Markets of Chon Buri: Central Plaza Bazaar

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Hours of Operation

Friday From: 5pm To: 10pm
Saturday From: 5pm To: 10pm

Located right beside and behind Central Plaza Mall near Chon Buri, this market is vast and seems to expand on certain days. Many things are here, from food to clothing and jewellery to perfume. Along Soi Lung Song one can find racks of clothing and several special food vendors. Some of these vendors provide dishes which include cooked pork and egg custard-filled pastries. They are quite inexpensive; one box of these pastries was as little as twenty baht. Some more permanent structures line the outside of this market, including local designer clothing and milk tea shops, which are popular in Asia.

This sign leads the way from the rear of Central Plaza Mall to the runway of vendors and small shops.

Occasionally there are performances and stage shows for passers-by to enjoy. This one was in celebration of Chinese New Year.

A whole selection of offerings for anyone to take part in. Here are vegetables and meats and a curry sauce.

These trendy little treats come in a variety of colours and flavours, and are stacked for your choosing for as little as 5 baht each.

Many food and drink items are found here, at cheaper prices than inside the mall. You can find racks of clothing, jewellery, sunglasses, as well as many other things. This market at Central Plaza is open on weekdays from approximately 5pm to 10pm.

Occasionally this market is expanded to the front of the mall as well, facing Sukhumvit Road, where toys and souvenir gifts along with watches and more select food items are offered. The place is big and well-lit from sunset until mall closing, which is around 10pm.

When fully expanded to the front of the mall, the market has an extra multitude of things to see. The shwarma kebabs and thoroughfares of souvenirs kept us occupied for a long while. We were surrounded by cushions, rugs, perfumes, designer clothing, sushi bites and pork skewers, arrays of footwear and hats, and long lines of food to fulfill every need.


By car: Exit Burapha University from the main entrance across from Laemtong shopping mall. Head east toward Sukhumvit Road. Turn left and head north on Sukhumvit Road for a few kilometres. Central Plaza Mall will be on your left, to the west, directly after exit to road 361.
By song taew: In front of the main entrance to Burapha University on the westbound side of Long Had Road, get onto a red song taew. Stay on for 3 km - about 8 minutes - until you reach Nong Mon Market. The driver will stop here, on a side street adjacent to Sukhumvit Road. Get on another red song taew on the same side of the road, heading north along Sukhumvit Road. Travel for approximately 10-15 minutes. Buzz the driver when you see the sign and flashy lights for Central Plaza Mall.
By motorcycle taxi: Flag down a motorcycle taxi at the stand on the eastbound lane of Long Had Road in front of Laemtong Mall . Tell the driver 'Bai Central Plaza' and point in the direction of Sukhumvit Road. It will be a long drive down a main road, so hold on tight.

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