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Burapha University has many food options available around campus. Each faculty has its own building and most of these buildings contain canteens for staff and students to eat at. The International College Canteen has been recently renovated and is now very appealing to students. This canteen is one of few on campus where the menu is in both Thai and English. This is ideal for staff and students who are temporarily studying at Burapha University coming from an English speaking country who do not know how to read Thai.

General Information

The International College canteen is a great place to purchase lunch or snacks throughout the day. This is because there are several vendors inside the canteen selling a variety of different goods. There are 4 main vendors inside the canteen. These are: double shake, 45 Cafe, a convenience shop, and a main lunch preparation area.

Double Shake

Double shake is located centrally in the canteen. Here, ice cream, juices, bobo tea, honey toast, ice cream crepes, ice cream pancakes and instant noodles are sold. All items are priced differently but they are resonably priced starting at 20 baht.

45 Cafe

This small cafe offers different sandwiches and cakes. Sandwiches include: tuna, ham + cheese, Japanese Sandwich each for 35 baht. Cakes include: black forest, mango cheesecake, chite choco cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake, raspberry cheesecake and butter cake. Each slice of cake costs 45 baht. They also sell snacks such as backed spinach dip with garlic and biscuits. Smoothies in different flavours are available at this cafe and combos can be made between sandwiches, desert and drinks.

Convenience Shop

This shop contains many snacks, drinks and other impulse goods for staff, students and visitors to purchase. These include a variety of different biscuits, potato crisps, crackers, pockys, chocolate, candy/sweets, chewing gum, sodas including fanta, coca-cola, sprite, milk, water, and some juices. This store includes some medication such as paracetamol and mild cough/cold medications. Plasters/bandages, tissue and feminine hygiene products are also offered.

Food Preparation

This area is not named but is the main area on the far wall of the canteen. Here, many dishes are available for consumption for people. Such dishes include:

  • Noodle soup with pork 35baht
  • Egg noodle soup 35baht
  • Wonton soup 40baht
  • Spaghetti 35baht
  • Spicy seafood salad 40baht
  • Omelette and rice 35baht
  • Boiled chicken with rice 35baht
  • Fried chicken with rice 35baht
  • Rice with grilled pork 40baht
  • Rice with crispy pork 40baht
  • Rice with oven baked pork 40baht

Kitchen staff often put vegetables such as cucumber, celery and cauliflower out to add to your dish as well as various sauces including hot sauce and ketchup.

***Menu, products available and prices are subject to change***

Environmental Considerations

Though this cafeteria sells many snacks and drinks in plastic disposable packaging creating waste, they also serve food on reusable crockery and provide reusable cutlery for staff and students to use. This helps to reduce waste. There are also windows surrounding the cafeteria to help provide natural lighting- thus reducing energy consumption by reducing electric light use.

When is the best time to go?

This particular canteen is open weekdays from 7am - 4pm

What is nearby?

  • ATMs- 1
  • Toilets- 1
  • Bus stops- 1
  • Buddhist praise areas**- 0
  • Main roads- 3
  • Formal parking lots- 2

(*Within 100 meters of this given location. Please refer back to full campus map for specific locations)

(** Some praise spots may only be available during certain times of the year)


The International College Canteen is accessible from Thio Son Road on the the west side of Burapha University International College, or from within the main lobby of the college building.