Eastern Seaboard Beach Guide - Jomtien Beach

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Many vendors line the beach selling food and souvenirs, while tourists take shelter from the sun under umbrellas.

Many different attractions and rides at the amusement park

Pattaya park located on the north end of the beach

The iconic Pattaya Park Sky Tower over looking the beach

General Information

This beach is 4km south of Pattaya City, 154km south of Bangkok and stretches for 6km down a straight narrow strip. Jomtien is located in the Muang Pattaya municipality in the province of Chonburi. The beach attracts mostly tourists and expatriates from Russia and Scandinavia.There are not many nightclubs in the area, and fewer tourists visit compared to Pattaya, making it a much quieter and more laid back beach compared to the busy neighboring beach. An amusement park in the area and high end restaurants make this beach a much more family friendly area.


There are two main routes for getting into Jomtien from Bangkok using public transportation. The first is via the airport, and the second is from the Eastern Bus Terminus. When in Bangkok take the BTS Skytrain to Suvarnabhumi Airport. You can catch a shuttle bus to the Suvarnabhumi Bus Station from the third floor of the airport.

Once at the Bus Station buy a ticket from the counter for a bus to Jomtien. You will arrive at the Jomtien Bus Terminus located on Thappraya Road and Thepprasit Road. This Terminus only has buses running directly from Jomtien to the airport and they depart every hour and a half. From the Jomtien Bus Terminus hop into a Songthaew (a.k.a. Baht bus - a converted pickup truck with benches in the back) going south along Thappraya Road, and take it approximately 400 meters until you see the beach.

The other way of reaching Jomtien from Bangkok is to get to the Eastern Bus Terminus located at Ekkamai BTS station. From here you can take a bus or van to the Pattaya Neua Bus Terminal located on North Pattaya Road. Songthaews outside of the station travel throughout Pattaya and will eventually bring you to Jomtien beach.

Recreational Activites

The beach is known for its water sports and activities. Tourists can expect to partake in kite surfing, para sailing, jet ski and windsurfing.The area supports a lot of different activities both during the day and at night. Restaurants, lounges and cafes line the street immediately parallel to the beach.

There is a 265 meters stretch of the beach known as Dongtan, which is the only gay beach in the Pattaya area and one of the most popular gay beaches in Asia. This section offers sun loungers with private masseurs for hire. The area's promenade is closed to traffic making it a very peaceful and secluded area of the beach. At the northern end of Jomtien is the entrance to the family-friendly Pattaya Park, which hosts a water park, roller coaster, revolving restaurant and observation tower.

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