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July 1882 portrait of the surviving Six Nations warriors who fought with the British in the War of 1812 [Library and Archives Canada / C-085127]

Map of Niagara showing location of Indian Council House near Butler's Barracks, Niagara on the Lake


First Nations Perspectives Tours

In these tours, you'll hear about the cultural heritage, natural history, and political realities of the Niagara region and beyond, as told from the perspective of its first inhabitants - the First Nations peoples.

The Laura Secord Legacy Trail is divided into five stages, four of which have been interpreted according to First Nations themes.

In Stage 1, you'll be Walking Ancient Pathways - an overview of the land, its first people, and those who followed.

In Stage 2 you'll hear Stories from the Longhouse - a collection of First Nations legends and myths.

Stage 4 will discuss the Legacy of the Landscape, reviewing the natural bounty and attributes of the trail and the region, from a First Nations perspective.

And Stage 5, Divided Loyalties, will address, the historical and present-day aspects of intercultural relations between Indigenous peoples and later settlers, land tenure, and the unreconciled realities of contemporary First Nations peoples living in Canada.





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First Nations Perspectives