Markets of Chon Buri: Sod Sai and Leela

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Every day From: 8am To: 9pm

To the east of the Burapha University campus lies a spread-out market known as Sod Sai and Leela. Named after the streets where it is located, this market is familiar to students from all around the area. Along these streets you will find everything from temporary vendor stands mounted on motorbikes, to permanent buildings, and even tree house-style restaurants. Many operators are open on weekdays from the early hours of 8am until around 9pm. Be aware that on school breaks, holidays, and Sundays, there are fewer vendors open due to reduced student traffic.

This is the way back to Burapha campus. Watch out for fast-driving motorcycles which line the streets and make it difficult to cross the road at times.

A dish from Namon Noodle called sha-nom-yen (chicken on rice noodles with vegetables and broth). Cost (with Thai milk tea): 45 baht.

On Sod Sai, there is a treehouse-style, Japanese-inspired restaurant catering to those interested in snacks and desserts.

Many fruit vendors wait along the street for eager customers. They are usually quite busy, for a bag full of fruit costs around 15 to 20 baht.

Vendors will sell you cheaper, take-away foods of all sorts, while restaurants offer indoor or outdoor sit-down dining alternatives.

Take a walk down Sod Sai to see what it has to offer before ordering. There is a lot to be seen and eaten here, so plan on visiting more than once.

If travelling by motorbike taxi, learn to say "turn left" ("leeow sai") , "turn right" "leeow kwah", and "straight ahead" ("drong pai") in Thai, rather than simply just pointing to show where you want to go.

Bring a phrasebook, a smartphone with Google Translate, or better yet, a Thai friend to help you choose and order. Many of the operators on this street cannot speak English.


By car: From Burapha University's main entrance across from Laemtong shopping mall, exit and turn right (eastbound) on Long Had Road. Continue driving for a few seconds until you reach the opening where Bangsaen Sai 4 Tai begins. Turn right and go southbound on this street. You have now reached Sod Sai, which carries on for the entire length of the university campus.

By song taew: Song taews do not run down this street.

By motorcycle taxi: Hail a motorcycle taxi from the northeast corner of Burapha University's main entrance across from Laemtong. Tell the driver "bai Sod Sai" and he will take you down Long Had Road to Bangsaen Sai 4 Tai. Be sure to use directions for left ("sai") or right ("kwah") if you want to turn down a soi (side street). When you have reached your destination, you can say "yut" for the driver to stop.

On foot: The easiest way to walk to the centre of Sod Sai is from the very middle of Burapha University's campus, on the east side. It is located to the north of dormitory 55. This exit is strictly for motorcycles and pedestrians.

* Keep in mind this street is narrow and often very crowded with cyclists, pedestrians, and motorcycles. Be aware that it will be difficult crossing the street, so be vigilant. It is not a good idea to take a car this way, as parking is very limited. Walking is often the best method once you reach Sod Sai. *

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*Keep in mind that many vendors cannot speak English. Try learning enough Thai to order the food you like. It is very helpful to have a Thai friend with you to direct you to the best places and dishes.*