Markets of Chonburi: Bangsaen Walking Street

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Saturday and Sunday from 7pm to 11pm






Situated by the sea between Bangsaen sai 1 and Bangsaen sai 2 (rd3137). Bangsaen walking street is the centre of markets for the local people. Where you will find many vendors for shrimp, squid, crab, fish etc. Very similar to what you would see along the beach; but, there is also a vast amount of other foods from the Thai street vending culture. This area is crowded every evening with locals walking, playing music, doing yoga and using any free space to ride their motorcycles.

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The area can be flooded with local tourists and students from the university that is close by. The market is in a U shape going around a bend in the road leading to more beach front area. It is a Friday and Saturday night market with a few stands holding up during the off times. Food is reasonably priced and ranges from authentic Thai street foods to more globalized foods such as shawarma and steak. Parking will take a very long time if you are driving a car so keep this in mind. There is everything from pad Thai to Tokyo (a little flavor filled crepe desert).

The area where the market is held is a very important piece for the Bangsaen peoples. Anyone who lives in the area has gone multiple times in their lives and declare it one of the most fun things to do in Bangsaen. You can get some of the great food offered at walking street, pull it to the side and rent a mat to sit down to eat with friends – but then you may get suckered into buying drinks from the salesmen that hover around them, at a higher price. The other sections of the market include different types of clothing, electronics and all types trinkets.

There is also anything else you could imagine in a large retail store but obviously they would be cheaper knock-off items. There are signs all around the market proclaiming you are in Bangsaen walking street implying the markets pride. There is also a live band that plays on a stage dedicated to the market. If you plan on walking the whole market thoroughly you should put at least a hour aside, but, as most do, walk it a few times and grab something to eat. You can easily make a full evening out of it



Leaving Burapha, turn left and follow the road straight till you hit the roundabout at the beach. Keep right and then follow that for about 10-15 minutes straight till you hit the beach again and see a sea of cars. Your there. find parking where you can

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