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Welcome to the Markets of Chon Buri. This guide will explain the most crucial things you need to know when travelling to these cultural nooks of Thailand. Jenn and Jesse will lead you to the places often unsought by the regular tourist to thoroughly experience everyday Thai lifestyles. Through photos, maps, and directions, you will be able to undertake a new market-based adventure with every turn.

Markets are arguably the most unique and important thing about Thailand's culture. Without them, students might go hungry, locals would have fewer choices for their everyday goods, and everyone would likely be submitting to higher prices. Chon Buri's markets offer a logical solution to problems of big corporations by competing with them at lower prices. Bartering, which could not take place in a mall, can be undertaken to better match the price of goods to your budget.

These markets are the method by which tourists and residents of Chon Buri and beyond come to experience a taste of Thailand, all in one place. You will notice that each market specializes in different things. For this reason, we have presented the "JJ Rating System" to qualify each market's characteristics and best qualities.

If you visit any or all of the ten markets presented here in this guide, you will be well on your way to experiencing Thai culture. Don't be afraid to barter, but keep in mind what each item is actually worth. We recommend travel to these markets without a car, to further experience the transit of local people. This project is directed at students and newcomers in the vicinity of Burapha University, and so the directions begin at the campus focal point.

Above all, have fun and enjoy your time at the markets! We hope you enjoy Thailand as much as we do.

Jenn and Jesse

Points of interest in this Guide include:

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Starting Point: Burapha University