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A typical mini van.

Many mini vans will display their route in English and Thai on the side of the vehicle. This particular mini van makes a stop at Burapha University on the way from Bangkok to Bang Saen and is frequently utilized by students.

The rear of a mini van usually only shows information in Thai.

A line up of mini vans at a terminal. Usually a driver or employee will direct you to the correct one.

General Information

When eager to venture out of Bangsaen a minivan service is often the most cost efficient and easy to find. The white vans usually fit up to 15 passengers (with minimal luggage) and depart once the van is full. The minivans are air conditioned, and can be found virtually alongside any street throughout the city. When a van is spotted, it is simple to ask the driver where it is going and either get in, or go inside the minivan dispatcher's office and purchase a ticket. Tickets usually vary in price depending on distance; the further you would like to travel, the more expensive it will be. Minivans may also be rented with a driver on an hourly or daily basis for a set price and allotted period of time. Longer trips may involve flat rate van rental fees plus fuel charges. If you hire a van in this manner, you are responsible for paying any motorway tolls or fees.



Laemtong Station: In Bangsaen a local shopping mall called Laemtong is located at Long Had Bangsaen Soi 2, Saen Suk, Chon Buri District, Chon Buri 20130. Directly across from Burapha University. To locate vans and a ticket dispatcher one can walk down the alleyway that is just before the main Laemtong entrance doors. You will notice vans parked all along the curb, walk straight to the end of the alleyway and on your left side, first stall, there will be a small booth where tickets can be purchased and travellers can sit and wait for van to arrive.

Muslim Bank Station: Just across the street and a short trek westward (toward the beach), one can find another van station. This station is on the same roadside as Burapha University, and if you have reached the Burapha Hospital, you have walked too far. Similar to the Laemtong station, this one is down an alley and one can see several vans lined up along Long Had Rd. Walk to the end of the alley and say where you would like to go, the driver will tell you the price and guide you toward the proper van.

Estimated Fare

Below are average prices for some common routes (as of April 2015).

RoutePrice (baht)
Bang Saen to Bangkok110
Bang Saen to Pattaya 80
Bang Saen to Chonburi40-60

A mini van from Bangsaen to Bangkok can be picked up at various locations along Long Haad Rd. (See map and contact).

-depending on traffic, trip is approximately 1h30m

-3 toll booths will be passed

-passengers can get off at any time guarded they let the driver know beforehand

-van will make final stop at Ekkamai, (where majority of passengers get off) a major bus termial that is also just below the BTS

A mini van from Bangsaen to Pattaya can be picked up at all the mentioned locations.

-trip is a straight drive that should take approximately 1hr

A mini van from Bangsaen to Chonburi can be picked up at all the mentioned locations.

-trip is approximately 20 mins

-Songtaew is reccommended for this route of travel as it is most cost efficient, and a quicker process


  • Vans fill up quickly, if you purchase a ticket close to departure time chances increase of you sitting alone, or uncomfortably. Once you have purchased your ticket, look for the van number and go outside and locate the van. If the driver says its OK, get in! Claim your spot quickly. You may have to wait some time for departure but at least you have your seat.
  • On weekends and holidays, the students who reside in Bang Saen will often make their way home to Bangkok, Pattaya, and other major cities, thus causing vans to fill up fast, and depart irregularly because they are at capacity much sooner than usual.
  • Vans are usually reccommended for travel 1 hour or more, anything shorter can be done more efficiently via song taew (or two)

Map - Laemtong Shopping Mall