Bang Saen and Beyond - B1 and B2 Intercity Buses

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A Blue B1 bus from Bangkok to Sriracha.

A sign for the Bangkok Eastern Bus Terminal, also referred to as the Ekamai bus terminal due to its proximity to the Ekamai BTS station.

The ticket counters at Eastern Bangkok Bus Terminal. At these counters tickets to the Chon Buri area are available.

The numbers on the back of the seats on a B1 Blue bus.

General Information

B1 Intercity buses are large air conditioned buses more suited to long distance travel. Western tourists will find them to similar to a Greyhound or Megabus. B1 intercity buses follow specific routes and schedules and can also accommodate more passengers than any other mode of transport. Usually B1 buses are used to travel journeys over half an hour. There are two kinds of B1 bus available Orange (comfort class 2) and Blue (comfort class 1). The blue buses are more spacious and expensive, but both varieties are air conditioned.

Seating on B1 buses is assigned and the number of your seat can be found on you ticket and on the backs of seats. Tickets need to be purchased ahead of time at the terminal the bus is going to leave from. Most of the signage in the bus terminals is in both English and Thai so it is easy to find the correct destination or ticket counter. Many of the employees also speak or can understand basic English.


Estimated Fare

The fares for B1 buses are a set fee per person, calculated by distance travelled. All prices listed are for one way and trips can be reversed i.e.: Nong Mon to Ekkamai - 83 baht.

Blue B1 buses (Class Comfort 1) (as of April 2015)

RoutePrice (baht)
Bangkok (Ekamai) to Bangsaen (Nong Mon Market)83
Bangkok (Ekamai) to Siracha94
Bangkok (Ekamai) to Laem Chabang 103
Bangkok (Ekamai) to Pattaya 119

Orange B1 buses (Class Comfort 2) (as of April 2015)

RoutePrice (baht)
Bangkok (Ekamai) to Chonburi60
Bangkok (Ekamai) to Siracha 77
Bangkok (Ekamai) to Pattaya 102

Environmental Significance

B1 buses are generally one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel around Thailand because they can carry the most passengers. This lowers the carbon footprint per person.


Generally B1 buses can be considered a safe mode of transportation in Thailand. However travellers should be aware that their safety is in the hands of the driver and all other vehicles on the Thai highways and roads.

Where to Catch

In Bangsaen B1 buses can be caught at the Nong Mon Market bus terminal. The bus station is quite nondescript and easy to miss, and has only Thai signage. The company that operates the station is called Sriracha Tour Nong Mon. Buses stop very briefly, so be sure to have your ticket in hand and be ready to board when it arrives.

Nong Mon Market

Nong Mon Bus Station (Sriracha Tour Nong Mon / ศรีราชาทัวร์ หนองมน ) - 93 3 Sukhumvit Road, Chon Buri District, Chon Bur

Nong Mon Bus Terminal, Bang Saen

In Bangkok there are three majorbus terminals.

  1. Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit BTS)
  2. New Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai BTS)
  3. Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai BTS)

The northern bus terminal services inner city Bangkok while the New Southern bus terminal provides buses to Phuket and other destinations in the south Thailand. To get to Chon Buri or the surrounding area, B1 buses must be taken from the Eastern Bus Terminal. The Eastern Bus Terminal is located just a short distance from the Ekkamai BTS stop.

In Pattaya buses can be caught at the Air Conditioned Bus Station.

Air Conditioned Bus Station

North Pattaya Road (Thanon Pattaya Nua), Lamung District, Chon Buri

Contact Information

  • Eastern Bus Terminal (located near Ekamai BTS station), Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok

Phone number: 02-712-3928

  • Pattaya Bus Terminal, North Pattaya Road, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri

Phone number: 038-429-877

Map - Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai), Bangkok

Nong Mon Bus Terminak, Bang Saen (Sriracha Tour)