Markets of Chonburi: Nong Mon

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Nong Mon runs from monday to friday - 7am to 7pm (sometimes closing early friday)





Nong Mon market is a rectangular market which is in a open concept building with vendors stretching to all sides around it. This market is located on Sukhumvit Road along the way to Bang Saen and has gained in popularity and grown in size over the years. Nong Mon Market offers a vast variety of locally produced seafood products such as fish, squid and shrimp as well as other delicious food and local fruits. There is seafood such as salted fish, dried shrimp, dried squid, shrimp paste, fish sauce, amd sweets such as Thai candy.

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Situated along the street, there is a bridge that allows you to cross the street and travel to the other side of the market from the road. It is popular to buy gifts there like bamboo-steamed crab shells, mashed sweet pickled octopus, clams, taro plaster and plug bananas. The market is open all days of the week from morning (10am) to early night (around 7pm). The market should only be visited by someone who has the means to cook a dinner in a kitchen.

Plainly it is a makeshift grocery store with fresh types of seafood at really low prices, so, you can get what would normally cost you a lot of money in a commercialized grocery store, for dirt cheap and, fresher. It has vegetables and spices to add to dishes. If you're looking for a quick bite, outside of the market there are a few shops that take advantage of the cheap foods, so if your hungry or looking for some ideas of what you can cook: walk along side the market and sit down at a resturaunt


Hang a right when leaving at the front of Burapha University. Follow that road till you hit Sukumvit road and take a right. Drive for about 5-7 minutes till you hit family mart right beside a bridge. Take the bridge over and you'll be at soi 6; right where the market is.

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P.S. - There is not a lot of food unless you plan on cooking it back at home