Burapha University - Faculty of Education Cafeteria

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Burapha University is a large educational institution located about one hour south of Bangkok, Thailand. There are multiple faculties for the over 45,000 students that attend the university. The education faculty is a large faculty tending to many students. There is a large cafeteria located in the Faculty of Education building with many food options.

General Information

This canteen is large, and caters to many people each day. There are seating and tables for about 100 people. There are 3 main vendors in this canteen. These include: Wan Jai- a small convenience shop, Ni Thai Cuisine- the main food vendor for the canteen, and Coffee Grace- a small cafe.

Wan Jai

Sells convinience items such as drinks and snacks. Some of the products include cake, biscuits, potato crisps, instant noodle pots, Pocky, yogurt, as well as Thai style cracker snacks. The drinks include green tea, various pop options, water, variety of juices including guava juice and orange juice, and milk.

Ni Thai Cuisine

This is the main vendor to buy cooked meals. The food that they have include: rice, sausage, egg, chicken, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, pork, fish, variety of vegetables and soups. Food is priced based upon the number of items consumed:

  • 1 item is 25 baht
  • 2 items are 30 baht
  • 3 items are 35 baht
  • plain rice is 10 baht.

Coffee Grace

This cafe offers many products to cater to all tastes. The coffee choices include: Cafe Americano, espresso, cappuccino, latte, mocha, and Dutch cocoa. The costs are as follows:

  • Hot 25-30 baht
  • Cold 30-45 baht
  • Blended cold drinks 35-40 baht

The prices have a slight variance depending on the type of drink desired

This cafe also offers other drinks other than coffee. These include:

  • Italian Soda
  • Green Tea
  • Smoothies (different flavours)
  • Milk

The cost for these drinks varies between 30 - 45 baht

A large selection of ice cream is also offered at this cafe

***Menu, products available and prices are subject to change***

Environmental Considerations

Though this cafeteria sells many snacks and drinks in plastic disposable packaging creating waste, they also serve food on reusable crockery and provide reusable cutlery for staff and students to use. This helps to reduce waste. There are also windows surrounding the cafeteria to help provide natural lighting- thus reducing energy consumption by reducing electric light use.

When is the best time to go here?

This particular canteen is open weekdays from 7am - 5:30pm

What is nearby?

  • ATMs- 1
  • Toilets- 1
  • Bus stops- 1
  • Buddhist praise areas**- 0
  • Main roads- 3
  • Formal parking lots- 2

(*Within 100 meters of this given location. Please refer back to full campus map for specific locations)

(** Some praise spots may only be available during certain times of the year)