Bang Saen and Beyond - Cycling

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A colourful bike with a basket. Many of the bikes in Thailand are brightly coloured and unique.

An example of ramps that are found everywhere in urban Thailand. These ramps make it easy for cyclists to get around.

A three person tandem beach at Bang Saen beach. It is common to find many friends enjoying these bikes along the boardwalk.

A bike rental stand at Bang Saen beach. There are a range of different colours and sizes to choose from, at very affordable prices.

General Information

Cycling appeals to those looking for exercise as well as simplicity. Given the notorious realities of Thai traffic, however, cycling is NOT recommended in busy urban areas, and extreme caution must be exercised if you mix with motorized traffic. In Bang Saen, the safest area for cycling is along the grade-separated Bang Saen Beach promenade, where bikes are available for rent. The Burapha University Campus is also a good place in off-peak hours, especially on wide multipurpose pathways, but beware of motorized traffic on the campus roads.

Thai locals can be seen cycling throughout the city, but safely is questionable even though sidewalks are often equipped with concrete ramps so riders can use the sidewalk rather than the busy street. In quiet areas and offroad locations, cycling also makes it easier to explore the environment as cyclists are not confined to to sight seeing from vehicle windows on roads and highways. Another benefit of cycling is that the route can be adapted or chosen to suit the cyclists personal preferences and interests, ensuring maximum enjoyment of Thailand. For those looking for a limited, more scenic choice of travel bicycles can be purchased or rented, in many different styles.

Rental Costs

Tandem bikes and regular bicycles are available for rental at several locations along the Bangsaen beachfront, giving locals or tourists the opportunity to enjoy the beach boardwalk in another mode of transport besides walking. Along the boardwalk there are many opportunities to rent a bicycle. Payment is usually on an hourly basis. However, if you wish to rent a bike for an extended period of time it is possible to barter for a cheaper rate.

Regular Bike Rental
Around 50 baht per hour

Tandem Bike Rental

Number of SeatsPrice per Hour (baht)

Environmental Significance

It does not get much more environmentally friendly than cycling. It is a mode of transportation that leaves virtually no footprint and does not leave any impacts on the environment. For those concerned about travelling in an environmentally friendly way,cycling is a great option. However cyclists should remember to remain on the trails and paths provided, so they do not cause any impact on the environment.


Cycling along cycle paths, in institutional settings like university campuses, or temple grounds where cars are not common, or along beachfront promenades can be considered fairly safe. However urban cycling and cycling along highways is very dangerous and extreme caution should be taken. Thai traffic and modes of transport (motorcycles etc) can be unpredictable and cycling in these areas could result in major injury or even death. Bike helmets should be worn at all times.

Map - Bangsaen Beach