates the Upper Canada Heroine"s role in the pivotal Battle of Beaver Dams in June of 1813. As part of the Bicentennial celebrations of the War of 1812, the Federal Government decided to rename buildings after prominent fi+

 JH x61 Daily Mirror Building 33 Holborn EC1N 2HT

The former site of the Daily Mirror building in High Holbom is now called Holbom Place and is occupied by the magnificent glass headquarters of supermarket chain Sainsbury's. While the Mirror building was here, Jimi was interviewed by Anne Nightingale,+

 Merritt Historical Tour: Merritt Park

The long park flows between the Welland Canal and the old downtown core of Welland. The park itself pays tribute to the economic prosperity that William Hamilton Merritt brought to the Niagara Region with the construction of the Canal. The park offers ext+

 Wine and Art Tour - Overview

The Niagara Region is full of unique wineries, but a select few stand out in their own ways. The three wineries on this tour were selected due to their unique attributes.+

 Monfredi, Sara - Mountain Locks Park: The Second Welland Canal

Municipality: St. CatharinesLocal area name: Mountain Locks ParkOther identifying names or description: The Second Welland CanalLatitude and longitude:Physical DimensionsLength: 1 kilometresWidth: 150 metresSurface Area: 0.15 square Kilometres / 150 000 s+

 Guide around Lake Simcoe Overview

This guide is made for both individuals and families who have an interest in discovering new green spaces and historical locations surrounding the lake. Through visiting various creeks, beaches, parks, and historical sites we hope families will feel recon+

 Stunning Hikes in The Niagara Region - Thorold Locks/ Welland Canal Trail

The Welland Canal trail starts at the mouth of Lake Ontario in St.Catherines and travels 39.9 km towards Port Colborne connecting with Lake Erie. This trail is perfect for beginners as well as advanced hikers, as the path is on even ground with occasional+

 VF 12 Upper Canadian Act Against Slavery 1793 Plaque

This plaque commemorating the landmark Upper Canadian Act Against Slavery (1793) is located on the former site of the Niagara Baptist Church, established in 1830, with a congregation comprised predominantly of Black members.+

 Ross, Daniel - Local Landscape Report: Allanburg Bridge - Fonthill, ON

The Allanburg Bridge, or Welland Canal Bridge 11, is a lift bridge on the Welland Canal that is in place in order to ensure that vehicle and marine traffic can co-exist in the area with very little compromise. The bridge which was constructed in 1930 has +

 Drummond Hill Cemetery Gateway

This is the gateway to Drummond Hill Cemetery, a nationally recognized heritage site. It is most famously known as the battleground of the Battle of Lundy"s Lane, as well as the burial site of Laura Secord.+

 NFPP 14 - Francis Abbott - The Hermit of Niagara

A panoramic view of Niagara Falls, including Goat Island (between the Horseshoe and American Falls), where the Hermit of Niagara, Francis Abbott, lived from 1829-1831 in a goat shed.+

 The Corner House Pub

[Replace this text with your description of this Point of Interest].+

 NB 1-10 Courtleigh Road Overlook

​At the corner of Courtleigh Road and Mary Street, a small public park provides a window on the Lake Ontario waterfront.+

 Memorial School - A. C. McCallum Branch 479 of the Royal Canadian Legion

The 8-room schoolhouse was officially opened by Lord Byng, then Governor General of Canada, on April 22, 1922. In 1929, six classrooms and an auditorium were added to the school. +

 BG 44 El Corazon

El Corazon+

 JH x60 De Lane Lea Music and Kingsway Recording Studio 129 Kingsway SW14 7HN

Over 50 years ago, Frenchman Jacques de Lane Lea started the studio business that still bears his name. An influential figure in film dubbing and post-production, he came to own a string of sites in London. During the 1960s De Lane Lea studios diversif+

 Merritt Historical Tour: Oak Hill Estate (The Second Merritt Family Home)

The Second Merritt Family is located within the Yates St. Heritage District within the downtown core of St. Catharines. +

 NH 1-11 Carolinian Forests of Niagara

The Carolinian forest is a life zone found in eastern North America mainly characterized by a predominance of deciduous, or broad-leaf trees. The term "Carolinian forest" is used primarily in Canada.+

 FN 4-10 Role of Native Women

Rick Hill describes the important central role that First Nations women played in Native societies. +


Author, Firstname. 20xx. Title of article or resource. Source of article or resource in detail, following a standard citation format. Hyperlink (if source is available on the internet). Author, Firstname. 20xx. Title of article or resource. Source of arti+

 Florence Orrell Memorial Tour of Richards Landing - Tour Overview

This tour provides an introductory overview of the historical buildings erected in Richards Landing that were an outcome of contributions made by Mrs. Florence Orrell. You will visit the Public Library, The Children"s Library, Mrs. Orrell"s Hall, Maurice +

 FN 4-12 Importance of Aquatic Life to First Nations Peoples

Larry McDermott describe the important role that trout, salmon, and American Eels played in the diet and culture of First Nations peoples.+

 Blondin - Artistry on a Rope 2 - Blondins River Crossings

Sherman Zavitz continues Blondin"s amazing story in the second point on this mini-tour. +

 Stunning Hikes in The Niagara Region - Moodie Lake

Moodie lake trail head can be found at The First Nations Peace Heritage Park. This site is especially good for mountain biking, hiking, as well as folks who would like to learn about colonial times in Thorold. The Moodie Lake trail is great for all skill +

 Herstmonceux - Ivy Ruins to Restoration (Interior) - Staircase Hall

This staircase, formerly at Theobalds House, was said to have been originally constructed for a visit of Queen Elizabeth I by Sir William Cecil. It was acquired and inserted by Lowther, and then rearranged by Latham and Godfrey to better accentuate the ar+

 Rideout, Samantha - Local Landscape Report: Burgoyne Woods - St. Catharines, ON

Located in one of the oldest parts of St. Catharine"s, Old Glenridge is home to Burgoyne Woods Park. Burgoyne Woods Park can be found directly off Glenridge Avenue on Edgedale Road. Burgoyne Woods Park is home to over 46000 Square Meters of location, whic+

 OW 1-04: Dee Road and Willowbank

Turn left on to Dee Road. Until 2012 this lane was considered a wonderful example of the few remaining country lanes in Ontario.+

 NFPP 13 - The Majesty of the Falls

A great view of both the Horseshoe and American falls+

 PW 1-13 240 Centre Street Niagara Seminary for Young Ladies

At the corner, turn right on Centre Street. +

 Death, Disaster, and Disgrace in Victorian London: Conclusion

St. Paul"s Cathedral is the last destination of the Death, Disaster, and Disgrace in Victorian London Walking Tour.+

 Bobby Moore Statue

[Replace this text with your description of this Point of Interest].+

 NB 1-09 Charles Daley Park

At Charles Daley Park you will find a small pond and a panoramic view of Lake Ontario.+

 FN 1-13 Stone marker opposite 1702 York Road

You are passing the stone marker where the British troops, led by Major General Roger Hale Sheaffe, ascended Queenston Heights and then moved eastward to confront the Americans during the Battle of Queenston Heights.First nations forces were instrumental +

 FN 5-14 Pauline Johnson Bench on the Bench

Pauline Johnson was the daughter of the Mohawk chief, George Johnson, and Emily Susanna Howells, an American who was originally from England. Pauline Johnson had a truly unique perspective of both cultures.+

 FN 2-11 Seven Dancers Stories from the Longhouse

This is the story of how seven young men dance into the sky to form the constellation known as The Pleiades.+

 JH x59 International Times Offices 102 Southampton Row WC1B 4BL

International Times was a London-based hippie magazine which was forced to change its name fairly quickly to IT after objections from the Times newspaper. It was first published in October 1966 and lasted tenuously into the 1980s. In early March 1969, Jan+

 Merritt Historical Tour: Brock's Monument

At first glance it may not seem at though the Sir Issac Brock Monument and William Hamilton Merritt had much in common, yet this connection draws through their military history. According to Merritt"s Memoir he, as well as his father had been present duri+

 Niagara Waterfront Parks Tour Overview

This tour walks you through five attractive and picturesque waterfront parks in Niagara Region. Niagara region is sandwiched between two of the five Great Lakes of North America, Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, and therefore, a number of water-related visitor+

 Kay, Bailey - Local Landscape Report: Shickluna Shipyard

Shickluna Shipyards is considered to be one of St. Catharines hidden treasures of history. This incredible piece of land located along Twelve-Mile Creek was formally known as the best shipbuilding yard on the Great Lakes. Located on Renown road past Burgo+

 Brimer, Steve - Local Landscape Report: Battle of Beaverdams Park, Thorold

The Battle of Beaverdams Park a 10-acre community park built in 1974. It is located just south of the downtown core of Thorold. The northern-most point is on Sullivan Avenue and stretches south through the community to Ormond Street South and Portland Str+

 Blondin - Artistry on a Rope 1 - Blondin sculpture

This two-point mini-tour starts on Victoria Street, 50 metres northeast of the intersection with Centre Street / Clifton Hill. Total walking distance: 540 m. +

 Vanderheyden, Kateri - Local Landscape Report: Decew Falls Power Station

DeCew Power Generating Station was first designed on August 25th, 1898 and is the oldest continually running hydroelectric power generating station in Canada. It consists of a five-unit hydroelectric power station located on the Welland River which is clo+

 Herstmonceux - Ivy Ruins to Restoration - Garden Pathway

The gardens around the Herstmonceux Castle are man made as the area in which the castle resides was previously woodland which stretched to the sea. Therefore, the garden area has been finely designed and maintained to accomodate for the leisure of visitor+

 Stunning Hikes in The Niagara Region - Decew Falls

The Decew Falls hike is both an amazing hike complemented with numerous waterfalls and the historic morning star mill to discover.The trail is located in Thorold Ontario and is it about 2 kilometers hike to get to the bottom where you while find a stunnin+

 Richard Leonard Gravesite

​Richard Leonard was an officer for the British who helped defend the right British flank during the Battle of Lundy"s Lane (i.e. on the west side of the cemetery). +

 Preston, Jarod - Local Landscape Report: Meridian Community Centre and Housing - Fonthill, ON

The Meridian Community Centre is a major recent development project in Eastern Fonthill that happened between Rice Road and Highway 20 in 2016. This project was also accompanied by other developments beside the community centre which included major subdiv+

 NFPP 12- Wirewalker Nik Wallenda

Looking toward Goat Island and the American Falls, near where Nik Wallenda walked a tightrope across Niagara Falls+

 Hyde Park POI

Hyde Park is one of four Royal parks in London and is the largest in size. The plans for the park came from King Henry the 8th in July 1536, when he acquired the land from Reverend William Boston and the Convent of Westminster(1). The land consisted of th+

 NB 1-08 Jordan Harbour - Best Western Beacon Harbourside Inn

North of the QEW at Jordan Harbour is the Best Western Beacon Harbourside Inn property on the lake where there is free parking. In winter scan both ends of the rock breakwall for Snowy Owl. King Eider, Harlequin Duck and Purple Sandpiper.+

 OW 3-36 Home of Emma Currie

Right here was 98 King Street. This was Emma Currie"s home.The address actually no longer exists. The streetscape has changed dramatically since 1913. +

 JH x58 UFO Blarney Club 31 (now 28) Tottenham Court Road W1T 1BT

The Blarney was an Irish club and dancehall in the basement of 31 Tottenham Court Road, under the Berkeley (later the Gala Berkeley) cinema. John Hopkins rented it for his Friday club, UFO.

The Experience played the Blarney on 19 February 1967 a+

 Haunted Niagara Tour Overview

This tour will take you through some of the prominent haunted locations in the Niagara region. Taking the tour is recommended as a group, with a minimum of two people. This tour may not be suitable for young children due to some outdoor locations requirin+

 Gito, Ryan - Local Landscape Report: Pen Centre Shopping Mall

The Pen Centre shopping mall is located at the heart of the Niagara Region. The single level building was built in 1959 and was originally an outdoor mall. The Pen Centre was formerly known as the Niagara Peninsula Centre which started with Loblaws and 50+

 Niagara Movie Shoots Tour Overview Page

Lights, Camera, Action! This tour features five locations that are prominent in Niagara Falls" history and will take you through their significance in the film industry.+

 Derksen, Andreas - Local Landscape Report: Fort George, NOTL

Fort George is an old military Fort built by the British and used in the Battle of 1812. Located in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, the site now serves as a tourist attraction and is a National Historic Site of Canada.+

 Sanocki, Paul - Local Landscape Report: Short Hills Provincial Park

Short Hills Provincial Park, the largest provincial park in the Niagara Region. Home to at least 30 federally and provincially designated Species At Risk (SAR) within the past 30 years.It is a wild and natural area, therefore only basic facilities are ava+

 Herstmonceux - Ivy Ruins to Restoration - Loggia

This columned structure is called the Loggia, which marks the entrance to the Shakespeare Garden. These structures reached their peak popularity in the mid-17th century in countries like Italy, so Herstmonceux contains a feature not found in many sites in+

 Apex Riders Motorcycle Tour C Overview Page

Discover the best Motorcycle stops and sights in this customizable tour around Welland, Ontario! +

 Lieutenant Colonel Cecil Bishopp Gravesite

Lt Col. Bisshopp was a British officer who was engaged in many engagements in Niagara during the War of 1812. He was killed during a raid on Black Rock (Buffalo) in 1813 and was buried here before the Battle of Lundy"s Lane.+

 Pisek, Riley - Local Landscape Report: NOTL Courthouse - Niagara on the Lake, ON

The Local Landscape that is presented in the following report is the Courthouse and Jail located in the Historic district of Niagara-on-the-Lake. This report explores the ecological and physical features, as well as the cultural and historical significanc+

 NFPP 11 - Lights and Surge Tank

Across the road from the spot you are currently at is a large rectangular building to the left with banks of lights on it and a large circular building to the right. These are the overflow protection and surge tank for the Ontario Power Plant+

 NB 1-07 Lake Ontario Shoreline at Vineland

From Victoria Avenue (Regional Road 24), head north toward the lake to Verity Lane at the end of the road.This laneway affords a wide view of the lake to scope for waterfowl, loons, grebes and other birds.+

 UFO Club POI#2

The UFO club was a secret music hub established in the 1960s and was located underneath 31 Tottenham Court Rd. Above the underground club "on the ground level there was a cinema (opened in 1913 as the Carlton, and the Berkeley when it closed in 1976)"(1).+

 Test POI 2020-06-29


 NH 5-15 Important fish in Twelve Mile Creek

After an introduction by Caroline McCorimick, Larry McDermott, an Algonquin elder from the Shabot Obaadjiwan First Nation, talks about the importance of fish species in the Twelve Mile Creek to the First Nations of this area.+

 OW 3-35 Emma Currie - Celebrating a Hometown Heroine

A Niagara native raised in St. Davids, Ontario, Emma Currie epitomized the progressive, forward thinking women of the late 19th century. Emma Currie is credited with producing the first factual and definitive portrayal of Laura Secord, who for part of her+

 JH x57 CBS Studios 31-37 Whitfield Street W1T 7JE

This one is still a studio; it was first swallowed up by the giant Sony Corporation but is now part of the ArtsMedia group who have imaginatively renamed it Whitfield Street Studios. It isn't confirmed that Jimi worked here, however. We believe any ref+

 Merritt Historical Tour: Site of the First Steel Suspension Bridge Over the Niagara Gorge

William Hamilton Merritt has been identified through multiple historical sources as the instigator of the first steel bridge over the Niagara Gorge. Due to his experience with the building of the Welland Canal, Merritt was fully aware of the complex engin+

 Welland Canal Tour Overview Page

The Welland Canal Walking Tour takes you on a stroll from Locks 4 to 7 at the heart of the Welland Canal. You'll be able to walk alongside the Canal and take in the engineering marvel that allows for ships to descend and ascend the Niagara Escarpment.+

 PW 1-15 Janet Carnochan and St Andrews Presbyterian Church

St. Andrew"s Presbyterian Church is where Janet Carnochan taught Sunday school, raised funds for the church and numerous community missions, and was buried here in 1926.+

 Ebrahim, Khalid - Local Landscape Report: Morningstar Mill

The Morningstar Mill is a fully restored gristmill from 1872 created of stone from Beaverdams Creek. Latitude: 43° 6" 36.6804"" N. Longitude: 79° 15" 52.1676"" W with an elevation of 155m. The mill is located near the Bruce Trail, at 2710 Decew Road. Th+

 Beechwood Doughnuts

Beechwood Doughnuts is a 100% vegan donut shop located downtown St. Catharines.+

 Di Francesco, Will - Local Landscape Report: Pen Centre, St. Catharines

In 1958 the Pen Centre opened its doors to the citizens of St. Catharines and the Niagara Region. It has had 4 renovations or expansions all within the last 21 years beginning in 1995 and the most recent being in 2011. The Pen Centre features over 180 dif+

 Yang, Menglin - Local Landscape Report: Samuel Chandler Monument

[Replace this text with the content of your completed abstract. This Local Landscapes Report: a) describes the present-day attributes of the local landscape, and b) describes the changes that the local landscape has undergone over time, using evidence fro+

 Herstmonceux - Ivy Ruins to Restoration - Rose Garden Sundial

As you enter the Rose Garden, the central feature is the bust of Sir John Flamsteed, the first Astronomer Royal and founder of The Royal Greenwich Observatory. The presence of the Royal Greenwich Observatory on the Castle grounds began in 1946, and lasted+

 Lieutenant William Hemphill Gravesite

Lieutenant William Hemphill, of the Royal Scots, is the only British officer who died at the Battle of Lundy"s Lane and was buried here as well. +

 Stunning Hikes in The Niagara Region- Overview

Great destinations to observe natural landscapes, wildlife and point of interest in the Niagara region. +

 OW 1-07: Dee Road Viewshed

Though otherwise quite featureless, few places in Niagara offer such a good unobstructed view of the Niagara Escarpment, Brock's Monument, the western edge of the village of Queenston, and Queenston Heights as does this open location among the fields and +

 NFPP 10 - Nikola Tesla Statue

Looking at the Nikola Tesla statue from across the road+

 NB 1-06 Shoreline between Beamsville and Vineland

Between Beamsville and Vineland, several roads provide access to Lakeshore Road along the Lake Ontario shoreline. These roads to the lake should be birded for potential rafts of waterfowl, gulls or other birds.+

 BG 40 Re-Bar


 JH x56 Regent Sound Studios 163-166 Tottenham Court Road W1T 7JE

Not often used by The Experience but important as one of their earliest studios. A popular location in the sixties offering artists and management good value for money . Sadly long gone and now replaced by an impressive modem development covering the enti+

 Merritt Historical Tour: Old Bank Memorial

The Niagara District Bank had been established on May 19th, 1855. This bank had become one of the major representations of accumulative wealth and prosperity within the Niagara Region, as well as, a major center for economic development and advanced tran+

 Kid-based Attraction - Tour Overview

When looking for things to do with kids, Niagara Region is one of the premier family friendly destination, kids will love the floral parks, animal encounter and active attractions. If you’re planning a getaway with your trip, then this tour will give yo+

 Dickens, Calvin - Local Landscape Report: Battle of Beaverdams Park

The Battle of Beaverdams park is a public access greenspace located in Thorold, Ontario. It is the former location of the Second Welland canal and now serves as a national historic site that commemorates the decisive battle of beaverdams that secured the +

 Empire Building - Royal Bank of Canada

Niagara Falls had early branches of the Royal Bank of Canada on Bridge Street at Zimmerman, Centre Street at Victoria Avenue, and this 1914 branch in the Empire Building on the southwest corner of Erie Avenue at Park Street. +

 Hunt, Ryan - Local Landscape Report: Decew Reservoirs

This report reviews the manmade Lake Moodie and Lake Gibson inland gravity fed watershed reservoir owned by Ontario Power Generation (OPG).+

 Herstmonceux - Ivy Ruins to Restoration (Interior) - Library Staircase

Latham acquired this carved staircase from Wheatley Hall, Doncaster, and it originates from 1680. The open-work carving was meant to have communicated the opulence of the neighbouring Great Hall.+

 US Soldiers Monument

​These markers commemorate the Unidentified American Soldiers who died during the Battle of Lundy"s Lane. +

 VF 16a William and Susannah Steward House

This modest house at the southwest corner of John and Butler Streets was the homestead of Black settlers William and Susannah Steward, who lived in Niagara on the Lake from 1834 to 1847.+

 OW 1-08: Legend Meets Fact - Part 1: Mother and Wife

"I was a mother, and a wife. I tried to tell them - anyone would have done the same thing. If you hear something that"s bad - really bad - and you know something is about to happen that could harm your family, your community, your country – and maybe, j+

 NFPP 09 - Table Rock Plaque

Plaque commemorating the place where Table Rock used to be+

 NB 1-05 Lakeshore at the Grimsby Marina

​At this small parking area west of the Grimsby Marina, there is open water for aquatic waterfowl even in the winter.+

 Princedale Road - Release Agency. 1967

50 Princedale road, London, was home to the first office of the social welfare agency, Release. It was founded in 1967 by the eccentric Caroline Coon and Rufus Harris.[1] Princedale road was home to many crucial businesses and +

 Hanoi's Ancient Monument Tour 2 - Temple of Literature

Built in the year 1070 by emperor Lý Thánh Tông, 60 years after the historic imperial citadel transition. The site was built under the ideology of Confucius as an Imperial Academy, the site was the location where multiple strict exams was given out by+

 NH 5-17 Water Blessing and Thanksgiving Address

If you look through the trees, to your left, you"ll see the narrow channel of the 12 Mile Creek.Here"s Santee Smith, to share more of her knowledge of the land, the water and its medicines, and you"ll also hear part of the Mohawk Thanksgiving Address.+

 FN 1-17 Bounty of the Niagara Escarpment Larry McDermott

To tell us about the extraordinary Niagara Escarpment landscape is Larry McDermott. Larry is Algonquin, from the Shabot Obaadjiwan First Nation. +

 FN 4-15 Entering Rotary Park

At the top of the hill, you will emerge from the pine stand and into Rotary Park. Turn left and follow the pathway to the circular stone structure bearing the big yellow and blue Rotary International monument.+

 JH x55 Top of the Tower Restaurant Maple Street W1T 4JZ

Now called the Telecom Tower, the Post Office Tower is where Jimi attended the launch party for Mary Hopkin"s Postcard album on 13 February 1969. No real need to visit; you can see it from miles away.When the restaurant was open you entered from Maple Str+

 Merritt Historical Tour: William Hamilton Memorial Monument

The Pioneering settling of St. Catharines had begun approximately in 1780. From between 1787-1789 there had been a full-scale movement by the state to promote development within the northern Niagara Peninsula, by offering land grants by royal proclamation+

 FN 5-18 Warrior Encampment

As she walked this path Laura could have encountered native warrior hunting parties at any time. And it was around this location that she did indeed stumble upon a warrior encampment.+

 Dhami, Raghgeet - Local Landscape Report: Port Dalhousie Heritage District

Port Dalhousie Heritage District holds a rich history dating back long before European colonization, located on a small peninsula surrounded by Lake Ontario from the north, Martindale pond and Twelve Mile Creek from the south and Port Dalhousie Harbour f+

 Merchants Bank of Canada - Bank of Montreal (Queen Street)

The Merchants Bank of Canada, later the Bank of Montreal, opened on Erie Avenue in 1916, and by 1919 had moved to Queen Street. By 2020, there were only two Bank of Montreal locations in the city. The original, at 4376 Queen Street, closed in 2018.+

 Singh, Sarah - Local Landscape Report: Decew House Heritage Park

This report provides a complete overview of DeCew House Heritage Park. Outlined in this report is the location information, ecological signifcances, historical features, cultural history, land tenures and connectivity of the park. Resources are also inclu+

 Herstmonceux - Ivy Ruins to Restoration - Ivy Removal and Brickwork Repair

Herstmonceux Castle is the oldest brick building still standing in England. Herstmonceux Castle was constructed using brick despite most castles at the time being built from wood, timber, and stone. This was to help with defense during battle.+

 Captain Abraham Fuller Hull Gravesite

Captain Abraham Hull lost his life on July 25th, 1814 during the Battle of Lundy"s Lane. +

 NFPP 08 - Ontario Power Plant Lookout

Look down over the edge of the railing to your left - the large building at the foot of the cliff is the Ontario Power Plant that generated electricity for much of the 20th century. Along the top of the cliff, you can see a large slab jutting out - this i+

 NB 1-04b Biggar Lagoons Wetlands Bird Viewing Platform

The Biggar Lagoons Wetlands are home to many diverse bird species.Wildlife hides and a two-storey bird observation tower are found on the site. +

 Grosvenor Square

Located in the Mayfair district of London, Grosvenor Square is a large, square garden. This location received its name due its proximity to the Grosvenor"s Mayfair estate.[1] Plans for deve+

 NH 5-18 Watersheds of Niagara


 FN 1-18 First Contacts and Impressions Rick Hill

(photo courtesy McMaster University) Rick Hill +

 FN 4-16 Passing Rotary Logo

At this point, you should be right beside the large circular stone structure bearing the big yellow and blue Rotary International monument.+

 Bravery Along the Niagara River - Overview

Come on a journey through the past and explore the daring events that happened along the Niagara River. From tightrope walkers, to barrel riders to daring rescues, this tour will show you where people tested their limits for public spectacle. +

 JH x54 IBC Sound Recording Studios 35 Portland Place W1B 1QF

Now known as Wescott House, and housing the Columbian Embassy, this address was previously the IBC Sound Recording Studio where Hendrix recorded "Hey Joe" and "Stone Free".+

 FN 5-19 Encountering Secord

Rick Hill provides an account of Laura Secord"s encounter with Native warriors on June 23rd, 1813.+

 Merritt Historical Tour: The Welland Canal

It is highly likely that the Welland Canal would have never been established within the Niagara Region, if it had not been for Sir William Hamilton Merritt and his dreams of development and industrialization. During the period of the original settlement o+

 Dawes, Mia - Local Landscape Report: Henley Island

Henley Island is located just outside of Port Dalhousie. Port Dalhousie was formally a small historic town but is now a district located in the northern part of St. Catharines. In 1934, Henley Island was only 400 meters wide, with its landscape consisting+

 Sparks, Victoria - Local Landscape Report: Glenridge Quarry Naturalization Site

The Glenridge Quarry Naturalization Site is an example of rehabilitated land that is located on the Niagara Escarpment. It is a small pocket of St. Catharines that demonstrates the commitment to the 3R"s, and is used as an educational and recreational des+

 Herstmonceux Castle Ivy Ruins to Restoration - North End Garden Additions

While restoring the castle, Latham also updated several parts of the estate grounds by adding lavish recreational facilities. This once included a large swimming pool and the tennis court. +

 Apex Riders Motorcycle Tour 8 - Tropicana Ice Cream Parlour

A quick pit stop for ice cream.+

 Paleczny, Hawkin - Local Landscape Report - Bruce Trail, Brock District

The Bruce Trail, within the Brock District was traditionally the territory of the Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe peoples covered by the Upper Canada Treaties and is within the land protected by the Dish with One Spoon Wampum Agreement. It is a 2.9 km trai+

 Statue of General Sir Gordon Drummond

General Gordon Drummond was the leader of the British forces at the Battle of Lundy’s Lane during the War of 1812. A statue in his honour is located on the west edge of Drummond Hill Cemetery. +

 NFPP 06 - Parks Commission Plaque

The lookout from where the Niagara Parks Commission Plaque stands is a good place to view the upper rapids. Across the river can be seen Goat Island, with the Three Sisters Islands nestled beside it.+

 NB 1-04a Entrance to Biggar Lagoons Wetlands

The Biggar Lagoons Wetlands ponds can be accessed by walking north along gravel path from the roadside parking area on Winston Road. Be sure to respect any no trespassing signs.+

 Fiery Flower Power in London Overview

The youth generations following the second World War found refuge and established themselves through varying sects of counterculture movements. 1960"s London was an exciting time, and this became reflected in youth culture and clothing: the skirts were sh+

 FN 1-19 Arrival of the British Colonial Seat of Authority Indian Council House

It was the late 17th century, and settlers were arriving, looking for a better future. They all wanted land. Newcomers were welcomed, and indigenous knowledge and land were shared. In the end, it would be for a price. But the British and the Native Nation+

 OW 3-31 Harriet Tubman Bust and British Methodist Episcopal Church

The British Methodist Episcopal Church, also known as Salem Chapel was founded in 1820 in the heart of old St. Catharines, by African-American freedom seekers. Salem Chapel was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1999, and is marked outside b+

 JH x53 BBC Broadcasting House Langham Street W1A 1AA

A veritable wedding cake of a building next to the equally impressive All Souls Church. It was constructed in 1932 as the BBC"s first purpose-built broadcast centre and is currenty the home of BBC radio. It was badly damaged by wartime bombing.+

 Merritt Historical Tour: Keefer Mansion

Throughout the years Keefer Mansion has stood as a beautiful Memorial to heritage, history and development within Thorold. This elegantly designed three story building was built in 1886 and still stands excellently restored to this day. This building has +

 PW 1-18 Fort Mississauga and the Mississauga Lighthouse

​On the grounds of Ft Mississauga the Mississauga Lighthouse once stood. It was built in 1804 and was the first lighthouse on the great lakes. The lighthouse was damaged in the Battle of Fort George, in 1813, and demolished by the British in 1814 when t+

 Bush, Megan - Local Landscape Report: Lakeside Park, St. Catharines

Famously sung about by the band Rush, Lakeside Park is located in Port Dalhousie, a community of St. Catharines Ontario, Canada. The park offers visitors 1500 feet of beach, picnic areas, a playground, beach volleyball courts and a carousel.+

 Historic Grand Homes of Niagara Falls

Take a trip to the glamorous days of the Niagara Falls of the 19th and early 20th centuries by seeing the magnificent private residences of the city"s past.+


Morningstar Mill is a fully restored nineteenth-century gristmill, and the only operating water powered mill in the Niagara Peninsula. It has been restored to working order by a dedicated nonprofit group called the Friends of the Morningstar Mill. It is t+

 Graham, Jonah - Marilyn Walker School / Dick's Creek, St. Catharines

This local landscape report provides information pertaining to the land that the Marilyn I. Walker School of fine and Performing Arts currently rests on, such as the impact on Dick"s Creek. Using academic resources, it also addresses changes since 1884, w+

 Mussari, Robbie - Local Landscape Report: Lybster Mill (Stone Mill Inn - St. Catharines, ON

The location of the Lybster Mill is located off Merritt street and Glendale avenue in St Catharine"s. It was built in 1860 as a cotton mill, as well as a cotton mill, as well as a cotton manufacturer.+

 Laura Secord Monument in Drummond Hill Cemetery

During the War of 1812, Laura Secord walked 30 kilometers from her homestead in Queenston to the encampment of Lieutenant Fitzgibbon at DeCew House on June 22 1813. She has been called the Heroine of Upper Canada, she is buried at Drummond Hill Cemetery+

 OW 1-11: Legend Meets Fact, Part 2: Great Barrington to Upper Canada

"James"s family - the Secords - had arrived in St. Davids when James was only three years old.The Secords were some of the first Loyalists to come here. They were forced to leave the new United States. And they were looking for protection. They found it u+

 NFPP 05 - Rankine Power Station

The Rankine Power Station, which no longer produces power was used to supply the electricity for Fort Erie, 30 kilometers, or 18 miles, upstream. +

 NB 1-04 Biggar Lagoons Wetlands parking area on Winston Road

Access to the Biggar Lagoons Wetlands and bird viewing platform is opposite 624 Winston Rd, Grimsby, ON L3M 4E8. Parking is available on the south side of Winston Road. Note: Biggar Lagoons Wetlands were formerly known as Grimsby Sewage Ponds and Winona+

 PW 1-19 The Story of Mary Henry

Barbary Worthy tells the story of Mary Henry, one of the courageous women who lived in Upper Canada at the time of Laura Secord.+

 FN 1-20 Skills of a Warrior Rick Hill

As you walk through these woodlands, imagine how the warriors used these trails to hunt and to defend their people. Rick Hill reflects on the skills of a warrior as described in the journals of John Norton, an adopted native warrior who led the aboriginal+

 Wine and Art Tour - Di Profio Estate Wines

Di Profio Wines is a winery located seconds from the village of Jordan Station and is one of Niagara"s only zinc wine bar and retail stores. Di Profio Wines produces small amounts of wines so you won"t find it on the shelves of local wine and liquor sales+

 FN 2-15 Descending slope Intro Maple Syrup Stories from the Longhouse

As you walk through these mixed woods you will hear the Cayuga story of how the maple tree provided the gift of life to our native ancestors, when they discovered the power of its sweet juices.+

 JH x51 Polytechnic of Central London 4-16 Little Titchfield Street W1W 7UW

There are many "Holy Grails" among the never recorded events in Jimi"s career, but surely the most sought after is the legendary jam with Cream on 1 October 1966 at The Polytechnic, later known as Regent Polytechnic and now part of the University of Westm+

 Bowie, Ryan - Local Landscape Report: Rotary Park

Rotary park in St Catharines can be found along the Twelve Mile Creek Valley, or more precisely at 395 Pelham road, just down the road from Power Glen public school. Before this area was a park it was the local landfill.+

 FN 4-18 Niagara Escarpment and Its Cultural Significance

Maja Bannerman (as Laura Secord) and Santee Smith talk about the cultural importance of the Niagara Escarpment landscape.+

 Amazing Asian Cuisine Tour--Pho Viet Nam 3969

Ranked 17 out of 41 Asian restaurants in Niagara Falls. Vegetarian friendly cuisine, offers Asian, Vietnamese, and different types of soup. Reasonable price and tasty food, freshly Vietnamese spring rolls every day and noodle soup. Prompt and attentive se+

 Herstmonceux Castle During WWII - Doodlebug Crash

In 1944, just 200 metres south west of the castle walls, a Doodlebug, or a German V-1 Missile crashed into the estate grounds. The missile did not cause any fatalities or physical damages to the castle itself, but the field that experienced the crash need+

 Niagara College (Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus)

Niagara College's Niagara-on-the-Lake Camppus has amenities for large groups, and is in the centre of the Niagara Region. It is the trail terminus for Stage 2 and Stage 3 of the Laura Secord Legacy Trail.


 Ma, Quan - Local Landscape Report: Rodman Hall

Rodman Hall was built in 1854 and finished in 1863 by Thomas Rodman Merritt. It is on Rodman Hall Drive. Nowadays, Rodman Hall is an Art Centre and gallery, and provides art camps for adults and families. +

 Muia, Melina - Local Landscape Report: Niagara Escarpment in Hamilton, ON

The Niagara Escarpment is a beautiful area that was created by both an ancient sea and the movement of glaciers over one hundred million years ago. It runs through Ontario, Canada all the way through to the United States of America. This escarpment consis+

 NFPP 04 - Toronto Power House Plaque

The plaque in front of the Toronto Powerhouse. The powerhouse was owned by the Toronto Power Co., and began producing electricity in 1906 +

 NB 1-03 Kelson Avenue shoreline access

Kelson Avenue runs parallel to the eastern boundary of the Fifty Point Conservation area. Park at the north end of the road and walk to the lakeshore. From this location you can observe many of the birds on the lake.+

 Sites of Tension and Conflict in East Berlin

After Germany was defeated at the end of World War II, in Europe the Allied powers of the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union signed a treaty in 1944 that divided Germany into three occupied zones and did the same with the capitol city+

 Microbrewery Tour of Niagara

Welcome to the Niagara microbrewery tour. In our tour we cover five points of interest. Oast House, Silversmith, Merchant Ale House, Niagara College Teaching Brewery, and Niagara Brewing Company. Each brewery offers their own select drafts making them all+

 BG 35 The Paramount Theatre

The Paramount Theatre.+

 Battle of Lundys Lane Soldiers Monument

Following the Battle of Lundys Lane on July 25, 1814, the sole commemoration of the bloodiest single-day battle in Canadian history was the scatter of privately-run observation towers which allowed tourists to gaze over the torn landscape which had once b+

 FN 1-21 Native Warriors at Queenston Heights

(photo courtesy McMaster University) Rick Hill +

 NH 5-21 The Bridge at Lauras Crossing

To commemorate the bicentennial of Laura"s trek, and to provide the public with a means of crossing 12 Mile Creek without getting their feet wet, the Friends of Laura Secord worked to get a pedestrian bridge designed and built in this significant location+

 NH 1-19 Natural Bounty of the Niagara Escarpment - Larry McDermott

Caroline McCormick and Barbara Worthy introduce Larry McDermott, an Algonquin elder from the Shabot Obaadjiwan First Nation, and a member of the Turtle Clan. Larry describes the geology, ecozones, and the incredible natural bounty of the Niagara Escarpmen+

 JH x50 John Lewis 278-306 Oxford Street W1C 1DX

When Jimi and Kathy were furnishing the Brook Street flat, they went here looking for drapes, among other things. Jimi soon disappeared to America to leave Kathy to get on with it. They settled on purple as you might expect.


 ! Palfrey, Robyn - Local Landscape Report: Rice Road Landfill

A three hectare landfill site, situated north of the village of Fonthill and southwest of the City of Thorold (Ontario, Canada) on Rice Road, was closed down by the ministry in the late 1990s. The site was just north of highway 20. +

 Laura Secord Secondary School

This school was given the Laura Secord namesake upon its opening in 1966. Laura Secord Secondary School is currently known in the region as a prime school for arts and music, and celebrates the legacy of Laura Secord at school-wide and community ev+

 Pappas, Adam - Local Landscape Report: Burgoyne Bridge

The Burgoyne Bridge is used everyday by the people of St. Catharines to connect the southern end of the city to the downtown area. The brainchild of former Mayor William B. Burgoyne, the Burgoyne Bridge has gone through multiple renovations in order to se+

 Christopher Buchner Grave Marker

Christopher Buchner, a local farmer, fought in the War of 1812 in both the battles of Chippawa and Lundy"s Lane.+

 NFPP 03 - Burch's Mills Plaque

A plaque just off the main walkway at the spot where Burch"s Mills once stood+

 NB 1-02 Fifty Point Conservation Area

When you have arrived at the car park, find a spot for your vehicle. On your right (east) you will see the beach area, and up the hill is the picnic area. Walk toward the picnic tables and from this highest shoreline point scan the lake for waterfowl, gu+

 Sites of Tension and Conflict in East Berlin - Point of Interest #3 – The Remains of the Berlin Wall (Niederkirchnerstraße)

The Berlin Wall was a physical barrier that was placed along the border of East and West Berlin by the East German Government, the German Democratic Republic (GDR). Construction of the Wall began on August 13th, 1961 and by its completion it stretched ove+

 FN 1-22 The Path to Grand River Rick Hill

In return for their loyalty to the Crown, they were "granted" a tract of land along the Grand River in 1784. However, it began to be eroded by outside interests almost immediately, and is now a tiny fraction of its former size.+

 Outdoor Recreational Areas Guide

Many people are familiar with the celebrated high-profile tourist attractions in Niagara Falls, but the city has a great deal more to offer in the form of sites for active and passive outdoor recreation. This guide profiles some of the best outdoor sites +

 Wine and Art Tour - Rodman Hall

Rodman Hall prides its self on works from a local artist from the region and also culture workers of Southern Ontario. This gallery has over a thousand art pieces in their permanent collection including drawings, prints, sculpture and more. +

 JH x49 Polydor 17/19 Stratford Place W1C 1BQ

Jimi's first UK single·was on Polydor. The later ones on Track were also distributed by Polydor, and here were their offices. Also in this building was Polydor Studios where Eire Apparent recorded their album Sunrise with significant contributions add+

 Bridge at Laura's Crossing

To commemorate the bicentennial of Laura's trek, and to provide the public with a means of crossing the creek without getting their feet wet, the Friends of Laura Secord worked to get a pedestrian bridge designed and built in this auspicious location. The+

 Herstmonceux Castle During WWII - Underground Bunker

Aerial photos of the front of the castle show multiple entrances to an underground air raid shelter. Underground passages from the medieval period may have also tied into this structure, as brick-lined, domed tunnels below the castle have been documented +

 Laura Secord Public School, Queenston (Willowbank)

This school was given the Laura Secord namesake in 1914. It was closed in 2010 to be combined with St. David's Public School, however the building still stands as a monument to Laura's importance and her accomplishments.


 Macdonald, Jamie - Local Landscape Report: Butler's Barracks / The Commons, NOTL

[Paste the content of your completed abstract here:This Local Landscapes Report: a) describes the present-day attributes of the local landscape, and b) describes the changes that the local landscape has undergone over time, using evidence from literature +

 Apex Riders Motorcycle Tour - Raven's Nest Motorcycle Shop

From engine repairs to tire replacements… if it’s got two wheels, bring it to Raven"s Nest Motorcycle Shop! As a top-tier motorcycle mechanic in the local area, they service and repair all sorts of bikes. +

 Moore, Donavan - Local Landscape Report: Book Depot - Thorold, ON

The Book Depot Warehouse, located at 67 Front St. North, Thorold, ON, is a building with a great deal of historical character. The building was originally the site of a paper mill by the name of Montrose Paper Mill, later known as the St. Lawrence Mill, a+

 NFPP 02 - Scow

The wreckage of the scow, or dredging barge, can be seen from this lookout. At one time another boat, the subchaser "Sunbeam" was visible, but has fallen apaart.+

 Turn right and walk 50m east on Lundys Lane towards the Commemorative Wall

Turn right and walk 50m east on Lundys Lane towards the Commemorative Wall+

 NB 1-01 Fifty Point Conservation Area entrance

To reach this conservation area, take the Fifty Point exit from the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) and proceed north to the North Service Road.+

 Sites of Tension and Conflict in East Berlin - Point of Interest #2 – Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie was a checkpoint booth along the border between East and West Berlin in the American sector and was originally set up in August of 1961 as a response to the construction of the Berlin Wall by the East Germans.[1+

 King George VI Statue

This 10-foot granite statue of King George VI was commemorated on Dominion Day (July 1), 1963, eleven years after the king"s death in 1952 from a coronary thrombosis, a blood clot inside of the heart; the king had died relatively young at the age of 56, a+

 JH x48 4 Clarkes Mews W1H 1TL

Following a chance encounter in London traffic, Jimi spent the afternoon and evening of Thursday, 17 September 1970 at the home of Philip Harvey. Jimi reportedly left with an agitated Monika Dannemann around 10:40 and would die some hours later. . +

 FN 5-24 Victory at Beaverdams

On June 24, 1813, approximately 800 American soldiers were dispatched from Fort George to capture the British outpost at Decew House. Laura Secord was able to reach Fitzgibbon before the Americans to deliver her warning. And the next day, at Beaver Dams, +

 TOUR/GEOG 2P94 - Local Landscape Report: [INSERT LOCATION NAME HERE]

[Insert a brief 300-CHARACTER Introduction to your Local Landscape here.]+

 Herstmonceux Castle During World War II - Tour Overview

Herstmonceux Castle has undergone many updates and renovations since its original construction in 1441. This tour allows you to observe the changes the castle grounds experienced following its purchase from Colonel Claude Lowther, to impacts of World War +

 Kamstra, Nathan - Local Landscape Report: Dick's Creek

Dick"s Creek is one of the few streams that flows down near the core of St. Catharines and represents the most natural part of the downtown sector. The creek is apart of the deep and interesting city"s history, the creek itself is named after a soldier wh+

 GN 4-16 Rotary Park

Rotary Park in St. Catharines is a landmark and Stage 4/5 waystation along the Laura Secord Legacy Trail. Laura Secord passed near the area on her historic trek from Queenston to Decew House.+

 Apex Riders Motorcycle Tour - Handlebar Hank's Roadhouse

Handlebar Hanks Roadhouse is a family-friendly bar with delicious food. If you are in good company, they also have a pool table for a quick game. +

 Michaud, Amanda - Local Landscape Report: Fourth Welland Canal, Flatwater Centre to Merrit Island - Welland, ON

The Welland Canal is a man-made waterway that flows through the Niagara Region, connecting Lakes Erie and Ontario. This report focuses on the area ranging from the Welland International Flatwater Centre to Merritt Island, specifically during the era of th+

 NFPP 01 - Dufferin Islands

Dufferin Islands, the starting point of the tour, is a nature reserve home to many species of birds and other animals. It was named after Lord Dufferin, the Governor-General of Canada from 1872-1878.+

 Battle of Lundys Lane Commemorative Wall

Installed in 2004, to mark the 190th anniversary of the Battle of Lundy"s Lane, and the 100th anniversary of the City of Niagara Falls, these set of limestone panels show different points during the Battle.+

 NB 1-00 Niagara Birds - Lake Ontario Shoreline Birding Hotspots

This stretch of Lake Ontario shoreline is the Niagara portion of the Lake Ontario Mid-winter Waterfowl Inventory. Ducks, Geese and Swans can be seen almost anywhere along the shoreline, although Fifty Point Conservation Area, Vineland, the Port Weller pie+

 Sites of Tension and Conflict in East Berlin - Point of Interest #1 - Platz des Volksaufstandes von 1953

The building that is home to the Memorial for the Uprising of June 17th, 1953 is called the Detlev Rohwedder Building and is currently the head office for the German Finance Ministry and has been since 1999.[1] The building wa+

 NH 1-22 Animal life of the Niagara Escarpment - Larry McDermott

Larry McDermott describes the small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and bird life found along the length of the Niagara Escarpment.+

 Memorials and Monuments of Niagara Falls Tour

Stroll through the heart of Niagara Falls and explore how the city has remembered battles, wars, and individuals of significance in the history of the city. Beginning at Drummond Road and ending on the Niagara Parkway.+

 Wine and Art Tour - 13th Street Winery

13th Street Winery is a stunning winery located just outside of the city"s limits at 1776 Fourth Ave, St Catharines, ON. This winery originally opened in 1998 by the Mann family and the Whitty"s. Whitty farms have been farming since 1908 and the Whitty"s+

 FN 2-18 Intro Maid of the mist story English

Listen to a traditional Haudesnaunee story about how a giant snake battles with Thunder Being to form the magnificent waterfalls at Niagara, a mere ten kilometres to the south west of here.+

 JH x47 34 Montagu Square W1H 1TL

Ringo Starr bought the ground floor and basement accommodation of 34 Montagu Square in 1965 but barely used it before getting married and moving out to the country. He leased it to a number of friends over the next couple of years, including both Paul McC+

 Architectural Heritage in Downtown St. Catharines 5 - Montebello Park

Montebello Park features 2.5 hectares of greenery in the heart of downtown St. Catharines. The park offers visitors an opportunity to relax on the tree-lined lawns, or even participate in some of the city"s cultural and social events. Additionally, Monteb+

  Ohwahda Otsehsda Tsagayo (The Maple Syrup Story) - Cayuga

Ohwahda Otsehsda Tsagayo (Squirrels and Maple Syrup) - Cayuga Media Clip SC61. How did First Nations peoples first learn about harvesting the sweet syrup of the maple tree? The squirrels provided a clue... (in Cayuga)+

 VF 00 - Voices of Freedom - Głosy Wolności - Polska

Emulation of the Voices of Freedom Tour, based in Poland, for field testing, research and development. +

 Currie, Kaylin - Local Landscape Report: Peter Secord Grist Mill

The Peter Secord Grist Mill, also known as the Old Mill, is a 18th century grist (flour) mill that was operated by Peter and his family. It is located at 137 Four Mile Creek Road, St David"s, Ontario. It"s location is historically and geographically signi+

 Mills, Brayden - Local Landscape Report: Twelve Mile Creek headwaters (Sulphur Springs Drive)

Abstract- Local Landscape Report: Twelve Mile Creek headwaters (Sulphur Springs Drive) Twelve Mile Creek Headwaters is located in the Niagara Peninsula, beginning at Sulphur Springs Drive in Pelham Ontario. This is the start of one of the most symbolic tr+

 Apex Riders Motorcycle Tour - Clare's Cycle and Sports Ltd.

Clare’s offers the latest motorcycles, ATVs and more for those looking for a sweet ride. They hold the largest inventory of stock parts and accessories for your bike, as well as fashionable biker outfits and helmets. +

 McMahon, Seth - Local Landscape Report: Oak Hall Estate and Golf Course - Niagara Falls, ON

Located on Portage Road approximately halfway between Niagara Falls and Chippawa sits the Oak Hall Estate and Golf Course. Once a high bank known as Clark Hill, was purchased by Sir Harry Oakes on July 15, 1924 (Niagara Falls Museums, 2020). Oakes, a mini+

 Drummond Hill Presbyterian Church

The first church in what would become the Drummondville area was a schoolhouse and church building located atop Drummond Hill.+

 NB 0-00 Niagara Birds - Birding Hotspots and Day Trips in Niagara

THE REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY OF NIAGARA offers a wealth of birding opportunities throughout the year. Habitats range from Carolinian forest to southern acid peat bog and from two Great Lakes and the Niagara River to area sewage ponds. For waterfowl, gulls an+

 City of Empire: London During the Interwar Period 1919-1939

Welcome to the, "City of Empire: London During the Interwar Period 1919-1939," tour. +

 FN 1-25 Indian Ossuary

As Laura Secord left St. David"s, she passed by one of the largest Neutral Indian Burial Ground in Ontario, less than 500 metres south of your current position on the Laura Secord Legacy trail. Barbara Worthy tells us about it in this audio vignette. +

 Prospect Point - Niagara Falls, New York

Here is a glimpse into the history of Prospect Point, Niagara Falls, New York, through stereo image cards created at the turn of the last century. It features an embedded Omeka S page, Google location map, and Google Street View imagery. +

 FN 2-19 First Nations Metis and Inuit Garden

First Nations Gardens were planted near the Niagara-on-the-Lake campus wetlands at Niagara College to provide learning experiences for visitors, employees and students.+

 JH x46 Seymour Hall W1H 5TJ

Maurice Gibb presented Jimi with his Disc & Music Echo award at this rather strange, out of the way location on 14 February 1969. The diverse range of artists finishing behind Jimi makes for interesting reading. Seymour Hall was a gig venue for major b+

 Family Fun in Niagara Tour 3 - Howell's Family Pumpkin Farm

Howell’s Family Pumpkin Farm takes fun to the next level. From the moment you walk up to the entrance you are amazed. They have created a full Halloween experience from the decor to the activities. Halloween is the best time to visit this location.+

 Maple Syrup Story - A Haudenosaunee Legend

Squirrels and Maple Syrup - A Haudenosaunee Legend. Media Clip SC55. How did First Nations peoples first learn about harvesting the sweet syrup of the maple tree? The squirrels provided a clue...+

 ECEC QA-TEST-DEC2020 VF 00 Replica

This is a Tour replica of VF Voices of Freedom Tour in Niagara-on-the-Lake+

 Schapansky, Jake - Local Landscape Report: Queenston Heights

[Replace this text with the content of your completed abstract. This Local Landscapes Report: a) describes the present-day attributes of the local landscape, and b) describes the changes that the local landscape has undergone over time, using evidence fro+

 Nicholson, Hannah - Local Landscape Report: Village of Homer, St. Catharines

How does a village go from being a thriving tourist destination to barely existing within 100 years?+

 Apex Riders Motorcycle Tour - Tons of Bike Gear

Get quality gear for low prices. Tons of Bike Gear has Full and Half Face Helmets, Biker Jackets and Vests, Travelbags and more. If you want to ride in style this is the place to go for a slick biker wardrobe. +

 Funeral Pyre at Lundys Lane

The Battle of Lundy’s Lane was the bloodiest battle of the War of 1812 fought in Canada. Due to the large number of casualties the British officers chose a funeral pyre rather than burial.+

 Großsiedlung Siemensstadt (Berlin Modern housing Estate)

"Siemensstadt." Accessed April 01, 2019.

"Siemensstadt - Data, Photos & Plans." WikiArquitectura. Accessed April 01, 2019. https://en.wikiarquitectura.c+

 BG 30 Sub Pop Records is located in the brown brick building at 2013 4th Ave

Sub Pop Records is located in the brown brick building at 2013 4th Ave. +

 OW 3-24 Unpacking the Closet - Sarah Curzon, Laura Secord, and Early Feminism in Canada

Laura Secord"s accomplishments were meaningful and symbolic to women historians and feminists of the 19th century – and to none more than Sarah Anne Curzon, a forward-thinking and progressive early feminist author who immortalized the Secord story in 18+

 Clifton Hill War Memorial

Built to commemorate the men of Niagara Falls who had lost their lives in the First World War (the Great War), this memorial was unveiled in 1927 in Victoria Park. The memorial consists of a granite plinth capped by a bronze statue of a First World War Ca+

 JH x45 Martins Bank 79 Edgeware Road W2 2HZ

The guardians of Jimi"s few pounds while he lived just around the comer. Martins Bank became part of Barclays in 1969 and the famous name disappeared. This branch has housed a variety of financial institutions over the years.When Jimi sent Kathy to withdr+

 Architectural Heritage in Downtown St. Catharines 4 - The Old Courthouse

The former Lincoln County Courthouse is a two-storey, Ontario Georgian style building that was constructed between 1848 and 1849. The building was inspired by European designed and was constructed in two phases. The first phase of the building was to acco+

 ECEC Tom Nov26

ECEC Tom Nov26+

 Lin, Angela - Local Landscape Report: First Nations Peace Monument - Thorold, ON

First Nations Peace Monument was built on October 07, 2017. This monument is to memorize the effort of First Nations Peoples in the War of 1812. The monument incorporated the First Nations" cultures and arts, along with traditional aboriginal motifs and m+

 OW 1-18: Legend Meets Fact - Part 3: Settlers Life

"You can see how wild this land must have been. You can see it in the forests, and the bush now. This land was wild, untamed, and beautiful.The Indians had been here for many years, and now we were moving in.The settlers were coming..."+

 GN 2-00 Guide to Stage 2 of the Laura Secord Legacy Trail

This digital trail guide will automatically provide your mobile device with automatic turn-by-turn audio directions, live digital maps, and wayfinding cues for Stage 2 of the Laura Secord Legacy Trail (Firemen"s Park to Niagara College). Used in conjuncti+

 Turn right and cross Lundys Lane at the pedestrian crosswalk

Turn right and cross Lundys Lane at the pedestrian crosswalk+

 VF 23 View towards Mississauga Beach across Royal Niagara Golf Club

The view towards Lake Ontario today is of the greens and fairways on the tranquil and well established Niagara on the Lake Golf Club - but if you look off into the distance, you can just make out the shoreline of Lake Ontario. The rocky shores in that are+

 Kunstgewerbemuseum (Museum of Decorative Arts)

"Kunstgewerbemuseum - Berlin." ArtRabbit. Accessed April 01, 2019."Great Design." Pinterest. February 06, 2019. Accessed April 01, 2019. +