Markets of Chonburi: Laemtong

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Open 7 days a week with the number of stall varying. from 7am to 3am





You can walk along the north side of Long Haad Road when going to the Laemtong Mall market. This market is in the shape of a line following the road across from the entrance of Burapha University. It is usually open from Monday to Friday, day and night. The weekends can very depending on how the vendors feel. There are outdoor kitchens and vendors set up to make food which is relatively cheap and quick.

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It will range anywhere from 30-100 baht for a full meal. A lot of people from the university make the trek there every day after class to enjoy a meal. It's not luxurious in the least but it sure feels like it when you taste the food. It has the basics of any food market in Chon Buri; fried chicken, different types of soup and etc. But the greatest thing, and what's really makes this market stand out is its pad Thai stand.

It's a quick and delicious dish that would combat any other pad Thai in Thailand. There are a number of other foods there such as boiled pork and desserts. It would be comparable to a food court at a mall if you're looking for a good depiction of what to expect for variety. Just make sure to not get fooled with farang (farang means foreigner) pricing for food.


From Buraphas front enterance, it is literally across the street. So, just walk across the street or find parking around the area and walk back

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