Bangkok By Rivers and Rail - An Interpretive Guide

Exploring the city can be the best way to learn about its history, culture, and environment. Come take a ride through Bangkok by rivers and rail to learn some of Nathan Yee"s favourite spots in Bangkok as written in his blog...+

 Bangkok By Rivers and Rail - Thammasat University

As Thailand"s second oldest institute of higher education, this university has a stellar history and location with the adjacent Grand Palace, Sanam Luang Park, and Chao Phraya River all within a five minute walk.+

 A Guide to Burapha University's Non Academic Hot Spots

Located in Chonburi province of Thailand, Burapha University is home to more than 40 000 staff and students, all of whom have worked together to create a welcoming and lively campus. Whether you"re looking for a place to hangout, workout, or grab a bite t+

 Bangkok By Rivers and Rail - Khlong Saen Saep

Cutting right through Bangkok, the Khlong Saen Saep provides one of the fastest and least expensive modes of transportation: Thai long tail boats. Catch this boat for an authentic Thai experience and an intimate look into Bangkok"s original infrastructure+

 Bangkok By Rivers and Rail - Lumpini Park

In the heart of the city lies one of the greatest green spaces Thailand has to offer. Named after the birthplace of the Buddha, Lumpini Park offers a perfect place for locals and tourists to get away and participate in sports, recreation, and relaxation.+

 The Eastern Seaboard Beach Guide Of Thailand

The eastern portion of the Gulf of Thailand contains some of the most famous beaches in the country. This guide will be an interactive tour of the five of the most popular beaches on the Eastern Seaboard: Bang Saen Beach, Pattaya Beach, Jomtien Beach, Ko +

 Bangkok By Rivers and Rail - Chinatown

Bangkok"s Chinatown is one with a rich history, and after being displaced many times their identity seems to be established on Yaowarat Road. Only here will you find authentic Chinese restaurants and shops on the roads and narrow alleys.+

 Markets of Chonburi: Chatuchuck Chonburi

Named in homage to the famous Chatuchak Market in north Bangkok, Chatuchak Chonburi market sits on approximately 12 acres of land - and almost every inch of it is covered with market stalls. It doesn"t have a definite shape but a large circle would be the+

 Markets of Chonburi: Laemtong

Open 7 days a week with the number of stall varying. from 7am to 3am


 Pattaya - Think Again About The Top Ten

Do you find yourself questioning popular tourist destinations? Wishing you had information before hand on unforeseen circumstances? If so, this guide is for you! This is your all inclusive guide to popular destinations in Pattaya! We provide you with know+

 Guide to the Markets of Chon Buri

Diverse food and arrays of cultural trinkets are found at many of markets in Chon Buri Province, Thailand. Specialties among the markets include Khao Lam, fresh seafood, and other items unique to the area. Be sure to hop on a song taew or motorcycle taxi +

 Markets of Chonburi: Bangsaen Walking Street

Saturday and Sunday from 7pm to 11pm


 Markets of Chonburi: Nong Mon

Nong Mon runs from monday to friday - 7am to 7pm (sometimes closing early friday)


 Bang Saen and Beyond - A Guide to Thai Transportation

Bangsaen & Beyond. Assisting foreign visitors in figuring out Thailands transportation system. +

 Markets of Chon Buri: Central Plaza Bazaar

Located right beside and behind Central Plaza Mall near Chon Buri, this market is vast and expands to the front of the mall on certain days. Many things are here, from food to clothing and jewellery to perfume.+

 Markets of Chon Buri: Sod Sai and Leela

To the east of the Burapha University campus lies a spread-out market known as Sod Sai and Leela. Named after the streets where it is located, this market is familiar to students from all around the area. You will often find this market busy with students+

 A Conscious Consumer's Guide to the Chatuchak Market

In a market full of cheaply produced and imported items, like clothing and shoes, this guide aims to provide information for locating items that are more authentic and relevant to Thailand"s history and culture. +

 Markets of Chon Buri: Bang Saen Beach

The Bang Saen beach strip market is open from approximately 10:00 am until sunset (~ 6:00 pm), Monday to Sunday.+

 Markets of Chon Buri: Wang Muk

Next to Laemtong Shopping Mall is a market called Wang Muk. It is about a five minute walk down Long Haad Road in Bangsaen. Lining the sois of this market are food stalls and clothing entrepreneurs, all ready and willing to sell their goods. The market is+

 Markets of Chon Buri: Ang Sila Fish and Granite

The Ang Sila fish and granite markets are 133 years old and lies along the coasts of Chon Buri. Marked on Google Maps as Ang Sila Market, this market specializes in seafood. This area has been known for its mass amounts of granite mortar and pestles, so m+

 Pattaya - Think Again About The Top Ten - Art in Paradise

Think again, do you think you could enjoy viewing art for an afternoon? Do you find art boring and dull? When you step through the doors of Art and Paradise it is clear this is not just another art museum. +

 Bang Saen and Beyond - BTS Skytrain

Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS, Skytrain)The BTS is an elevated train that runs over top the busy streets of Bangkok. Making city travel simple, the BTS has 34 stations, running along 2 lines (as of April 2015). +

 Bang Saen and Beyond - Walking

The cheapest and most obvious method of getting from one point to the next is to walk. Walking has the advantage of getting you to places you cannot go via other modes of transport. If you are looking to experience an in depth and adventurous way to see B+

 Eastern Seaboard Beach Guide - Jomtien Beach

This beach is 4km south of Pattaya City, 154km south of Bangkok and stretches for 6km down a straight narrow strip. Jomtien is located in the Mueang Pattaya municipality of Chonburi. The beach attracts mostly tourists and expatriates from Russia and Scand+

 Bang Saen and Beyond - Bangkok MRT Subway

Bangkok features its own underground subway system, known as Metropolitan Rapid Transit (MRT) or "rotfai taidin". The MRT runs underneath Rama IV and Ratchadapisek roads, which are two of the main roads in central Bangkok. There is currently only one line+

 Bang Saen and Beyond - Cycling

Cycling appeals to those looking for exercise as well as simplicity. Thai locals can be seen cycling throughout the city, but safely is questionable even though sidewalks are often equipped with concrete ramps to allow riders to utilize the sidewalk rathe+

 Bang Saen and Beyond - B1 and B2 Intercity Buses

B1 Intercity buses are large air conditioned buses more suited to long distance travel. Western tourists will find them to similar to a Greyhound or Megabus. B1 intercity buses follow specific routes and schedules and can also accommodate more passengers +

 Bang Saen and Beyond - Mini Van

Mini-Van ("rot dtoo")When eager to venture out of Bangsaen a minivan service is often the most cost efficient and easy to find. The white vans usually fit up to 15 passengers (with minimal luggage) and depart once the van is full. +

 Bang Saen and Beyond - Motor Bikes

Motor bikes ("rot motosai") Seemingly the most common means of travel throughout the entire country of Thailand. Carrying 1-3 passengers (strangely sometimes more), motorbikes are useful for distances long or short. +

 Bang Saen and Beyond - Taxi

Similar to the function of taxi service worldwide, Thailand taxis are common, boldly coloured, and usually operate by taxi meters. Taxis are usually a go to method of transportation because they are familiar, spacious, comfortable, safe (to an extent), +

 Bang Saen and Beyond - Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk A unique and authentic way to travel around Thailand is to hop in a tuk tuk! Tuk Tuks are recognized as three wheeled motorized cabins with a driver situated at the front and normally 1-2 benches behind. +

 Bang Saen and Beyond - Song Taew

A song taew, (meaning two rows in the English language), is a simple and authentic way to travel around Thailand. Song taews are easily recogonizeable two-door pick up trucks and feature two benches along the bed of the truck. Song taews are colour coded +

 Burapha University - Institute of Marine Science Center

Burapha University"s Institute of Marine Science is different from the other faculty buildings on campus. This particular building is home to an educational, yet mesmerizing, aquarium and museum, which is open daily to students, staff and the general publ+

 Pattaya - Think Again About The Top Ten - Jomtien Beach

Ethical Significance is not a major problem with this destination+

 Pattaya - Think Again About The Top Ten - Floating Market

Ethical Significance comes in here due to the fact that there is a lack of authenticity due to how many tourists gather to experience this attraction. Authentiicty is important and the Floating Market had incorporated 4 regions of Thailand to introduce cu+

 Burapha University - Leisure Activity Region

The Leisure Activity of Region includes all of the sports arenas, buildings and facilities surrounding the southernmost pond on campus. This area also runs parallel with the Chow Maneewong Stadium (west side). This particular region of the campus is home +

 Burapha University - Eastern Center of Arts and Culture

Burapha University"s Eastern Center of Arts and Culture in comprised of 3 main building; the Eastern Thailand art and culture museum, a museum dedicated to King Rama IX and the auditorium hall. The Arts and Culture Center is located directly to the east (+

 Burapha University - Chow Maneewong Stadium

The Chow Maneewong Stadium is a sports field that houses a large multipurpose grass field, an 8 lane track, a sand pit, and covered bleachers. This particular field is the University"s main sports field and is located in the southeast quadrant of the camp+

 Burapha University- Main Campus Library

Burapha University"s Main Campus Library is not only a sanctuary for academic purposes; it is an area on campus that allows students to socialize and relax. With the availability of wifi throughout the entire building, access to laptops, iPads, printers, +

 Burapha University- International College Canteen

Burapha University has many food options available around campus. Each faculty has its own building and most of these buildings contain canteens for staff and students to eat at. The International College Canteen has been recently renovated and is now ver+

 Burapha University - Faculty of Education Cafeteria

Burapha University is a large educational institution located about one hour south of Bangkok, Thailand. There are multiple faculties for the over 40,000 students that attend the university (2015). The education faculty is a large faculty tending to many +

 Burapha University- Cafe @ Library

Burapha is a large university with over 40,000 students (2015). With this many students, a large library is needed for research. The Burapha Univeristy Library is located centrally on campus. On the first floor of this library is a small restaurant called+

 Eastern Seaboard Beach Guide - Pattaya Beach

This is the most popular beach based on sheer numbers. It is located on the central coast of Pattaya City, 100 km south of Bangkok. The beach is within the Banglamoong district in Chonburi Province. It is almost entirely visited by tourists and expatriate+

 Pattaya - Think Again About The Top Ten - The Sanctuary of Truth

Think again, is travelling to the Sanctuary of Truth a trip you want to take? Does viewing fascinating architecture a learning of Eastern religion interest you? This place is a haven for ideals of the East and peace, is this place you are thinking of trav+

 Burapha University- Outdoor Cafeteria

Burapha University is a large university spread out over a large area. Over the main campus, there are many food options for people to eat. Students who live in dormitories use the restaurants and food options around the campus the most, but those who hav+

 Pattaya - Think Again About The Top Ten - Walking Street

Think again, is travelling to Pattaya Walking Street a trip you want to take? If you know what to expect you can justify your decision to go. Along the way you will see various forms of exploitation and oppression, the streets lined with Thai women, chil+

 Eastern Seaboard Beach Guide - Ko Samet Beach

This island is the furthest along the eastern seaboard but is one of the most popular destinations in all of Thailand. Ko Samet lies 220km southeast of Bangkok in the province of Rayong and 6.5 km from the mainland. The island attracts predominantly forei+

 Burapha University- Marine Aquarium Snack Bar

Located on the Burapha University is the Institute of Marine Science. Here, locals, tourists, school groups, camp groups, etc can come and visit. Inside, it is set up as an aquarium. In the main lobby beside the entrance/exit doorways is a snack bar. This+

 Eastern Seaboard Beach Guide - Koh Samae San

This island, located in the Samae San sub district of Sattahip, is approximately 184 km from Bangkok and 50 km south of Pattaya. The island is uninhabited and is a great place to experience marine biodiversity because of the Royal Thai Navy's conservation+

 Pattaya - Think Again About The Top Ten - Alcazar Cabaret Show

Is the Alcazar Cabaret Show a place you want to spend your evening? With Vegas-style dancers, music, acting, bright lights and performances, this cabaret is unlikely to disappoint those who attend. The enthusiasm and dramatics of the show attract many, bu+

 Eastern Seaboard Beach Guide - Bang Saen

This beach is approximately 100 km southeast of Bangkok, 50 km north of Pattaya and 13km from the town of Chonburi. It is located in Saen Suk municipality of Chon Buri District and the length of the beach is approximately 2.5 km. Bang Saen attracts mostly+

 Chatuchak Market - Food

The smell of deep frying food fills your nose while the aroma of freshly peeled coconut entices you to buy a freshly made, creamy coconut ice cream. Chatuchak Market is a wonderful but overwhelming experience that will soon have you searching for a cold d+

 Chatuchak Market - Antiques

There is an abundance of newly crafted goods at Chatuchak Market, yet there are treasures lurking within the antique stalls. Sometimes these can be overshadowed by the profusion of manufactured goods and accessories.+

 Chatuchak Market - Woodwork

Hidden outside the main sections of Chatuchack Market are a couple of stalls are where you can find handcrafted and manufactured wood work. The scent of the wood hits you before you see the goods; it is warm and inviting, enticing you to linger as long as+

 Chatuchak Market - Jewelry & Beads

Chatuchak Market sparks creativity for the buyer. Vendors buried deep within the jewelry stalls sell thousands of kinds of beads, inspiring visitors to design their own jewelry or crafts. You will find a dazzling array of glass, wood, clay, metal, and sto+

 Pattaya - Think Again About The Top Ten - Buddha Hill

The Big Buddha was constructed in 1977 on top of Pratamnak Hill. Thai people come to the Big Buddha to pay their respects while praying for health, happiness and wealth. When visiting the Big Buddha you can experience a sense of Thai culture, religion, an+

 Chatuchak Market - Textiles

Thailand is known for its silk and various forms of textiles. Throughout Chatuchak Market you"ll encounter stall after stall of vibrant fabrics. Many of the vendors have shelves piled high with neutral to brightly dyed silks in all shades and styles, in d+

 Chatuchak Market - Books

Whether you are looking for old, used, or new book selections to add to your collection, the back corridors of Chatuchak Market have hidden stalls overflowing with them. Shoulder-high stacks of books line the walkways, and rows and rows of hardbacks and +

 Chatuchak Market - Baskets

You can never have too many baskets, and that is exactly what Chatuchak Market has. Baskets stacked five feet high on the floor, rows and rows lining the walls of stalls, including the many giant bags full hanging from the ceiling. +

 Chatuchak Market - Print & Paint

It"s quiet and tidy as you walk along the narrow alleys, peeking into the little inlets to marvel at the bright colours and mixed textures resulting from the creative minds of the talented Thai artists who sit casually nearby. Whether you"re looking for p+

 Pattaya - Think Again About The Top Ten - Sriracha Tiger Zoo

Think again, is traveling to the Sriracha-Pattaya Tiger Zoo a trip you want to take when you consider, the containment of animals, and the abuse of animals in the entertainment industry and the effects of contributing to such a cause? +

 Chatuchak Market - Ceramics

Dizzying displays of intricately painted pots, jars, decorated with bright colours and embellished with hints of gold, all organized in rows upon rows on mirrored shelves. Stacks of beautiful plates and bowls are found below the shelves, while smaller ite+

 Chatuchak Market - Fresh Plants & Flowers

Bright colourful flowers, luscious leaves of all shapes and sizes, you breathe in and smell the comforting scent of greenery, plants and soil. Whether you"re searching for the perfect potted plant to decorate your patio, or for some cut flowers for a frie+

 Markets of Chonburi: Si Racha

Sri racha market runs from 10am to 6pm from monday to thursday


 Bangkok By Rivers and Rail - BTS and MRT

Bangkok"s BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System, also known as the SkyTrain) which travels on an elevated railway, and MRT (Metropolitan Rapid Transit, which travels underground) are the most effective ways of commuting across the wildly busy city. We"ll start+