Eastern Seaboard Beach Guide - Bang Saen

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Bang Saen Beach, perfectly placed to view the sunset over the Gulf of Thailand

Deck chairs for relaxing and cabanas to shelter you from the sun, line the beach

Low tide with people combing the beach for shells

Beach chairs and umbrellas over looking the beach. Jet skis in the distance, one of the many different beach activities available

General Information

This beach is approximately 100 km southeast of Bangkok, 50 km north of Pattaya and 13km from the town of Chonburi. It is located in Saen Suk municipality of Chon Buri District and the length of the beach is approximately 2.5 km. Bang Saen attracts mostly local Thai residents. Because of its close proximity to popular resort destinations like Pattaya, not many international tourists frequent the area. During weekends and Thai holidays the area becomes a getaway for Thais looking to escape foreign tourist and the high density metropolis's.


If you are arriving from either north or south of Bang Saen request a bus stop a Nong Mon Market in Saen Suk municipality. From Nong Mon hop into a Songthaew going northbound, make sure to confirm with the driver your destination. This Songthaew will take you down Long-Had Bangsean Rd. to the beach. Once you see the large monument at the roundabout you know that you have arrived.

Recreational Activities

The beach is lined with deckchairs and umbrellas with plenty of food stalls surrounding the walkway. Tourists to the area can engage in a number of aquatic activities on either of the far ends of the beach. These activities include kite and wind surfing, sailing and banana boat rides. During the night the promenade along the southern portion of the beach lights up. The streets are lined with young thais drinking and eating, whether on a beach blanket or at one of the numerous open air bars.

Environmental Significance

The beach is crescent shaped with white sand and palm lining the edge of the beach. The water is not clear blue because its geographic location makes sea swells agitate the ocean floor giving the water around the beach a greyish brown colour. Off the coast are floating fish factories that from time to time produce a significant amount of waste, but a net was installed around the beach area. The beach still receives up to 10 tons of garbage and sediment pollution every year. To counter act this waste cleaning crews sweep the beach at 5am every morning and trash catching buoys have also been installed.

Environmental Assessment

The beach is close to the highly deteriorated Chao Phraya and Thachin rivers. The Pollution Control Department of Thailand found in 2007, the lower portion of these two rivers had low concentrations of dissolved oxygen and high concentrations of fecal coliform bacteria

Historical Significance

The development of Bang Saen Beach can be traced back to the ASEAN conference of 1967. Foreign ministers of ASEAN negotiated and deliberated in the then isolated, coastal fishing village. The ministers engaged in golf, beach activities and relaxation. Developers took notice of the potential of the area and began building Bang Saen for tourism activities. Its close proximity to Pattaya prevented overdevelopment of the area for tourism. Although, recently there has been more development along the beach front, with cafes, restaurants and hotels being built.

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Latitude: 13.27837999999885
Longitude: 100.92988999999488
UTM easting: 709079.7906223737
UTM northing: 1468730.0344473657