Neutral Indian Village (Barbican Heights)

In pre-colonial history the Neutral Indians populated the majority of the Niagara Peninsula. The community of Barbican Heights was the regional capital. It is thought that this group either moved to a different area of the Peninsula, perhaps St. David'+

  Decew's Field and Laura's discovery of the Native Encampment

DeCew's Field is one of the final stages of Laura's long journey from Queenston. Laura Secord met with First Nation's people on DeCew's Field, who escorted her to FitzGibbon's headquarters at DeCew House, so that she could warn him of the planned A+

 Mohawk Trail

Laura Secord, on her historic walk to warn British troops of an impending American attack, walked along the Mohawk Trail for part of her journey. The Laura Secord Legacy Trail now marks her approximate route.


 Iroquois Trail

Most of Laura Secord's travels from Queenston to DeCew House were on former or existing aborigin+