Chatuchak Market - Antiques

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The atmosphere is buzzing, people push and shove past you, manoeuvering through the narrow sois en route to find their next great bargain in the jumble of items piled up in one of about 8000 sellers' shops. This is the Chatuchak Weekend Market, also known as the Jatujak Market, located on 35 acres northeast of Bangkok, attracting 200 000 visitors every weekend to tackle the maze of stalls.





There is an abundance of newly crafted goods at Chatuchak Market, yet there are treasures lurking within the antique stalls. Sometimes these can be overshadowed by the profusion of manufactured goods and accessories. It is when you stumble upon the antique vendors that the true diversity of items in the market becomes apparent. Here you can find the most diverse array of odds and ends from years past, items that mayhave had a great deal of use, but are still functional and attractive. Antique hand painted ceramic doorknobs, carved wooden chests, porcelain figurines in all shapes and sizes, used books, and hand painted doors are only a small fraction that can be found if you have a good eye and are willing to explore the crowded shelves of these stalls to find the perfect item. There are hidden gems in each stall just waiting to be found.

Cultural Significance

Thai Antiques create a connection to both history and culture. Each collectable item or unique find comes with a story that represents aspects of traditional ways of Thai living and cultural heritage. Antique handicrafts, art and ancient relics represent Thailand through the ages. Such finds can also be difficult to track back to their origins, and some vendors have re-creations and modern reproductions hidden amongst the legitimate antiques - so be sure to seek expert advice for expensive purchases, and don't be afraid to barter for lower-value items that are being purchased for their aesthetic or emotional appeal.

Historical Significance

Thai culture has evolved with centuries of influence from Burma, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka and Cambodia. Each country has influenced the culture, art, and craftsmanship of what one can see today in modern Thailand. Antiques link us to earlier generations, and hearken back to the ancient ways that Thais create art, prepare food, build architecture and devote themselves to religious beliefs. Be they religious artifacts, old painted screens, used ceramics, masks, wood handiwork, or jewellery, the antiques found at the market link modern Thailand to its richly storied past..

Tips for Visiting Chatuchak Market

  • It can get very hot! Make sure to dress appropriately and stay hydrated. Temperatures are generally cooler in the morning than in the middle of the afternoon.
  • Wear comfy shoes, as there aren't many places in the market to sit down and take a rest.
  • Go in the morning to avoid the huge crowds; around 10 am is probably ideal.
  • Theft is common: be aware of your belongings, keep valuables (money, passport, credit cards, etc.) in a safe place on your person. If you have a backpack, wear it on the front.
  • Bring cash, generally in smaller bills because vendors don't always have a lot of change. There are ATM's onsite if you run out.
  • Be aware that if you're an obvious tourist, prices will generally be higher. If you're comfortable with it, try your hand at bargaining with vendors to get the best deals. Just be prepared that they don't always go your way, and be prepared to walk away when it isn't worth it.
  • If you find something you really, really like, buy it! It is very difficult to find your way back to a particular market stall after leaving.
  • Bring your own reusable bag or backpack to bring home your goodies and to avoid wasting plastic bags.


Chatuchak Weekend Market

Located about 11km Northeast of downtown Bangkok, Thailand

Easily accessed by MRT Subway and the BTS Skytrain

MRT Subway: Get off at Kamphaeng Phet, and you will pop up inside the market

Online map of MRT Subway

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BTS Skytrain: Get off at Mo Chit Station, follow the crowds down onto Phahonythin Rd., follow it southwest about 1 Kilometre and turn right onto Kamphaeng Phet 3 Rd. until you reach one of the entrances on the left hand side of the street

Online map of BTS Skytrain

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Location of Antiques

Section 26 - Soi 1 & 2

Contact Information

The Administration of Chatuchak Market

Tel: 02-272-4440-1

Hours of Operation

Hours: Saturday and Sunday 9am-6pm

Free Admission


Maps are available at each entrance

Click here for an online map of Chatuchak Market

Toilets are located throughout the market

-Section 7, Soi 66 and 67

-Section 4, Soi 52, 49

-Section 2, Soi 38

-Section 27, Soi 67 and 64

-Section 1

The main streets inside the market are wheelchair and stroller accessible

The pin on the map above is centrally located in the area where you will find the greatest concentration of antique vendors in Chatuchak Market.