Markets of Chon Buri: Bang Saen Beach

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The Bang Saen beach strip market is open from approximately 10:00 am until sunset (~ 6:00 pm) every day.

Had Bang Saen, or Bang Saen beach, is a popular destination for local Thai residents. Located adjacent to Bang Saen Soi 1, it is the closest beach resort for those living in Bangkok and surrounding areas. Items for sale range from fresh and cooked seafood right through to beach toys and bathing suits.

Bang Saen beach markets close when the sun goes down, and the umbrellas are folded away. The entire beach market disappears for the night, only to re-open the next day for more food-loving visitors.

Prawns are another specialty of the sea. Parboiled, they will be re-steamed when they are ordered.

The beach strip specializes in bamboo sticky rice, a glutinous rice roasted in a segment of bamboo.

This barbecued chicken is made hot in front of your eyes. A classic finger food, it is dipped into a sweet chilli sauce for full enjoyment.

General Information

One of the attractions which caters to the visitors of Bang Saen is the strip of clothing and food vendors along the boardwalk. Many umbrellas cover tables and chairs which line the water front. At these tables you pay a fee to the respective owner to be able to sit down and enjoy the day. Food is reasonably priced and ranges from grill-cooked skewered chicken to fresh mussels caught from the sea.

A popular dessert food is khao lam, or bamboo sticky rice, which consists of a segment of bamboo filled with flavoured glutinous rice, sometimes also mixed with red beans. There is also a variety made with black sticky rice (khao neow dam). It is Bang Saen's local specialty, and has even been introduced to classes at school for sampling local Thai cuisine.

The beach strip vendors open at around 11am and close up just before sunset depending on the whims of the individual owners. The geographical shape of this area is of a long rectangle, with vendors lining both sides of the boardwalk all the way along the waterfront, and also along the sand path.


By car: Exit Burapha University from the main entrance, facing Laemtong shopping mall. Turn left and travel westbound toward the beach. Travel about 1.5 km until the roundabout, then head north (right) along the beach strip. You'll see umbrellas and stands all along the coast, with vendors selling beach toys, clothing, food and drink.

By song taew: Get onto a red song taew in front of the main entrance to Burapha University on the westbound side of Long Had Road. Stay on for 1.5 km - about 4 minutes - until you see the big concrete scroll monument as you arrive at the beach. Buzz the driver to let him know you want to get off, then walk north along the beachfront until you see the market stalls on the left (west) side of the road, all along the beach.

By motorcycle taxi: Flag down a motorcycle taxi at the stand on the westbound lane of Long Haad Bangsaen Road in front of Burapha University . Tell the driver 'Bai ti chaihad Bang Saen' and point in the direction of the beach. Get off at the big concrete scroll in the middle of the roundabout after a few minutes. Face the beach. To your right will be the market.

On foot: From the main gate of Burapha University on Long Had Road, turn left and walk west along Long Had Road towards Bang Saen Beach. Keep going for about 1.5 kilometres until you see the big concrete scroll in the middle of the roundabout at the end of Long Had Road. Continue north by turning right, and you will find tables and chairs beside rows of vendors ready to serve you.

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