201 Dundas Street, London Quick Lunch

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London Quick Lunch

201, Dundas was built in 1907/08 in the Roman Revival architectural style. This is a fairly unique example of this architectural style in the downtown. The storefront cornice with large dentil brackets, the concrete voussoirs over the second floor windows and the brick arched voussoirs over the third floor windows all add interesting detail. The brick dentil work under the third floor windows and the projecting eave are of particular interest to the architecture aficionado. The original owner and the first occupant of this 1907 building was a restaurant called the London Quick Lunch. The restaurant did not last long and had already folded by 1911. From 1950 to 1985 it served intermittently as a shoe store changing names from Maher Shoe Store to Bonita Beautiful Shoes to Arliss Shoe Store. More recently 201, Dundas has been occupied by a jewellery shop— William Jewellers (1995-2005).

Prior to the 1907 building, 201, Dundas was the address of the ill-fated Evening Times which had its premises here in 1888/89. The first issue of the Evening Times came out on August 28th, 1888 by Paul and Harris. The fact that there was no room for a fourth daily paper in London soon became manifest and on November 10th 1888, the last issue of the Evening Times appeared. Two days later, on November 12th, Manager Butcher, of the Speaker, purchased the heading and subscription list of the defunct Times. Butcher undertook to place the heading The Times over the matter prepared for the Speaker. This act caused rebellion in the Spectator's office and Butcher was unceremoniously fired out of the building.


201 Dundas Street
London, Ontario
Canada N6A 1G4