Bang Saen and Beyond - Walking

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Thai's utilizing a walkway during the busty lunch hour.

Beach boardwalks are another area that requires walking to fully explore.

Make sure to pay attention to the pavement you are walking on. Scenes like this are common.

Sand is an area where walking is the best option. Get some sand in-between your toes.

General Information

The cheapest and most obvious method of getting from one point to the next is to walk. Walking has the advantage of getting you to places you cannot go via other modes of transport. If you are looking to experience an in depth and adventurous way to see Bangsaen and beyond, walking is probably the best option. For example if you are looking to explore wildlife, water features, and natural landscapes walking will enable you to see these things up close and personal. Walking also has the advantage of being its own pace, nobody but you (and your group if you are in one) can control the pace, and therefore you have optimal time to experiences the sights, smells, tastes and sounds of Thailand.


When choosing to walk in an unfamiliar area, safety is always a concern. In Bangsaen it is common to walk along uneven or broken sidewalks, posts or poles that need to be dodged and even very low signs that will require some to duck. Sewers are consistent and sometimes have large openings or are broken, walkers should always be aware of these hazards. Walkers should also be aware of the abundance of low hanging electrical wires hanging from post to post that sometimes get dangerously close to ground level. Motorbikes are permitted on sidewalks, so always be alert within your surroundings. Drivers will usually honk if they are driving behind you.

Pedestrians must also note that they do NOT always have the right of way. Drivers rarely respect those on foot and do not always yield when they see pedestrians crossing. A common phrase Thailand visitors live by is 'he who hesitates first', meaning whomever stops their travel first loses the right of way and the other party can continue. Although this may seem logical and sometimes helpful, it is not. Be safe, always yield, and look boths ways before crossing anywhere.

Additionally, the city of Bangsaen has implemented pedestrian overpasses that are bridges with a staircase on each end allowing walkers to safety get to the other side of the street. Only walkers are permitted to use these overpasses.

Environmental Significance

Walking is also completely benficial in regards to the environmnent because there are no harmful emissons when choosing to utilize your legs

Map - Bangsaen Beach