Markets of Chon Buri: Wang Muk

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Hours of Operation

Monday From: 5pm To: 10:30pm
Tuesday From: 5pm To: 10:30pm
Wednesday From: 5pm To: 10:30pm
Thursday From: 5pm To: 10:30pm

Next to Laemtong Shopping Mall is a market called Wang Muk. It is about a five minute walk down Long Haad Road in Bangsaen. Lining the sois of this market are food stalls and clothing entrepreneurs, all ready and willing to sell their goods. The market is shaped like a skewed a rectangle, as some vendors merge off to side sois, or avenues, veering from the main track of stalls.

From the South, Wang Muk market is lit up with jovial fare. Laemtong Mall is 180 degrees facing away from where this photo was taken. Passers-by line the busy corridors of these vendors.

Here are the chefs preparing the leek-filled pastries. The dough is moulded and the vegetables are inserted before the triangle shape is formed.

These fried dumplings are made with leafy greens, and flavoured just enough to make things interesting. Get two for 10 baht as a snack.

Here, it is not uncommon to find trucks with their entire sides exposed offering various goods. These are specialized vehicles which can often be found at markets like this one, where everything must be set down at night.

General Information

Wang Muk Market is open during times when Bangsaen Walking Street is closed, to avoid competition and ease traffic. The market is open from Tuesday through Thursday, from 5pm until 10pm or 10:30. Occasionally we have seen this market open on Sundays and Mondays, but it has been much smaller and with far fewer people.

Wang Muk extends down a soi off Long Haad Bangsaen Road. It offers varieties of fish, fried dumplings, smoothies, octopus balls, sushi, potato wedges, lettuce wraps and more. Tangible goods such as clothing, sunglasses, watches and belts are also available, so be ready to barter and compromise the price.


By motorcycle taxi: Hail a motorcycle taxi anywhere on Burapha University's campus and tell the driver "bai wang muk" (wong mook). He will take you to the front of Burapha where you will pass Laemtong and go eastbound to Wang Muk market. The drive from the front of campus to the market will be less than 2 minutes long and will cost 15 baht.

On foot: From the front of Burapha University's main entrance, cross the street using the adjacent bridge and head toward Laemtong shopping mall, to the east. You will cross the bridge and turn right down Long Haad Road. Pass the mall and continue walking, approximately 5 minutes, less than one kilometre, and you will reach Wang Muk. It is set up so brightly at night and there are many tents and umbrellas set up so you can't miss it.

* We recommend walking this length, as it is cheaper than a taxi and will be very fast. Perhaps use the taxi on the way home, once you have enough souvenirs and food to carry back with you! *

JJ Rating System

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Overall market rating: ☺☺☺☺

Food: ☺☺☺☺☺

Souvenirs: ☺☺☺☺

Everyday goods: ☺☺☺☺